Did FWS Officials Use a Predatory Journal to Publish Questionable Science?

March 25, 2014
Buried ethics?

Buried ethics?

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Misleading Metrics: A New List on This Blog

March 20, 2014
Misleading Metrics

Another list of questionable companies.

I have added a third list to this blog, and it is called Misleading Metrics.

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Greedy Indian Publisher Charges Authors and Readers, Requires Copyright Transfer

March 18, 2014
Research India Publications


Research India Publications (also misspelled as Research India Publication) is a massive subscription publisher based in Delhi, India. It publishes over 180 journals, and you have to pay if you want to read them — or publish in them.

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Researchers Find “Naming Of Allah” Prevents Certain Histological Changes in Slaughtered Broilers

March 13, 2014
International Journal of Poultry Sciences

A miracle?

A study published last year found histological differences between two groups of broiler meat slaughtered according to two different methods. The only variable was the “naming of Allah” spoken during the slaughtering of chickens in one of the groups.

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Scholarly Article Submitted and Accepted before Research is Completed

March 11, 2014

It appears that a scholarly paper was submitted and accepted before the research it reports on was actually completed. The article, published in December, 2013, is this:

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Is the Editor of the Springer Journal Scientometrics indifferent to plagiarism?

March 6, 2014

Does it measure up?

Summary: A reader of my blog alerted me to significant word-for-word plagiarism in an article published in Springer’s journal Scientometrics. I analyzed the article and confirmed plagiarism. I reported the plagiarism to the journal’s editor, András Schubert, but he responded with a condescending email dismissing the plagiarism as unimportant.

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