More Apparent Template-Plagiarism from BioMed Central

November 3, 2015
microRNA Dong

The original article, published in April, 2015.

microRNA Ali

This later article, published in September, 2015, apparently uses the earlier article as a template.

Another apparent case of “template-plagiarism” in a BioMed Central (BMC) journal has come to light following my blog post on a similar case recently. It appears that the later article was created using the earlier one as a template, as in the earlier case. Both papers appear in the same journal, Diagnostic Pathology.

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Concerns about Dirty Data in the ORCID Database

October 29, 2015

Also connecting predatory journals?

ORCID identifiers are supposed to be for individual researchers, but there is concern that predatory publishers and journals are successfully registering for ORCID numbers, and using the numbers as a badge of legitimacy, a use that goes against ORCID’s mission and policies. Read the rest of this entry »

Strange Website Claims it is a Respected Citation Index

October 27, 2015
Institute of Science Index

Impostor ?

I learned recently of the “Institute of Science Index.” It appears vaguely similar in some ways to Journal Citation Reports, the database now published by Thomson Reuters that supplies journal impact factors.

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Two New Pay-to-Publish Startups: SciRes Literature and Gavin Publishers

October 22, 2015
SciRes Literature and Gavin Publishers

The logo and tagline for SciRes Literature (left) and a journal cover image from Gavin Publishers (right).

The system of payments from authors is spurring the creation of many new companies seeking researchers’ money, especially grant-funded researchers. Many of these new companies are pay-to-publish scholarly publishers, including these two, SciRes Literature and Gavin Publishers.

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BioMed Central Accepts and Quickly Publishes an Obvious Junk Paper

October 20, 2015
BioMed Central

BioMed Central, anyone home?

Biomed Central has published an obviously bogus scholarly article that apparently uses the “template-plagiarism” technique, crafting a new article from an earlier one, changing the data and some of the text.

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