21 Responses to Serbian Journal Accepts Paper in 24 Hours with No Peer Review, Demands EUR 1785

  1. Chris Cole says:

    Instant gratification at a semi affordable price but good scholarship it is not.

    • Aliah says:

      Thank you very much for your tremendouse help to the authors! And do you know any information about Life Science Journal (ISSN: 1097-8135 (Print) / ISSN: 2372-613X (Online); Impact Factor 2012: 0.165) http://www.lifesciencesite.com/? It is also chargeble, and I do not want to have the same situation as with Pencee Journal…Thank you in advance!

      • This is NOT a predatory journal. I think it is a fine journal. It does not meet the criteria for being classed as a predatory journal.

      • Farid says:


        Life Science Journal is in black list of ministry of higher education of many countries. It is a clear case of predatory pay-me-publish paper.

        Mr Beall should proud of NOT having this journal in his list and having MPDI, instead!


  2. Ahmad Zaki says:

    Sorry. Where is the evidence to show there was no peer review process? I know the acceptance for a manuscript from reputable journals can be less than three days. It may be the case that the journal editors have relevant expertise in the field and can review very fast.

    For the publication charge, it is expensive though.

  3. Dear Mr. Beall,
    As you said that Life Science Journal is OK, I was interested in the journal and downloaded the instruction to authors (I click Introduction). The publication cost is 640 USD (rather expensive, I think), and at the last page bottom, there is a website address: http://www.sciencepub.net, I was curious, as in your list (Jan 2014):

    Science Publications
    Science Publishing Group
    Science Publishing Corporation

    is labelled a predatory, so I enter the website, and found that the publisher is: Marsland Press, and it is in your list of predatory publisher of Jan 2014.

    So, do you still think that “Life Science Journal” is fine?

    • No, I made a mistake and confused this journal with another one.
      I am sorry for this mistake.
      Thank you very much for your helpful correction.

      • Aliah says:

        So as I’ve understood the Life Science Journal isn’t so good and considered to be predatory, but is it still cited in Scopus or Thomson then? I’m confused…

  4. RMS says:

    The two journals discussed in the thread have JCR impact factors, but a key indicator that something is fishy with these journals is their self-citation values (“self cites to years used in impact factor calculation”): 60% for Life Sci. J., and 44% for Arch. Biol. Sci.

  5. Reblogged this on Doctoral education to go!! and commented:
    I offer this to my readers with no further explanation necessary about the need to be careful about where you seek to publish your research.

  6. Rauf, K. (Ph.D.) says:

    Sir, What is the status of Pensee Journal, France

  7. Enrico Marsili says:

    Just for clarity. I agree that urgent publishing fee does not make sense. However, there are 1-2 case/year in my editor work (open access, VERY reputable hournal) when I got a manuscript from the publisher, send to the reviewer and get their response in less than 24 hours. Unfortunately (for the authors), such a rapid response is usually REJECT, for plagiarism or complete lack of novelty. I have never seen a paper accepted in less than 2-3 weeks (on Communication journals).

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  15. […] co-published by ten organisations in Serbia and Bosnia. It was accused (on June 12) on the Scholarly Open Access blog of accepting a paper in 24 hours with no peer review, and demanding 1785 euros for publishing […]

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