5 Responses to Two More Predatory Publishers

  1. The Sciedu journal: Business and Management Research – uses OJS, has ISSNs, RSS feeds, claims double-blind system for peer-review, claims to be indexed in ProQuest and elsewhere, has 15 papers in V1 No1, and has an extensive international editorial team (http://www.sciedu.ca/journal/index.php/bmr/about/editorialTeam). I have no way of knowing if it is ‘predatory’ or not. If it is, then it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell.

  2. Ilkka Tuomi says:

    Sciedu seems to automatically harvest publications in its area. My article on Open Educational Resources was published yesterday in the European Journal of Education. Today I got an email from “Susan Sun”:

    “Dear Ilkka Tuomi,

    I am Susan Sun from International Journal of Higher Education, which is a printed and online scholarly journal, peer-reviewed, published by Sciedu Press, Canada. I have had an opportunity to read your paper entitled “Open Educational Resources and the Transformation of Education”. Through your works, I know you are an expert in this field. You are sincerely invited to submit manuscripts at any time. Your submission will make an important contribution to the quality of this journal. … Article publication fee 300.00 USD…”

  3. […] 200 US dollar fee. I next turned to Google to see whether anyone else shared my doubts, and indeed the only independent source on the first page of Google on the organisation Sciedu Press was one adding it to a list of questionable publishers. That also showed that the wording of the […]

  4. alexcase says:

    Just blogged about World Journal of English Language, giving this blog post a mention, here:


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