Two New Additions to the List of Questionable Publishers

I have just  two new publishers to my list of questionable publishers.

The first is Thavan E ACT International Journals. Thavan E ACT is short for “Thangavel Vannathal Educational and Charitable Trust.” Based in Madras, India, this publisher offers twelve journals that cover the breadth of human knowledge.

According to the publisher, “The THAVAN E ACT was established with painful functionaries in the year of January, 2009.” I am not sure exactly what that means, but it’s safe to say the journals began publishing in 2009.   

This publisher uses the author pays model to support the publication costs of its journals. The fee is Rs.3500/- per accepted article, which is about US $70.00, not a princely sum.

Regarding the publisher’s mission, the web page states,

“The aim of THAVAN E ACT International Journal to publishes [sic] original research work either as a Full Research Paper or as a Short Communication. Review Articles fastly [sic] without delay in the developing field of Faineance [sic] and Management and Science and technology.”

Whenever publishers boast about quick turnaround times, it generally means that the articles are published upon acceptance of the author fee regardless of their quality.

 The second publisher that I just added to my list is the Nigeria-based Science Journal Publication. This outfit publishes 16 open-access journals. Their titles all begin with “Science Journal of … ” and they all have a broad coverage. For example, the Science Journal of Physics covers all of physics.

This publisher charges US$500 per article accepted. Its website is characterized by many dead links. This publisher is just another Nigerian scam, so not much more needs to be said about it.

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