17 Responses to Questionable OA Publisher Launches with a Clever Website and 52 New Journals

  1. You might recognize the website layout from the IEEE. I thought for a moment this was a post about them, when I saw the image. I took a look at the CSS (cascading stylesheet — the file that defines how the website looks) and tried to put it through a plagiarism scanner, but I didn’t find anything. Maybe they just re-produced the website layout, though.

    • Liam Mac Liam says:

      The website is impressive, as you say Jeffrey. The Ongoing Research on the Global Crisis does indeed plagiarise the earlier article from the Canadian Center of Science and Education journal but this article in turn could well have been plagiarized from somewhere else if the track record of the Canadian Centre of Science and Education is anything to go by.


      Could be interesting to track how many times certain articles have been plagiarised and replagiarised. In fact, I think its time an annual award for the most plagiarised article was instituted. But what to call the award?

  2. Catalin I. Nicolae says:

    The website layout is taken from somewhere for sure. It seems familiar to me too. I thought it was American Journal of Archaeology, but I was wrong – they have a new layout now. But it must be something in the range of social sciences.

  3. Barnaby Hughes says:

    Jeffrey, in my experience, UK addresses do not include a comma after the house number.

    • Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva says:

      This is simply a suggestion, but maybe one that could lead to some clues. Punch in the key words coat of arms and then add USA or another country, then check out the image results in Yahoo or Google. Then, you may start to get closer to image comparisons for the background coat of arms. If you then look at the banner style, well, some interesting resemblance (text style) to The US Government’s Justice Department: http://www.justice.gov/. This doesn’t mean that the site header + background logo of this new initiative are not valid, or original. They probably are. They may simply be mimicking official institutional web-sites’ styles. But this alone does not make them predatory or fake in any way. The predatory nature should be demonstrated through other means that are related to academic and publishing aspects. Except for the Donate button, which needs to be questioned, not condemned, I agree that the names of the two entities seem to lack legitimacy. And indeed, William is a man, not Mrs. As for the legitimacy of the 52 journals, they should not be judged before they have been given a fair chance to start publishing.

  4. APS says:

    I also wouldn’t trust an institution which professes to have one office at 42 Monticello Street and another at 42 Minticello Street.

  5. William Yerger says:

    Does a predator journal always have some fee associated with it either upfront or after accepted?
    Bill Yerger

  6. Ian Darby says:

    I just got an email from Georgia Fryar asking me to submit to the journals – they will decide where my paper fits (handy). The journal titles sound in some cases rather weird and I note that some of them have only two issues per year and currently only 2 papers published. The editorial boards are aso less than impressive. I do note that an apartment in a not very attractive building is currently for rent at 42 Monticello Street, NY – so maybe they have moved!

  7. Tunji says:

    I have submitted a researched paper since 31st May 2014 and they promised to publish the paper by June 30th 2014. Even though i got an email that my article was accepted, several emails to them on what is delaying the publication have not been responded to. I need advice on what to do.

    • jowens102 says:

      Tunji, for your future reference, if you submit a manuscript to a journal and they say they will publish it less than a month later, you should consider withdrawing your submission as soon as possible. A month is not nearly enough time for all the necessary reviews, not to mention the logistics of actually getting it published. Unless you are very familiar with the journal, before submitting you should always research them, not only to see how well your manuscript fits with their other publications, but (unfortunately) also to see how legitimate they are. If you haven’t resolved this yet, I would very carefully read through the author submission guidelines and any legal documentation they may have (which I suspect might be very very limited) to see what kind of recourse you might have. I hope this has worked out for you.

  8. bill says:

    Their Journal of Education and Human Development now appears to have acquired a genuine Editor in Chief:


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