Library Science Journal Is a Poor Example of Open Access

March 24, 2015
International Journal of Information Research

Lots of problems here.

The International Journal of Information Research claims to be published by the Society of Scholarly Publishing and Open Access Resources (SPOARS), but the only information I can find about this “society” is on the journal’s website itself. The journal is low quality, has unoriginal content, and is a good example of how NOT to manage a scholarly journal.

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Latvian Journal Has Almost All Chinese Authors — Something’s Wrong

March 19, 2015
Computer Modelling and New Technologies

Very popular in China.

The journal Computer Modelling and New Technologies is published by the Latvian Transport and Telecommunication Institute (Transporta un sakaru institūts). It normally publishes quarterly (except five issues were published in 2014).

The problem, however, is that there’s a second website for a journal with the exact same title, except pretty much all the papers in that version of the journal are written by authors from China.

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“Canadian” Open-Access Journal Doesn’t Look Very Canadian

March 17, 2015
Canadian Scientific Journall

Looks very scientific.

I recently learned about the Canadian Scientific Journal, a scholarly journal that is much more popular in Ukraine than in Canada, for some reason.

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Higher Education Forum: 95% Vacation, 5% Scholarly Conference

March 12, 2015
Higher Education Forum

No research here.

In a recent blog post, I wrote about the Taiwan-based Higher Education Forum — essentially a travel agency that organizes vacation-like conferences marketed to academics in Asia. In this post, I would like to expand on why I think attending Higher Education Forum (HEF) conferences is a poor choice for honest researchers. Read the rest of this entry »

Subscription Publisher Awkwardly Experiments with Open-Access

March 10, 2015
IGI Global Open access OA


IGI Global, a publisher of books and subscription journals, is experimenting with open-access. The experiment is not going very well.

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How Does This Fake OA Publisher Manage to Publish Over 500 articles Monthly?

March 5, 2015

The Global Journals

A publisher named The Global Journals, based in Gujarat, India, publishes hundreds of articles each month in its four broad-coverage journals. I don’t understand how such a low-quality and dishonest publisher is able to attract and publish so many articles.

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Shortest-Ever Review Article Published

March 3, 2015
Annals of Biomedicines and Natural Products

Too brief?

What is possibly the shortest review article ever published has appeared in a highly questionable journal based in Nellore City, Andhra Pradesh, India. The  review article has only three paragraphs.

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