Global Science Research Journals: A Dangerous Publisher, Keep Clear

June 9, 2015
Global Science Research Journals

A dangerous and bottom tier publisher.

Here’s an exploitative publisher that I think everyone should avoid: Global Science Research Journals. It publishes 100 broad-scoped journals with titles such as Global Journal of Medicine and Surgery, and it is abusive to researchers.

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New Open-Access Publisher Launches with Fake Scholarly Articles

June 2, 2015
Sanford Inter Science Press

Another one to avoid.

A new open-access scholarly publisher — Sanford Inter Science Press — launched recently with three journals. The journals use an old predatory publisher trick — they lift old articles from the internet and re-publish them using fake author names and affiliations.

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OMICS Group Now Charging for Article Withdrawals

May 28, 2015
Withdrawal fee

Legitimate scholarly publishers do not charge withdrawal fees.

Hyderabad, India-based OMICS Group has found a new and likely lucrative revenue source — charging authors to withdraw their submissions to the publisher’s many journals.

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Watch Out for Publishers with “Nova” in Their Name

May 26, 2015
Nova Explore Publications

Corny name, corny publisher

Two unrelated publishers with the word “Nova” in their name have been bothering researchers with spam emails recently. One is an open-access publisher based in a dwelling in Ontario called Nova Explore Publications. The other one is an old book publisher called Nova Science Publishers, based in New York State. Researchers should avoid them both.

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Counterfeit Australian Society Recycles and Renames Researchers’ Images

May 21, 2015
A royal mess.

A royal mess.

A completely bogus scholarly society, the Australian Society for Commerce Industry & Engineering, uses numerous tricks to make itself look legitimate. This publisher lifts pictures of professors from the internet, gives them new names, and advertises them as editors-in-chief of its mediocre journals.

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OA Publisher with a Long, Strange Name is Based in a Place with a Long, Strange Name

May 19, 2015
Intellectual Consortium of Drug Discovery & Technology Development Incorporation

Strange name for a publisher.

The open-access publisher Intellectual Consortium of Drug Discovery & Technology Development Incorporation (ICDTD) is based in — you guessed it — Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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