Is SciELO a Publication Favela?

July 30, 2015
Open access neighborhood.

Open access.

Scholarly open-access publishing has little value when it’s effectively hidden and almost no one reads the published research. It’s possible for a scholarly article to be open-access but largely hidden from the world. Here’s how.

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Global Advanced Research Journals? None of the Above

July 23, 2015
Global Advanced Research Journals

Their journals are stranger than their carrot and beet cultivation methods.

Here’s a publisher that all researchers should avoid: Global Advanced Research Journals. This firm publishes 29 broad journals, requires copyright transfer from authors, and charges around $450-$500 to publish an article.

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Chinese Journal Has Surprise Author Fee But Gives Refund if You Cite Your Article Six Times

July 21, 2015
Coercive Citation Letters.

Coercive Citation Letters.

UPDATE, JULY 31, 2015: A response from the journal’s editorsĀ is appended at the end of this blog post.

There’s a major, China-based scholarly society journal that has hidden author fees, but the fees will be refunded if authors cite their papers six times within the two years after they’re published, according to emails from the publisher. This is an example of coercive citation.

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When a Journal Goes Bad: the Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering

July 16, 2015
Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering

Journal of easy acceptance.

First published in 1996, the Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering is one of the oldest open-access journals, but I think it has gone bad. The journal is indexed in Ei Compendex, an Engineering abstracting and indexing service (or database), it has easy acceptance, and the author fee is only $250. Significantly, however, over 95% of the published papers come from one country. Read the rest of this entry »

Another Taiwan-Based Mega-Scholarly Conference Organizer Emerges

July 14, 2015
iHOPE Conference

Another conference from a Taiwanese organizer, one of many.

There’s a lot of money to be made in the scholarly-conference organizing business in Asia these days. These are not conferences organized by scholarly societies. Instead, they are conferences organized by revenue-seeking companies that want to exploit researchers’ need to build their vitas with conference presentations and papers in the published proceedings or affiliated journals. Another one of these conference organizers is the generically-named International Academy Institute (IAI).

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Iranian OA Journal Accepts and Publishes a SCIgen Paper

July 9, 2015
Applied Research Journal

Junk journal

SCIgen is a free, web-based computer program that instantly creates a fake scholarly article. An Iran-based journal, Applied Research Journal, recently accepted and published a fake article created by SCIgen. Read the rest of this entry »


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