The Chinese Publisher SCIRP (Scientific Research Publishing): A Publishing Empire Built on Junk Science

December 16, 2014
AIDS Denialism

AIDS Denialism

Another day, another report of a junk science article published by China-based publisher Scientific Research Publishing, or SCIRP. This publisher specializes in publishing junk cosmology and junk physics, but with this article, the publisher is branching out into junk medical science, specifically AIDS denialism.

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Fake ISI Aims to Trick the Scholarly Community

December 11, 2014
Institute for Science Information

Institute for Deception.

I recently learned of an impostor website for Journal Citation Reports, the product marketed by Thomson Reuters, and the successor of the Institute for Scientific Information. The impostor calls itself the “Institute for Science Information.”

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Open-Access Publisher Offers to Waive Fees, But There’s an Unethical Catch

December 9, 2014
Global Researchers Journals

Let’s make a deal …

Global Researchers Journals is offering to waive article processing charges (APCs) for authors who cite articles in its journals in other journals with impact factors.

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New OA Publisher “Pubicon International Publications” Launches with 14 Journals

December 4, 2014
Pubicon International Publications

Pubicon ?

A company called Pubicon International Publications launched recently with 14 open-access journals. The publisher is based in Bhopal, India, so we found it strange and probably inappropriate that several of the journal titles begin with “American” and “British.” Also, rather uniquely, this Indian publisher even includes the Latin American Journal of Pharmaceutical Science in its journal portfolio — the first Latin American journal I know of published in India.

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Clueless Reporter from the Mirror Bases Story on Withdrawn OMICS Publishing Group Article

December 2, 2014


An article in the website of the British newspaper the Mirror is based on an apparently withdrawn article published earlier in the OMICS Publishing Group’s journal Epidemiology: Open Access.

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Why Researchers Should Avoid the Clute “Institute”

November 27, 2014
Clute Institute door

The entrance to the “Institute”

Among the questionable publishers on my list, the one physically closest to me is the so-called Clute Institute. It’s located in a lonely professional building southwest of Denver, in a small office (shown above). It is not an institute in any honest sense of the term. Clute is merely a scholarly vanity press. Read the rest of this entry »

Open-Access Physics Journal Accommodates Authors Blacklisted from arXiv

November 25, 2014
Progress in Physics

Dark matter.

Progress in Physics is an open-access journal that publishes articles unsuitable for mainstream physics journals. Among other roles, it provides desperate authors, some of whom have been blacklisted from arXiv, a place to publish their work.

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