Science Publishing Group Publishes Junk Science

Science Publishing Group logos

Their current logo (top) and the old one.

Science Publishing Group (note the unoriginal name) is a predatory publisher that first appeared in late 2012. When it appeared, it used the logo from Google Chrome (bottom panel, above), but it later adopted an original logo (top panel).

Science Publishing Group contact us

This is deception — they are not really based here.

This publisher’s true location is a mystery to me. It uses a New York City address (see screenshot above) as its headquarters location, but I think this address is merely that of a mail-forwarding service. I have no idea where this publisher is really based. It could be anywhere — with the likely exception of New York City.

No one answers the phone when I call.

Science Publishing Group pesudoscience

Dark pseudo-science.

I recently learned about the above article that appeared in the publisher’s American Journal of Modern Physics. As you can see from the title, the article “corrects” Einstein’s famous mass–energy equivalence equation. The author, an apparent sycophant of the Egyptian Mohamed El Naschie, concludes,

With that we feel quite confident that the mystery of the dark energy has been solved at least in principle by Mohamed El Naschie and that it is essentially not a mystery any more (p. 262)

So, the article claims to confirm El Naschie’s purported discovery of the nature of dark energy. In my opinion, this article is an excellent example of pseudo-science, and no legitimate publisher would allow such rubbish to appear in its journals.

If you publish in any one of Science Publishing Group’s many journals, it’s possible that your article will appear next to an article that is pure rubbish, such as the article described above, and this will threaten the scientific credibility of your article.

Therefore, I recommend that all honest scholars not submit any papers to the journals of Science Publishing Group.

Hat tip: Nils Berglund


16 Responses to Science Publishing Group Publishes Junk Science

  1. muhammad says:

    Dear sir

    Please check this website:

    • Sorry for the delay. I have added this publisher Singaporean Journals to my list. It publishes 33 very low-quality journals. The link you sent is for one of them. Thank you for letting me know about this publisher.

  2. Dennis says:

    I like how under “To cite this article” they misspelled the name of their own journal.

  3. Subrahmanya says:

    I would appreciate if you could provide some information regarding the publisher Science Publishing Corporation. they are open access publisher with DOI and do not charge article processing fee at present. Kindly let me know your learned view on this.

    • I recommend that you not submit any papers with this publisher. The DOI is not a measure of quality. Usually when publishers like this do not charge processing fees it means they are desperate for articles because they want to make it appear they receive many submissions. I see that one of their journals is called the International Journal of Scientific World. This is a strange title and it is clear that the journal will accept papers from all fields. My advice: find a better publisher than this one.

      • Subrahmanya says:

        Thanks for your reply. What I thought about DOI is even if publisher shuts the shop, the document will be permanently preserved by doi authorities. Please clarify.

      • As far as I know, that is not true.
        These two organizations preserve scholarly content: LOCKSS and CLOCKSS> Few if any of the predatory publishers / journals are members of these organizations.

  4. specialist says:

    dear Jeffrey Beall,
    can you check this website, too

    • These are journals published by the U.S.-based firm called Common Ground Publishing. It is not open-access (unless one pays to make the work OA). The publisher is not on my list. I receive many inquiries about this publisher, an indication to me that many find it strange or non-standard.

  5. Dr H. Elarabi says:

    Thank you for your valuable information. Has this publisher Index Factor or Citation index ?

  6. Readers may also be “interested” in the paper in the SPG journal “Pure and Applied Mathematics Journal”, in which it is proved that pi is exactly equal to 355/113 (in particular, pi is rational).

  7. tekka73 says:

    I got an email from them yesterday. They say they appreciate my contribution to research “on behalf of the academic world”

  8. Bwogi Godfrey says:

    It is unfortunate to learn this when we already prey. However we shall try to save our juniors.

  9. We listed their domain names and sending IPs.

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