A M Publishers Arrives at the Scholarly Open-Access Boomtown

Part of the A M Publishers website.

A screen grab of part of the A M Publishers main web page. The page bears a highly unprofessional look, with typos and grammatical errors apparent, as well as poor design.

A M Publishers is one of the more entertaining bogus publishers I’ve seen in a while. It’s entertaining in a negative way, mostly for its grammatical and typographical errors.

This publisher claims to be based in Canada, but I doubt that’s true. They just want to exploit the country’s good name. A M Publishers does not reveal its physical location, and a domain name search leads to a dead-end, listing only the web hosting service the publisher uses.

I use the “boomtown” metaphor because of the ever-increasing number of new open-access scholarly publishers using the gold OA model. After a Chronicle of Higher Education article highlighting some of my work appeared recently, I have been fortunate to receive many helpful tips from people all around the world, tips leading me to new predatory publishers such as this one.

Consequently, I have added numerous newly-discovered and emerging publishers to my list. The barrier to entry in the predatory scholarly publishing industry is low. It’s so low, in fact, that new publisher can appear after only a few hours of work setting up a site.

A M Publishers lists 16 journals in its portfolio; I append the titles below. Each title begins with the phrase “Canadian Journal on … ” but this phrase is omitted on the titles from the main list.

Part of the webpage of the Canadian Journal on Data, Information and Knowledge Engineering.

A selection from the website of the Canadian Journal on Data, Information and Knowledge Engineering (DIKE). This publisher is not very good at naming its journals.

One of the more salient things about the A M Publishers website is the abundance of blunders. The picture above shows a poorly-selected journal title and email address.

This publisher’s content is open access, but I cannot find any information about its policies, such as how much it charges authors to publish. The website is bare.

Hat tip: Suzanne Kettley

Appendix: A M Publishers’ Journal Portfolio

Note: The typos are theirs.

24 Responses to A M Publishers Arrives at the Scholarly Open-Access Boomtown

  1. Jeff says:

    Consider adding this group to your list. There is no real review process for these journals and they rig the acceptance rates so that any article submitted is automatically submitted to all of their journals. Then, it’s rejected at all but one, so all except the publishing journal gets a lower acceptance rate. Acceptance is ties to payment and they charge lots for publication too.

    International Academy of Business & Economics

    They publish 13 different journals, all bogus

  2. Jeff says:

    One additional item to note about the IABE journals:

    Alan S. Khade is the one of the managing editors on four journals.
    Cheick Wagué in one of the managing editors on five journals.
    Bhavesh M. Patel in one of the managing editors on four journals.
    Tahi J. Gnepa in one of the managing editors on two journals.
    Marius Gavriletea in one of the managing editors on two journals.

    Considering how much work is involved in managing just one genuine journal, it seems like a badge of fraud that these are all so inbred.

  3. Your comments are very important to new researchers, and I apprecite them very much.Would you please tell me weather the journal,International journal of engineering and sciences, IJENS, has the same bad record,

  4. R.A.D.Piyadasa says:

    Thank you so much. I believe that ,South Asian Journal of Mathematics and the Journal of Mathematical and Computational Science are not in your bad list,I am reading wonderfully nice two papers published by these journals.R.A.D.Piyadasa

  5. May I know who Jeff is.? He is also doing a wonderful job.

  6. Who is Suzane Kettley?.It is an one seond effort to see publicatiom sharge,195US dollar each ,and their policies on each and every reseach paper. Click on the research paper above, you will see it. What you have said is a gigantic lie. Let us see about others

  7. Who is this Suzane Kettley ,actually?. He or she doubts,but not for sure, weather AM publishers is not based on Kanada.How you measure the quality of a journal, by the gramatical mistakes of the Website.or by the research pspers it is publishing?

  8. Abdul Gafur says:

    I have paid $195 for Publishing my paper in canadian journal of network and information security of AM Publisher, But not published yet. I m not getting any response for mails afterwards.
    What action I can take against them. pls guide me.

  9. R.A.D.Piyadasa says:

    Am publishers have taken some useful actions against critics of Suzane Kettely. Now,the physical location of Am publishers(About ys) , publication charge, editorial board ,etc. are available on the internet. Canadian journals I am talking about are rather old and I do not understand the actual reason for the rash critics of Suzane Kettlley.
    I can say nothing in favor of Abdul Gafur other than that the journal concerned may not frequent..Pl. contact the corresponding editor.

    • Abdul Gafur says:

      u please check the webpage of Canadian journal of network and information security of AM publisher. u cannot see the achieves of 2012 issues there. u can just see one or two 2011 issues and some 2010. if u click on one of the archives there u will see just one and only one paper there!!!!. what a stupid thing is that?

  10. R.A.D.Piyadasa says:

    Would you please tell me weather South Asian Journal of Mathematics and The Journal of Mathematical and Computational Science are in your list.

    • Yes, the “South Asian Journal of Mathematics” is now on my list. I found plagiarism among its articles. The “Journal of Mathematical and Computational Science” is published by Science & Knowlege Publishing Corporation Limited, which is on my list of predatory publishers.

  11. Thank you so much, I wasted my time in trying to read two articles which have been published by these two journals.These papers are on elementary proof of Fermat’s last theorem, the most notorious and famous theorem in mathematics.You have taken this decision by considering the papers they have already published and therefore ,I ,as a researcher, appreciate it very much.

  12. Thank you very much again for your comment on the journal of Progress in Applied Mathematics under CsCanada.I was submit to a paper in Quantum Scattering theory.

  13. Thanks to God Am publishers have not published nonsense papers according to Prof. Beal as well.. I thank him very much in this regard.All results of me on The most famous theorem , Fermat’s last theorem,were published in CMNSEM of Am publishers. However, still website of Am publishers ,makes problems to the honest researchers who have published papers .in the journals of Am publishers.

  14. My papers published in Canadian journal on computing in mathematics, Natural sciences, Engineering and mathematics (CNMSEM)have been read by many.Apart from the trivial typing mistakes I myself have made in submitting the final version contents are O.K..Any one can challenge against the validity of the proofs given in the papers.
    I sent some paper contents directly to the reviewers I nominated for CMNSEM and check.
    Dear prof. Beal,
    You are doing a nice job. But some rascals have already misused your effort against me at least..

  15. R.A.D.Piyadasa says:

    The papers I have published in CMNSEM of Am publishers are all except one on Fermat’s last theorem: Simple and short analytical proofs of Fermat’s last theorem for all exponents are therefore now available.Any one can challenge them. If journals publish non- sense papers then it is alright to label them as bogus.But please be very careful in adding one more to your list otherwise.Please scrutiny others recommendations on ‘bogus’ journals some may do that to revenge people or publishers. Anyway I thank you for your service.

  16. R.A.D.Piyadasa says:

    Is your list of ‘bogus’ journals in Alphabetic order?.

  17. R.A.D.Piyadasa says:

    Can you say please that the papers in CMNSEM (Am publisher’s research journal) are not reviewed.at least.?

  18. R.A.D.Piyadasa says:

    Dear Prof.Jeffry Beal’,
    I thank you very much for telling me that Am publishers have not published nonsense papers.
    I must tell you that my papers on Fermat’s last theorem were reviewed three times.First, by teachers ,professors or by my teachers ,very intelligent people, secondly by the reviewers (cross checked), thirdly by myself and the people concerned with the FGS ,University of Kelaniya . By now, those papers have been read by many people.Pl. take into account that quite natural typing mistakes even can be raised against the people who have published papers, at least in CMNSEM, which has already happened. at least against me,

  19. R.A.D.Piyadasa says:

    Professor Jeffery Beal I must tell you that papers I have published on Fermat’s last theorem have read by professors in Mathematics.See for example’ Resistivity proof of Fermat’s last theorem’,A blog maintained by a Professor who knows mathematics well.If Am publishers have not published nonsense papers , and their charges are fair (now free of charge), why it is at the almost top of your list, I don’t understand its order at all.. I appreciate your job regarding journals. But I wonder weather one may doubt weather you are actually impartial..

  20. R.A.D.Piyadasa says:

    You have begun your job of the so called predatory journals to condemn the proofs of Fermat’s last theorem in CMNSEM,Nothing else.Pl. Keep this without deleting.

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