More Duplication of Journal Titles and Conference Names by Predatory Publishers

October 6, 2015
International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology (ICTTP). WASET

A bogus conference with a duplicate name designed to trick people.

Over the past couple weeks I’ve received several emails informing me about two scholarly publishers / conference organizers and their intentional use of duplicate or nearly-duplicate journal titles and conference names.

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Dutch Amoeba Newsletter Hijacked

September 29, 2015
Dutch Amoeba Newsletter Hijacked


The Dutch journal Amoeba: NJN-mededelingenblad has been hijacked. The hijackers have changed the title to Amoeba Journal, stealing and copying the original journal’s ISSN, publisher, and even its telephone number. Read the rest of this entry »

Article Spinning: A Plagiarism Technique for the 21st Century

September 22, 2015
article spinning

Be prepared for article spinning.

Article spinning is an increasingly-popular technique for creating plagiarized scholarly articles that plagiarism-detection software doesn’t always catch. It involves using software to copy and rephrase a published scholarly to create a new article. Terms and phrases in the source article are replaced with synonymous ones. Here’s an example.

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New Fake Metric Company Sells Nine Bogus Metrics to Publishers

September 17, 2015
Impact Factor Services for International Journals

Worthless metrics.

Let me introduce Impact Factor Services for International Journals (I.F.S.I.J), the newest addition to my list of misleading metrics companies. The firm’s mission is to help low-quality and predatory journals appear legitimate and successful, even when they are worthless and dangerous. It contrives and licenses nine different types of “factors” to journal publishers.

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