A New Open-Access Scholarly Publisher and an Old Scam

In an earlier blog entry, I described a journal that presents itself as a platinum open-access journal. In platinum open-access, there is no charge for the author or for the readers; the work is subsidized by grants, voluntarism, etc.

Now, thanks to a tip, I may have discovered another. Unlike the first one which was a single journal, this one is a new publisher with sixteen titles.

Science Journal Publication [sic] is based in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. Many publishers lie about or hide their headquarters location, but I’ve found that when a publisher claims to be from Warri State, they are generally telling the truth.

Science Journal Publication [sic]

Although this publisher charges authors US $500 per accepted article, it boasts a generous fee waiver program for authors in developing countries.

Because Science Journal Publication [sic] is new, its titles have very little content. One of its titles, Science Journal of Sociology and Anthropology, has three articles, and one correspondent pointed out to me a revealing error.

Demand for money

Below the abstract, in the place where the article’s keywords ought to be, is the statement “The demand for money was considered.”

I am not sure exactly what this means, but it seems very suspicious. In the other case, I described a publisher that demanded money just before the acceptance decision was to be made, an implied tit-for-tat request. Does this publisher run the same scam?

I am not able to access this publisher’s web page from my office. My university’s IT department blocks the site, citing malware.

I think it is safe to say that scholars should avoid submitting articles to Science Journal Publication [sic].

4 Responses to A New Open-Access Scholarly Publisher and an Old Scam

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  2. Liz Levey says:

    I just received a wonderful email, actually two of them. The subject line was unpublished manuscript and this was the text: “Greetings: SJP International Publisher invite you to publish your manuscript in our esteem journal. We accept manuscript from all areas of study. Regards, Editor (contactdesk7@wildblue.net). Send an email that reads “STOP”, to end this email.”

  3. Professor Ian M. Johnson says:

    I just had one of their emails.
    Open access publishing is a topic that interests me, so I took a look at their site. I found one ‘recent’ publication (2 years old) which claimed to be a research paper. It was no more than a student’s literature review. Clearly, the peer review process lacks something!

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