A New Clone of OMICS Publishing Group: MedCrave


MedCrave logo

It’s not research that you will be stepping in.

A highly questionable publisher with the silly name “MedCrave” launched in April, 2014. I have added it to my list of questionable journals and recommend against joining their editorial boards and against submitting papers. This publisher appears to be a new brand created by OMICS Publishing Group of Hyderabad, India. 

There is nothing on the website itself that directly connects MedCrave to OMICS, but I see these telltale signs that this is an OMICS operation:

  • The look and feel of the MedCrave website matches that of OMICS
  • Most of MedCrave’s 20 journals have little content except editorials, opinion pieces, and “short articles.” The publisher expertly recruits these easy articles from ranking academics and then uses the editorials and names and pictures of the academics to attract more articles.
  • MedCrave calls itself “MedCrave Group” just like OMICS calls itself “OMICS Group”
  • Like OMICS, MedCrave uses LinkedIn to connect with researchers and solicit papers and their accompanying fees.

One of the identities that MedCrave has created on LinkedIn is “Mary Thompson,” and in its spam it has used “Helen White.” The headquarters location of MedCrave is listed as this:

MedCrave contact information

This address makes it appear to be U.S.-based.

If you look at this address in Google Maps, you’ll see that it is a residence. There’s no street view in this neighborhood, but the aerial view shows houses. Thus a medical publisher with twenty journals is being run out of a house.


The scholarly publishing quarter of Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

(I actually think the address is not the true headquarters; I think this operation is being run out of Hyderabad, India.)

Finally, I found the publisher’s FAQ to be strange and poorly written:

MedCrave FAQ blunders

Certain awards?  Journals I submit?

In the first question, it is clear they are trying to entice potential editorial board members by promising “certain awards,” and in the second, they are confusing the word journals with articles.

This operation is non-transparent and deceptive. I recommend that scholars not conduct any business with MedCrave.

Appendix: List of MedCrave journals as of 2014-06-01:

  1. Advances in Obesity, Weight Management & Control
  2. Advances in Plants & Agriculture Research
  3. Gastroenterology & Hepatology: Open Access
  4. Journal of Anesthesia & Critical Care: Open Access
  5. Journal of Cancer Prevention & Current Research
  6. Journal of Cardiology & Current Research
  7. Journal of Dairy, Veterinary & Animal Research
  8. Journal of Dental Health, Oral Disorders & Therapy
  9. Journal of Diabetes, Metabolic Disorders & Control
  10. Journal of Human Virology & Retrovirology
  11. Journal of Investigative Genomics
  12. Journal of Microbiology & Experimentation
  13. Journal of Neurology & Stroke
  14. Journal of Nutritional Health & Food Engineering
  15. Journal of Pediatrics & Neonatal Care
  16. Journal of Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry
  17. MOJ Cell Science and Report
  18. MOJ Immunology
  19. MOJ Orthopedics & Rheumatology
  20. MOJ Proteomics & Bioinformatics




32 Responses to A New Clone of OMICS Publishing Group: MedCrave

  1. Ken Lanfear says:

    Curious. You say this is a clone of a predatory journal publisher. Are the predators starting to prey on each other?

    • I didn’t mean to use the term in that sense. I meant that OMICS has created a new stealth brand that many of the same characteristics as OMICS but it hides the connection between the two. Like one rental car company owns another, except in this case the connection is hidden.

  2. Nwannewuihe Henry says:

    Pls I am a researcher in Nigeria and would like suggestions on good engineering journals to send my manuscript. Almost fell prey to Ajer. sent two manuscript and got poor reviews and no corrections. i felt something was wrong .
    thank God I had not made any payments.
    help needed urgently.

  3. tekija says:

    The “awards” are described in detail, but are still obscure:

  4. herr doktor bimler (partly rugose) says:

    The look and feel of the MedCrave website matches that of OMICS
    — I did not get that sense myself. Despite the peculiar English, MedCrave felt like a more sophisticated scam, trying to edge into the same niche. It was interesting, by the way, that the MedCrave website proudly announces a partnership with “IntBiotechnologies LLC” (which is a guy in Baltimore) and the “Association of Cryobanks” (a company in Ukraine offering to freeze your infant’s cord blood). This does not reflect well on either organisation.

  5. Dan Riley says:

    Clearly, anyone creating a new scam (sorry, I mean “high pseudo-impact”) OA journal would want to copy from the best. MedCrave copying from OMICS just proves the legitimacy of OMICS as a leader in its market segment.

    I also eagerly await the follow-on surgery imprint “MedCarve” from the same publishers, which I hear will be closely associated with the prestigious “Association of ByoCranks”.

    And, since this is the InterWebs: yes, satire.

  6. AlexH says:

    They crave for APCs but the only thing they can offer is a grave for your research. No pun intended, well maybe only a little.

  7. Chris says:

    Was just solicited by ‘Mary Thompson’. ‘She’ first reached out in LinkedIn, then sent me a message once I accepted (which I obviously shouldn’t have). The message was in broken English, asking me in several different ways to submit articles. I think you are right that they are an offshoot of Omics group, because I had similar experiences with them… and they still keep soliciting me for publications, and claiming that I have participated in their meetings when I did not.

    Thanks Jeff for the work you are doing!

  8. Juan carlos sosa says:

    Is there anyone that has actually published something with group?
    My question is: if this journal is neither indexed in pubmed nor in the open access journal directory: is it worth publishing (consider there is a 600 dollar fee)
    The payment of this fee is through a “donation” Is this the same mechanism for other more serious journals?
    I am really trying to find out if this is a scam or is for real. thank you!

  9. Fab says:

    just got a request to review a “manuscript” for the so-called Journal of Investigative Genomics by Mary Thompson. What would you recommend: just ignore it or do something else ? Thanks

  10. Manfred Raida says:

    I was caught by this journal as an editor, as I found some friends in the editor’s list I thought it is ok. They asked me to submit a paper, within less than a month, later invited for an editorial, which I send in and then they asked for US$200 to make it public – I stopped any contact, because it was an invitation. If I rememeber correctly, most of the editors I have seen and I know are in the -omics journal group, so this looks like the hidden link

  11. Jon says:

    Catherine Davis from the Journal of Aquaculture and Marine Biology of the MedCrave Group asked to join my Linkedin network. I did not know her, nor did I recognize the journal, and her profile address said she is from the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area, so I thought maybe this was a local journal just getting started. Less than 24 hours after approving her on Linkedin, she solicited me to become an honorary editor of the journal. That is when I started researching the journal and publisher and found this blog post. Now I know better. Thanks.

  12. Steve says:

    Sharon H. asked me to connect on LinkedIn, and it sounded fishy to me so I declined. I already declined once a few weeks ago, and then a couple days later it popped up again. Was ignoring it but it annoyed me so I wanted to get rid of it. Maybe this time it will stick… That or I will have to block them.
    Glad this is out here. Super thanks to Jeff for having this on the Interwebs for a quick find after the Skeptical alarm started going off.
    It’s scary but not all that surprising that this exists… The unsinkable rubber ducky of science publishing scams.

  13. Informed Scientist says:

    Thanks Jeff for your efforts to expose the scams. Recently, Angelina Johnson, Assistant Editor for Pharmacy & Pharmacology International Journal at MedCrave Group, (http://www.linkedin.com/pub/angelina-johnson/a4/951/a50) sent me a LinkedIn request. Your post makes very good sense. I think it is a fake profile operated from India. I notice that the people who recommend her skills are all from India (most likely fake profiles as well). I declined and blocked/reported her profile to LinkedIn.

    Your web article will help the researchers who are smart enough to suspect the scam and search online for information. Please do keep up the work. Unfortunately, the truth is that many of the gullible have fallen for the trap.

  14. Michael Z says:

    Thanks for giving a heads up on MedCrave. I was also contacted through my LinkedIn account and received a message written in odd English from Jessie Rose of MedCrave (see below). I replied asking why the journal is not PubMed listed, but received no reply as of yet.

    “Hi Dr. Michael,

    Happy Open Access Week !

    After having glance at your profile I really appreciate if I can have your articles or research work publish in my journal.

    On the occasion of Open Access Week from October 19th to 25th we are providing complete waiver on the publishing fee for all the articles received by October 26th. I believe that publishing articles in Open Access will remove all the barriers in the progress of research.

    I’d personally be extremely fortunate to help eminent like you.

    Please go through the below link for recent novel articles from eminent authors in Journal of Neurology & Stroke.


    I would appreciate your prompt submission that would help publish along with others for the coming issue only.

    Await your response

    Have a Great day!
    Jessie Rose”

    • François Bonhomme says:

      Apparently they’ve “launched” a new journal, called this time Journal of Aquaculture & Marine Biology
      and the inviting person responds to the typically Indian name of Catherine Davis with a phone N° in the US +1-918-208-0288 (if anyone wants to try…)
      When will we get freed of this explosion of pseudo-journals, and how to tell the wheat from the chaff? Thanks for your useful site…FB

  15. desh deepak singhh says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    what is impact factor of Human Virology & Retrovirology.

    • Manfred Raida says:

      Just in that moment another new OMICS journal was announced through LinkedIn: Mass Spectrometry: Applications to the Clinical Lab (MSACL)
      aiming on the expanding field.
      I run into the MedGrave trap but stopped any communication with them, run also into another trap, a new online journal by a known company, but through a Polish group. After asking me to become Editor I heard nothing, due to my work load I could not do anything for some time, in the end they expected me to do everything, did not even advertise the new journal anywhere. No more contact and warning if I hear anything about it, I heard nothing.

  16. Moji says:

    I need help. I submitted our work at medcrave journal- Aquaculture and Marine Biology. Upon submission, I was informed by a friend that this journal is bogus. So I decided to withdraw my submission and did not pay the 600+ dollar publication fee. But, I was surprised when I saw my work online in their site. I wrote them several emails but they are not answering. What should I do now? I am desperate. Please help me.

    • I am very sorry this has happened. I think that MedCrave is owned by OMICS Group, and this is exactly how they work.
      I am sorry, but it will be difficult or impossible to get your money back. Perhaps an attorney can help.

      • Manfred Raida says:

        They asked me for an editorial, stupid me wrote one, but was then informed about that I have to pay to become published, for an invited! editorial!!!! Like being invited for a party and in the end the host asks you to pay what you have eaten and drunken. Ok I pay for a wine I bring, the flowers for the lady and the travel to go to the party, as I used my time to write the editorial but nothing else. I never answered their emails again, no more loss of time, but the editorial went online. These bogus journals should be made more public, maybe organizations like ASMS, ASBMB, ACS and other should be activated and sen emails to their members this may help to get these down

  17. jasperyeast says:

    I got a request from helen white, I thought i knew her but it was somebody else with the same name. I got a request for a paper submission, it was written in questionable english, and i searched for the manuscript name and found this thread. I blocked the user immediately.

  18. VG says:

    I was contacted on LinkedIn by a Rosie S. who in very florid and excited terms invited me to submit just about anything to the Journal of Dairy, Veterinary and Animal Research. The title of the journal should have made me scratch my little head. Her English (not quite broken, but with visible hairline fractures) should have tipped me off. The English (broken, as in comminuted) of some of the articles in the journal should have been a wake-up call. But I’m really that stupid – I fell for the offer and so far have wasted two good afternoons writing an editorial piece. (The interesting thing is that the “peer review” feedback was very much to the point and written in impeccable English, so I can’t be the only one to have been suckered in.) I am glad I found this site before I wasted more time on this nonsense.

  19. Pankaj says:

    Thank you so much for giving heads up on such a foolish company.
    But this information somehow needs to be expanded to a greater extent. So that many people will not waste their valuable time by publishing journals or articles.

  20. Tina says:

    Just got an invitation to be on the editorial board for MedCrave Online Journal of Public Health, from “Cynthia Paul.” Very very glad to have found your posted info about this group. Thank you. :)

  21. LC Chien says:

    I also got an invitation from “Cynthia Paul” on LinkedIn. Your article is very helpful to prevent me from MOJ.

  22. Thanks for your post. I just got an invitation on LinkedIn from “helen white”. As an editor myself, I was immediately suspicious of someone listing their position as “Associate Managing Editor” who didn’t even use proper capitalization. Your post confirmed my suspicions. Thank you!

  23. Jennifer says:

    I recently was contact by Kathleen Harvey on LinkedIn, using the same approach as described in the other comments. Thanks for your post about this scam.

  24. suyog says:

    I was contacted for Sonali Mathews on LinkedIn soliciting research articles. Could clearly tell that it was fishy. Glad to have come across this post.

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