9 Responses to Elixir Online Journal

  1. Hasan says:

    Don’t worry my friend. This is new journal and it gonna be one of a nice journal. This is the introduction and the beginning of it’s contribution to the scientific people and organization. Please be patient. This will be one of good journal.

  2. Julius says:

    The journal does not charge a fees

  3. shafiqifs says:

    WordPress who are you to challenge the authenticity of internationally registered journal. If you have any problem you could write to the registering agency. The journal has no monetary benefit as they do not charge for publications and it is free to access.

  4. fiza says:

    You will be charged USD50 for each paper. Not free of charge!!! They do not mention this in their website. But once your paper been accepted, they will ask you to make a payment (based in India)

  5. avinash says:

    not charged money. but logo is under question?
    Dont known the origin country.
    I have published a paper in it. free of cost

  6. asad03 says:

    I want to publish in it for free..

  7. bhani786 says:

    i was thinking of publishing a research paper in this journal. is it safe? please help me out guys… and what about its impact factor…????

  8. Sarah says:

    I have two articles recently published in this one…. R u sure its fake?

  9. Santosh says:

    The journal did not ask any money in the beginning and neither they are informing in the website. But once accepted, they charge 2500/- (50 USD) which reflects some doubts regarding the efficiency and authenticity of the journal. secondly, after acceptance, they are providing Indian Bank a/c to deposit the money. Then whether the journal is published from some Indian groups or what ? The Editor in Chief should clarify these doubts.

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