34 Responses to New Open-Access Publisher Launches with 66 Journal Titles

  1. Elik Ui says:

    I think if publisher wants to earn his bread n butter, what is wrong in it. Scholar community is wise enough. Once they shall find it predatory, they shall kick it out of arena. LOLZ

    • Although I agree that they’re not a serious threat to serious scholars (although obviously they waste time), I would argue that these kinds of scams hurt the perception of science with the public. Especially the extent to which misconduct appears in journals like these. People already have relatively little faith in certain areas of scientific study (especially when funded by particular organisations and published by for-profit publishers like elsevier). Therefore this is a real problem.

    • Dr. Jeff K. says:

      Nice of “Alice Bella” to drop in to contribute. Yes, the scholar[ly] community is wise enough [to see through this and your post]. “Elik Ui,” meet Doc Martin, professor of podiatry.

  2. Rob Rittenhouse says:

    Are universal journals more prestigious than International ones?

  3. To my mind, not all recently established journals are predatory going by the term. But i simply think this very one is. It is rather sad and astonishing when a publisher commits too many grammatical blunders in its website and in the mails it send to scientists. This appears to be the case with Horizon Research Publishing Corporation.

    • Zainul Abedin says:

      I feel frustrated to see that the work and achievements of researchers and scientists are being robbed of by the predators.

  4. emperor says:

    Lying about your location as a journal to the scientists is as bad as lying about your job to women you get to know.
    If you really are a great guy it shouldn’t matter, but the fact you lied about it will break your neck…understandably, as most likely you’re not a great guy.

  5. […] Jeffrey Beall keeps an eye on academic journal publishers and has a list of open access journals that are ‘predatory publishers’. He also blogs about new publishers and I was only slightly surprised to see a journal about diabetes in the 66-strong list of shiny new journals from ‘Horizon Research Publishing Corporation’ in his latest (2 May 2013) post. […]

  6. StealthySleuThing says:

    Thanks for doing this in public spirit. I got here searching on Google for this mysterious HRPUB that popped up in the mail. Emails are now sent from ‘joinus@hrjoin.org’ too it seems, but the content is otherwise similar. Unlike zj.nkwww.com which is China registered, hrpub.org and hrjoin.org are hosted on a USA (California) hosting provider VPLS (vpls.net). The scam is probably progressing to the next phase ? I hope you don’t get sued though ! Lucky for you to be in the USA where free speech is protected !

  7. Dear Mr. Beall,

    Why are you so anti New Publishers? Only time will answer, whether they are goor or bad. However, if you judge them bad from the very beginning, is it not cruel?
    Big and established publishers also have bad journals, for example: Accupuncture and related therapies (Elsevier), but you have not put Elsevier in your list yet, why?
    Do you have conflict of interest?

    • What publisher are you associated with? If a new publisher uses deception or lack of transparency as a business practice, then it deserves to be the subject of scrutiny and critical thinking. I limit my list to OA publishers and journals and Elsevier is not OA. Perhaps you want to create your own list.

      • Dear Mr Beall,
        I am not associated with any publisher. I only wonder, why you did not include big publishers that have open access option in your list.
        Elsevier has many journals with open access option, the same as Bentham Science. You Included Bentham open in your list, but not Elsevier Open

      • For some of its journals Elsevier uses the hybrid model; overall it is not an open-access publisher. Bentham Open (not Bentham) is an open-access publisher.

  8. Lukasz says:

    Actually, their Twitter account (@hrpub) has only one follower right now. *They* follow ten accounts, rather unrelated to their business, like Spanish editions of BBC and CNN.

  9. Dear Mr Beall,
    I do not understand. Bentham open in under Bentham Science publisher. Moreover, when you submit to Bentham Science, they will ask whether you want to choose open access option or not. Is it not the same as Elsevier or any other publishers, which have open access option?

  10. Rajim says:

    Galuh, that Horizon Research Publishing is clearly a fraud. don’t be stupid. period.

  11. Joe McVeigh says:

    I just got an email from these folks. The giant red font was a tip off that HRPUB wasn’t the most reputable of publishers. Also, the “joinus” in the email address was a bit strange, wasn’t it? Reminds me of something from a B horror movie.

  12. John says:

    They appear to be registered as a company in the USA:


    I would never consider sending an article there, but apart from the terrible grammar on their website and emails, what else is there to make you feel this is a scam rather than simply another (as if we need one) new publisher?

    The reason I became aware of this company is because a colleague is apparently on the editorial board of one of the journals.

  13. Rasmus says:

    Thank you very much for your work Jeffrey Beall.

  14. yas says:

    I now even see they have some journals with papers in them. Although i agree that the papers are of low quality but still there they are. So should we still consider them predatory.

  15. A says:

    Most of them have editorial boards and accepted papers. For example, http://www.hrpub.org/journals/jour_editorialboard.php?id=18

  16. Amy D. says:

    I just received an unsolicited email from them asking me to review a manuscript (the manuscript was attached). I’m guessing they found me on ResearchGate, or possibly PubMed, as the email addressed me by my author name (literally: last name initials) on my one indexed paper and the paper subject is loosely related to the topic of my paper (and one of my ResearchGate areas of expertise). Not the best review process…I had to laugh at the “it will usually be okay if you can review some, but not all, aspects of a manuscript” piece!


    Dear [redacted],

    On the base of your expertise, we invite you to review this manuscript. It will usually be okay if you can review some, but not all, aspects of a manuscript.

    If the study used a technique that you have never used, you can simply review the parts of the manuscript that are in your area of expertise, and tell us which parts you cannot review.

    If you know you will not be able to review the manuscript by the deadline(within 21 days), then you should not accept the invitation. Sending in a review after the deadline will slow down the publication process.

    Once the review is completed, you should submit the review report attached in this email to us.

    At the end of your peer review, we ask you to indicate your final decision on the manuscript, by selecting one of the following recommendations:

    • Accept as it is
    • Requires Minor Revision
    • Requires Major Revision
    • Reject

    Please let me know whether you are able to carry out the review by Accepting or Declining this invitation. In case, you are unable to review this manuscript at this point of time, please suggest suitable reviewers if you know any.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards

    Kevin Nelson
    Editorial Assistant
    Horizon Research Publishing, USA

    • Thanks for sharing this. I suspect that ‘Kevin Nelson’ is a made-up name.

    • Amy D. says:

      Also noting that the manuscript wasn’t blinded very well. The acknowledgements listed specific professors and the organization’s acronym was scattered throughout – it wouldn’t have taken much to figure out where this came from.

  17. Nadia says:

    Some time has passed now, and checking this website too, after having got an email from them, I found this: http://www.hrpub.org/journals/jour_archive.php?id=95

    I just checked one of the papers and found real researchers behind it, announcing their paper in this journal on their institute’s homepage: http://www.bio.uni-mainz.de/zoo/didaktik/

    So, is this journal “real” after all? What do you think?

    • Hi, Nadia,

      This journal is published by Horizon Research Publishing Corporation. Whenever possible, I complete my analyses at the publisher level rather than at the individual journal level — there are too many journals to analyze. I do have this publisher on my list, and I recommend that you find a better publisher than this one for your work. It is possible that some respected authors have published in the journal, but they may have been tricked or made a mistake.

      Good luck,


  18. Nadia says:

    Thanks for your evaluation Jeffrey. Kind regards, Nadia

  19. Jeremy says:

    Just received this…

    Dear XXX,

    Universal Journal of Public Health launched by Horizon Research Publishing is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes original and high-quality research papers, review articles, case studies and short communications etc in the relevant field. The aim of the journal is to establish an academic exchange platform for scientists and researchers to share their insights and experiences.

    Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following areas:
    Applications In Healthcare, Behavioral Health, Behavioral Medicine, Biostatistics, Community Health, Dental Hygiene, Diet And Nutrition, Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Gis And Public Health, Global Health, Health Care Delivery, Health Care Providers, Health Economics, Health Education, Health Policy, Health Services, Infectious Disease, Insurance Medicine, Medical Microbiology, Occupational Health, Public Health Programs, Public Policy, Veterinary.

    Submission Guidelines
    Manuscripts can be submitted via the Online Manuscript Tracking System or send your manuscripts by e-mail at submission@hrpub.org.

    Special Issues
    Proposals for special issues are welcome. Potential guest editors can seek further information and discussion at editor@hrpub.org.

    Related Journals
    Nursing and Health
    Universal Journal of Medical Science
    Immunology and Infectious Diseases

    Book Publishing
    If you have a book to be published, please contact the editor at book@hrpub.org. We will pay you 60% of the NET revenue after your book has been successfully sold.

    If you no longer wish to receive email from us, please click this link

  20. Cleve Shields says:

    One of my junior colleagues submitted a paper here, without my knowledge, on which I was an author. Of course, they want money. I wrote an email for her to send to them with a link to this page pointing out that she now knows what they are up to and that she no longer wishes to hear from them. .

  21. Oz Boy says:

    They are still out there trawling for business – just received an invite to apply to join an editorial board. The offer of a discount on your own article for reviews was a bit of a give away.

  22. Roel says:

    It’s obvious from our spamcatcher records that they’ve harvested university email addresses, from scientists to staff. Though I’m flattered by them addressing me as ‘Dr’ (hah!), this doesn’t seem to be the way an honest startup would operate.

  23. golden lion says:

    The vice chancellor for academic affairs at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff just sent a list of horizon journals referring to them as:
    “an excellent listing of journals that are soliciting manuscripts for possible


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