Google Scholar is Filled with Junk Science

November 4, 2014
Google scholar


Google Scholar is the world’s largest and most-used academic search engine, yet it is increasingly becoming polluted with junk science, making it a potentially dangerous database for anyone doing serious research, from students to scientists.

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New Bottom-Feeding OA Journal: American Research Thoughts

October 30, 2014
American Research Thoughts


American Research thoughts is a new open-access journal published by a Romanian-Indian team of two people. The title American Research Thoughts is not suitable for a professional scholarly journal, and the rest of the operation is unprofessional as well.

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Shabby Indian Management Megajournal Reveals Its Peer Review Process

October 28, 2014
International Journal of Management Research and Review

Poor management.

The International Journal of Management Research and Review (IJMRR) is typical of the many low-quality and deceptive megajournals that are started up in India every week.

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Low-Quality Scholarly Publishers Don’t Understand Copyright

October 23, 2014

See the contradiction ?  Click image to enlarge.

I am increasingly seeing contradictory licensing statements on the websites of low-quality, questionable, and predatory publishers.

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The Scientific World Journal Will Lose Its Impact Factor — Again

October 14, 2014
Scientific World Journal

Unceremoniously … dropped.

The troubled publication Scientific World Journal will once again lose its impact factor (this time for 2014), according to one Thomson Reuters website and reports I have received. Web of Science deleted the title (i.e., will no longer index articles) on August 23, 2014.

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