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Jeffrey Beall | Steamboat Springs, Colorado, 2011

Jeffrey Beall

Jeffrey Beall

I work as a librarian at Auraria Library, University of Colorado Denver, in Denver, Colorado.

An academic librarian for over 24 years, I have published extensively in the areas of metadata, full-text searching, and information retrieval.

My interest in scholarly open-access publishing began in 2009 when I reviewed the publisher Bentham Open in The Charleston Advisor, a journal that reviews electronic resources.

Previously, I served on the editorial board of Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, an experience that, in addition to my own research and writing,  helped me learn a lot about scholarly communication. My service on this editorial board ended in December, 2012.

A full list of my publications is available on my website. In 2012 I was awarded tenure and promoted to associate professor.

My email address is jeffrey.beall@ucdenver.edu.

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  1. [...] a nutshell, check out the fantastic Jeffrey Beall‘s blog which has a list of dubious publishers best [...]

  2. [...] this is a big thing now, such that Jeffrey Beall, a librarian at the University of Colorado, maintains a database of predatory open-access journal [...]

  3. [...] a hard working librarian at University of Colorado Denver called Jeffrey Beall who maintains Beall’s List: Potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly [...]

  4. [...] University of Colorado librarian Jeffrey Beall — who produces a frequently updated list of predatory publishers — first wrote about the case on his blog last week. Beall alerted a journal about a duplication more than two years ago, and who re-reported it earlier this month when he failed to see a retraction. [...]

  5. [...] fellow called Jeffrey Beale (click here), has been keeping tabs on these Predatory Publishers (click here).  He’s found 243, many [...]

  6. [...] any editors. The publisher of Journal of Medical Research, Valleys International, is listed by Jeffrey Beall, critic of poor-quality and unreasonably expensive open access journals, under the category, [...]

  7. [...] one without peer-review seems to be not done in the academic world. Nature wrote an article on Jeffrey Beall who looked into ‘preditory publishers’, shifty publishers which ask up until $1800 for [...]

  8. [...] Jefrrey Beall es probablemente uno de los bibliotecarios más conocidos dentro de la industria editorial. Trabaja en la Universidad de Colorado y se ha hecho popular en este mundo porque mantiene una lista de editores depredadores. [...]

  9. [...] back to Dr. Neil…this plagiarism charge was brought to light by Jeffrey Beall who runs a blog showcasing and calling out those who perform academic dishonesty through what he [...]

  10. [...] me introduce “Scholarly Open Access” (SOA), the watchdog blog/website of Jeffrey Beall, an academic librarian at the University of Colorado-Denver, where he is also a tenured associate [...]

  11. [...] on the legitimacy of a conference or journal. This is a job that is being done (very well) by Jeffrey Beall from the University of Colorado Denver. He is the author of a very interesting blog/data-base that [...]

  12. [...] of self-advertising, of course, but as costs of administrative expenses and the like. Librarian Jeffrey Beall  lists publishers and journals that seem to be blatantly dishonest, for example in claiming to use [...]

  13. [...] of open access) they cannot withdraw the paper and submit it elsewhere.One of my librarian heroes, Jeffrey Beall (pictured above), has a blog that keeps up with Open Access issues, particularly ferreting out [...]

  14. [...] of open access) they cannot withdraw the paper and submit it elsewhere.One of my librarian heroes, Jeffrey Beall (pictured above), has a blog that keeps up with Open Access issues, particularly ferreting out [...]

  15. [...] Jeffrey Beall keeps an eye on academic journal publishers and has a list of open access journals that are ‘predatory publishers’. He also blogs about new publishers and I was only slightly surprised to see a journal about diabetes in the 66-strong list of shiny new journals from ‘Horizon Research Publishing Corporation’ in his latest (2 May 2013) post. [...]

  16. […] my wanderings across the internet I came across Jeffrey Beall’s site ‘Scholarly Open Access‘.  His site is a fantastic resource for suspected academic journals and the publishers that […]

  17. […] some money during the open access boom. This can even lead to predatory publishing, a term coined by Jeffrey Beall, a activist librarian trying to keep process of disseminating research data a clean […]

  18. […] Scholarly Kitchen has a podcast of its interview with University of Colorado librarian, Jeffrey Beall, on predatory open access […]

  19. […] el Directorio de Revistas de Open Access (DOAJ, por sus siglas en inglés) y el listado de Jeffrey Beall, documentalista científico de la Universidad de Colorado (EE […]

  20. […] Fox, a professor of management and entrepreneurship at Indiana University, and Jeffrey Beall, a librarian at the University of Colorado, Denver, known for Beall’s List of questionable […]

  21. […] to see who is recognized as the leaders of the group. For a group of people, the voice of OA was Jeffrey Beall, well known for Beall’s List of predatory OA publishers. (Yes, it always had his name in it […]

  22. […] About the Author […]

  23. […] or ‘seriousness’.  (Two fantastic sites to check out are Retraction Watch and Scholarly Open Access).  Another natural extension of this is (for those who are either looking at MA or MSc courses, […]

  24. […] 12. juna stručni časopis Arhiv bioloških nauka nalazi se na Bilovoj listi “predatorskih časopisa“. Više o tome možete pročitati […]

  25. […] Jeffrey Beall, a librarian at the University of Colorado Denver who regularly identifies questionable journals, wonders if the International Journal of Science & Research has been hijacked by a new owner in Scholarly Open Access, […]

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  27. […] a wider and less principled array of web-based entrepreneurs who can exploit academic desperation. Jeffrey Beale lists over 600 of these "predatory publishers" and argues that they corrupt open access. […]


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