Would You Take a Cancer Cure Proven Effective in a Predatory Journal?

July 24, 2014

Magic potion?

I am writing this blog post in hopes of starting a conversation in the scientific community about the medicine called GcMAF and one of the companies that is currently distributing it, a company called GcMAF.eu

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Life Science Journal Delisted from Scopus

July 22, 2014
Life Science Journal masthead

Scopus says good-bye.

Life Science Journal has been prospectively delisted from Scopus.

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Canadian Sustainable Development Journal Doesn’t Appear Very Developed, or Sustainable

July 15, 2014
OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development

Proceed with caution.

I have added the OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development to my list. Although sustainable development is noble and trendy, there’s nothing noble about this low-quality and highly-questionable journal. OIDA means Ontario International Development Agency. Read the rest of this entry »

Is OMICS Publishing Group Sneakily Trying to Buy Its Way into PubMed?

July 10, 2014

The NIH, PubMed, and OMICS Group logos.

OMICS Publishing Group’s journals are not included in NIH (National Institutes of Health) databases such as PubMed and PubMed Central, but OMICS may be working on a way to sneak into these prestigious databases.

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LifeSciFeed Ventures: Where Authors are Fodder

July 3, 2014
LifeSciFeed Ventures logo

Don’t venture to this publisher.

Here’s a new scholarly open-access publisher of three journals: LifeSciFeed Ventures. It follows the established formula for setting up a new scholarly publishing operation, yet it fails miserably.

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New York Attorney Warns of “Junk Science” and “Trial by Literature”

June 26, 2014
Michael Hoenig

Michael Hoenig

New York attorney Michael Hoenig is the author of the column “Complex Litigation” that appears in the New York Law Journal. He works for the law firm Herzfeld & Rubin.

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Real Location of JSciMed Central Revealed

June 24, 2014
JSciMed Central

They want to sound like BioMed Central.

JSciMed Central is a questionable open-access publisher of 36 journals. It lists two U.S. addresses as its headquarters locations, and I’ve long suspected these were dummy addresses. Now I’ve learned the publisher’s real headquarters location.

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Science Publishing Group Publishes Junk Science

June 17, 2014
Science Publishing Group logos

Their current logo (top) and the old one.

Science Publishing Group (note the unoriginal name) is a predatory publisher that first appeared in late 2012. When it appeared, it used the logo from Google Chrome (bottom panel, above), but it later adopted an original logo (top panel).

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