Real Location of JSciMed Central Revealed

JSciMed Central

They want to sound like BioMed Central.

JSciMed Central is a questionable open-access publisher of 36 journals. It lists two U.S. addresses as its headquarters locations, and I’ve long suspected these were dummy addresses. Now I’ve learned the publisher’s real headquarters location.


The publisher wants you to think it’s based in the U.S., but it’s not.

These are the two addresses that JSciMed Central gives on its ‘contact us’ page. The first one is really the address of Harvard Business Services, Inc. in Lewes, Delaware, United States. It’s a company that does easy, cheap, and fast business incorporations.

The second address belongs to Market Street Shipping, a company itself mysterious because it lacks a website. The link here goes to a Google Plus website for the business.

JScimed Central is really located in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. This is confirmed by looking up the company in an Indian online business directory called

company information 3

Finally, the honest address.

Another online directory also gives the same information. Both list the company’s director as Jacob Nixon Geddam.

So, I think it’s very likely that Jacob is also the owner of Jacobs Publishers, another highly-questionable publisher on my list:

Jacobs Publishers

Jacob Nixon Geddam, that is.

Note that the “J” symbol here matches that used on JSciMed Central. This publisher purports to be headquartered at this address:

TRIAL # 150 W
Phone : 512-400-0398 512-400-0398 FREE

But I suspect this is also a dummy address.

What other publishing brands does this guy own? Hyderabad, India is also the home of OMICS Publishing Group, so predatory publishing seems to be the growth industry of the Hyderabad area.

Publishers have an ethical obligation to provide full and honest information about their operations. I think it is unethical to hide or misrepresent information as these two publishers have done.

I recommend against submitting papers to dishonest, non-transparent, and sneaky publishers such as these. If they are dishonest about basic things like their address, they will probably be dishonest about other things as well.

Hat tip: James Sarrel



12 Responses to Real Location of JSciMed Central Revealed

  1. Nils says:

    The following page corroborates this information:

  2. Yurii says:

    Indeed, compare the first address with the address of Annex Publishers from you previous post. They are the same. All these guys use the same famous (or infamous) Delaware incorporating services.

  3. tekija says:

    I have visited Hyderabad twice, a decade ago and last year. In the interim, it had changed dramatically. Of most significance here, already a decade ago it was developing into the IT hub of India, and I noticed that last year an entire area of the city had been renamed Cyberabad. Another change was that whenever you returned to the hotel, your taxi was screened for bombs and your bags run through metal detectors. Progress has its price.

    • Mark says:

      That is correct. I have been in Hyderabad multiple times. Actually, there have been dramatic improvements in last 10 years. The most of the IT infrastructure we use are designed in that city. One should not discriminate business and technologies based on the location. But in any case, in US different companies can have same name and I expect that is true across the globe.

  4. LK says:

    Hi This is me Lazgin Barany from Kurdistan of Iraq where we met on the IIE conference . Wanted to ask about how you would you assess the International Journal of Arts and Sciences which is published by the universitypublication net . Regards Lazgin Barany

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hi, Lazgin! Nice to hear from you. The publisher University is on my list here.

      I recommend that you NOT submit any papers to this publisher’s journals. Please find a better publisher.

  5. tekija says:

    Unsurprisingly, the Facebook page of Mr. Jacob went dead.

    • C'est ci bon! says:

      Surely the USA should take a wrap on the knuckles, too? If the USA has a support structure for dishonest of fraudulent companies, such as the classical Delaware hub for off-shore businesses, then why should Indian companies “act” ethically? They are simply acting within the law, and using a support structure that is provided by the USA. So, although I agree that the real owndership and base address should be provided, and although I also agree that India is a strong center for proliferating sspect or fraudulent publishers or publishing practices, in this case, if the USA doesn’t want to be used as a base for such shady companes, then it should man-up and change the law. The lack of ethics is equally that of India and the USA (sorry to say).

      • We have a dual-sovereign system here, so I wouldn’t trash the entire nation. Delaware can do whatever it likes, and in this case it has enabled predatory publishers. Please direct your wrath at Delaware, not at the entire country.

  6. Ken Lanfear says:

    I’m not saying these guys are legit, but I want to point it is not unusual in the US to be incorporated in one state and to operate out of others. Delaware has very favorable incorporation laws, and you will find many large US corporations are chartered there.

    My organization was founded and incorporated 50 years ago by scientists in Illinois, but later moved to the Washington DC suburbs. We still maintain an official presence at a lawyer’s office in Illinois, but have a very real (and dog-friendly) headquarters in Virginia.

  7. Matt says:

    The spam emails actually come from a email, which is registered to Jacob Nixon Geddam, whereas the legitimate website is, registered a couple of weeks earlier to someone completely different.

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