Bangladeshis Publishing Even More Journals from Connecticut

February 19, 2013
Moinuddin Sarker

Moinuddin Sarker, publisher.

I recently discovered a group of 15 brand-new journals that are not published under the banner of any publisher — each operates as an independent journal. They all have an intriguing relationship with Academic and Scientific Publishing, a new predatory publisher I recently described in an earlier blog post.

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Open-Access Publisher Launches with 355 New Journals

January 15, 2013
Academic and Scientific Publishing

Template city

We recently learned of the launch of one of the largest scholarly open-access publishers. It’s called Academic and Scientific Publishing, and it launched with an amazing 355 journal titles.

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The Maryland Institute of Research, From Bangladesh

September 11, 2012
Maryland Institute of Resarch

Not really from Maryland.

I am currently researching an organization called the Maryland Institute of Research. It publishes two open-access journals, the International Journal of Business and Social Research, which began in 2011, and the Journal of Arts and Humanities (JAH), which just published its first issue in August, 2012.

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