Bogus “Center” Provides Quick, Easy, and Cheap Publishing

September 16, 2014

Quick, easy, and cheap scholarly publishing.

The Mediterranean Center of Social and Educational Research is a very popular open-access publisher of three broad-scoped and popular journals:

  • Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences
  • Journal of Educational and Social Research
  • Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

They’ll publish just about anything.

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New Predatory Publisher Copies Look and Feel of BioMed Central

September 11, 2014

The impostor (top) and the victim (bottom).

BioMed Research is a brand-new open-access publisher based in India that recently launched with 21 open-access journals. The publisher copies the look, feel — and even the tagline — of the established OA publisher BioMed Central. Read the rest of this entry »


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