Open-Access Physics Journal Accommodates Authors Blacklisted from arXiv

November 25, 2014
Progress in Physics

Dark matter.

Progress in Physics is an open-access journal that publishes articles unsuitable for mainstream physics journals. Among other roles, it provides desperate authors, some of whom have been blacklisted from arXiv, a place to publish their work.

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Open-Access Medical Publisher Has Contradictory Journal

November 18, 2014

Scholarly hypoxia is more like it.

Scholoxy is an India-based scholarly publisher of six medical journals. The publisher is a massive spammer, and it includes a medical journal with an unscientific title. Read the rest of this entry »

OA Publisher Known for its Junk Science Has Chinese Language Imprint with 160 Journals

November 13, 2014
Hans Publishers Inc.

Be very careful

Hans Publishers Inc. (also HansPub or 汉斯) is the Chinese-language counterpart of Scientific Research Publishing (SCIRP), a highly-questionable publisher that has been on my list for many years, a publisher that does not hesitate to publish junk science provided the fee is paid.

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Google Scholar is Filled with Junk Science

November 4, 2014
Google scholar


Google Scholar is the world’s largest and most-used academic search engine, yet it is increasingly becoming polluted with junk science, making it a potentially dangerous database for anyone doing serious research, from students to scientists.

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