14 Responses to Predatory Publisher Organizes Conference Using Same Name as Legitimate Conference

  1. Aliah says:

    Thank you for your post! I’ve never heard about it, and thanks God never tried any of these conferences…So I will more careful about it…

  2. Jennifer says:

    The WASET has conference venues planned all the way until December 2023. That’s amazing. Is that normal?

  3. Aaradh Dev says:

    I want to know the quality of Atlantis Press publication, If anyone knows please share with me

  4. P Canning says:

    by this rate, end of open access publishing is near….good riddance to bad rubbish!

  5. Tom Spears says:

    I get spam for conferences too. Do they actually take place? Or are they just faked so that participants can tell the dean of their faculty: “Look, boss, I’m presenting a paper”?

  6. Tom Spears says:

    By the way I just looked up WASET’s schedule. They have 103 conferences next year alone. And each one deals with aviation, business, linguistics, chemistry, math, beekeeping, and anything else you want to talk about. Costs you 500 euros to present a paper. More if you want it published in conference proceedings afterwards. This has to be a serious money-maker.

    • Tansu KUCUKONCU, PhD says:

      Unfortunately for years no international newspaper wrote about WASET and its owners yet. Probably nor about similar others.
      If you think to write , let me know.

      Have you published your work ?
      Do we have a chance to see it ?

      Serious money-maker :
      More than 2.000.000 (2 million) euro / year.
      Totally : 10 – 20 million euro from 2003 to now.

  7. Tom Spears says:

    I’m a science reporter at a newspaper in Canada. I have approached some of these publishers with an entirely fake paper to see whether they would accept it. Most did. The problem is that they pretend to be ethical. So typically their websites do list an editorial board, an ethics policy and peer review policy and the rest — but none of it is true. All they want is money. In my case their “peer review” accepted a paper that was half geology and half medicine, in alternating pieces, and all of them plagiarized. It made no sense but it passed. And when I wrote back to say by the way it’s plagiarized, that was OK with them. They just wanted money.

  8. […] predatory publisher has organized a conference with the same name as a legitimate conference, reports Jeffrey […]

  9. Sudheer M says:

    Does anyone has the information about Atlantis Press publication??

  10. Tansu KUCUKONCU, PhD says:

    Some useful links for introduction to WASET and its owners :

    A post by an academic :

    * http://copy-shake-paste.blogspot.com/2012/06/turkish-mock-conferences.html

    Official announcement by
    Cadi Ayyad University – Marrakech – Morocco :

    * http://www.uca.ma/site/news.php?id=204#.VDD5zZU9LIU

    A post by a PhD student :

    * http://adamchehouri.blogspot.com.tr/2014/03/waset-conference-is-fake.html

    A post by an academic :

    * http://min-eng.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/are-these-waset-conferences-just-scam.html

    A post by an academic :

    * https://networks.h-net.org/node/7636/discussions/16552/alert-concerning-wasetorg

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