Introducing: The World Academic Publishing

The World Academic Publishing

Part of The World Academic Publishing’s main web page.

The newest addition to my list of questionable open-access publishers is China-based The World Academic Publishing.

Its mission statement is “Devoted to publish [sic] open access journals, academic conferences, and provide the publishing services [sic].”

The publisher currently has a portfolio of seven journals, and they all began publishing in 2011. The domain name is registered to an address in Wuhan, Hubei, China, but the site itself lists a Hong Kong address. [1]

Though the publisher makes its content openly available, it does not follow practices that other open-access publishers do regarding article licensing. Authors are required to sign over copyright to the publisher,[2] and all articles bear a copyright statement.[3]

I examined several articles to see if they contain any plagiarized content, and the second one I looked at did. The article,

Idelhakkar, Brahim, Hamza, Faris and Ferhane, Driss. (2011). “The Insurance against the Energy Risk Could Promote Growth for the Shipping Company?,” International Journal of Energy Science 1.2: 110-117.

contains a passage on p. 111 that is lifted from an entry on There are probably additional examples of plagiarism in this article and others on the site. I am always tipped off when unidiomatic language in an article suddenly becomes idiomatic.

I assume that this publisher charges author fees; however I could find no mention of them anywhere on the site.  The journals do contain a good number of articles in each issue, and they are from all over the world, as are the members of the journals’ editorial boards.

I will continue to monitor the progress of this new open-access publisher.

Journals Published by The World Academic Publishing 

  • The Communications in Information Science and Management Engineering
  • The International Journal of Energy Engineering
  • The International Journal of Environmental Protection
  • The International Journal of Multimedia Technology
  • Journal of Control Engineering and Technology
  • The International Journal of Energy Science
  • International Journal of Information Engineering

[1] The World Academic Publishing Co., Limited, Unit 1105, 11/F., Tower 1, Lippo Centre, No. 89 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong.

[2] “Authors will be asked to transfer copyright of the article to the publisher in the submission system. This will ensure the widest possible protection and dissemination of information under copyright laws.

[3] © Copyright 2011 CISME

15 Responses to Introducing: The World Academic Publishing

  1. KLD says:

    any updates on this publisher? i received an email inviting me to be an editor, but i am quite skeptical

  2. Rolf Leu says:

    I don’t find any problem about the publisher except that is just starting their business. I just contact with some editors in the journals, they answer me that they know their roles in the journals.

  3. A M Butt says:

    Hi, I received info asking me to write an article for them. Any update about this publisher? At first look and first thought that comes into my mind is open access fraud……. please update

  4. Harald B says:

    I recently got an e-mail requesting I submit something to their new Journal of Bioinformatics and Biological Engineering. The work based on which I (supposedly) got this invitation has nothing to do with bioinformatics and biological engineering.
    I can confirm they use author fees: they charge $400 per accepted paper. (You can confirm this yourself at )

  5. emperor says:

    Keep them on the list. I also received spam. Thousands of red flags:
    *the mail looked and read like a nigerian fraud
    *they mentioned of a paper of mine with no connection to the journals topic whatsoever
    *I have no other work related to the topic of the journal
    *I found journal titles with similarities to existing journals
    *there are people on the board with no qualification in the topic
    *by quick googling I found a board member to be also working for sciencepublishinggroup, which is an obvious scam
    *there are complete duplicates, e.g. “Optimizing Sign Placements for Crowd Evacuation
    on Road Network in Case of Tsunami Alert” was already published as “Optimizing the Placement of Evacuation Signs on Road Network with Time and Casualties in Case of a Tsunami”

  6. billwilliams says:

    They appear to have improved their position on copyright:

    “Authors who publish papers in WAP’s Journals retain the copyright of their articles, which could be freely distributed under the Creative Common Attribution License.”

    They also claim that they will be indexed on GALE:

    Anybody know more about this?

  7. I was just contacted to publish in their “Journal of Computer Engineering and Informatics (JCEI)”. It looks *awfully* sketchy still (that first scroll of badly stretched portraits really says all you need to know).

  8. At least one of their journals appears to be making a serious effort at peer review – I was contacted by “Advanced Shipping and Ocean Engineering” to review a manuscript where my expertise was actually relevant, recommended rejection, and a few months later was asked to review a revision of the manuscript. In light of billwilliams’ comment above that they have changed their copyright position, they may possibly now fall into the ‘amateur hour’ rather than ‘predatory’ category.

  9. dix says:

    I have recently submitted my review paper and even got accepted and I being from low income country was allowed concession on the publication fees which I have paid. My paper was sent back to me 3 times for revisions before final acceptance.
    What can I expect as I am late to read this blog? Will my work get accepted in my university?

  10. forest says:

    International Journal of Energy Science is published by Destech

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