“Research Publisher”: Another Vanity Press

The logo for Research Publisher

Research Publisher's logo.

Today, I’ve added Research Publisher to my list of questionable journals.

This publisher is new; all the journals that have content began publishing in 2012 (except for the Computing Science and Technology International Journal, which started in August 2011 and has a website that looks different from all the others). The coverage of its individual journals is broad, enabling the publisher to accept more papers and earn more revenue.

The publisher whose name appears on the “about us” page is Dr. Richard Harter. He lists addresses in Santa Clara and Stanford, California, and in Terre Haute, Indiana. There is no authority record for him in OCLC, and I was unsuccessful at finding information about this person in Google.

Regarding the author fees, the publisher states, “Authors of accepted papers are requested to arrange page charges of their papers at the rate of $200 (maximum 10 pages). Extra pages beyond 10 pages will be charged at the cost of $40 per page.” The whole idea of a page charge is silly in an electronic environment. This method of charging is simply a way to get more money out of their customers, the authors.

The journals appear to have ample editorial boards, but a closer look reveals that the same names appear on more than one board. For example, I see that a Dr. Tad Foster from Indiana State University is on the editorial boards of at least four different journals, as are many other individuals.


  • In the journal Advances in Modern Management, the first issue is Vol. 1 No. 1 (February 2012), and it has two articles, both authored by Azadeh Asgari.
  • Several of the journal titles have no content, including the Current Progress Journal, the Graduate Journal of Research, and the International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Systems, among others.
  • The title Journal of Physics is unoriginal; it has been many times before for other physics journals.

Analysis: This appears to be a one-man operation. The same names appear throughout most of the editorial boards on the thirty journal titles; these are probably the owner’s friends. This site is an unprofessional attempt at starting a scholarly publishing operation. I recommend against doing any kind of business with this publisher and I would not let anything published here count towards tenure or promotion.


1. .Research Publisher Editorial Boards This is a scan of the editorial boards of four of this publisher’s journals. The same names appear on all four editorial boards in most cases.

2. Journals Published by Research Publisher (as of 2012-03-09):

  • Advances in Education
  • Advances in Modern Management
  • Advances in Psychology Study
  • Computer Science and Application
  • The Computing Science and Technology International Journal
  • Current Progress Journal
  • Finance Research
  • Graduate Journal of Research
  • International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Systems
  • International Journal of Art and Design
  • International Journal of Computing Science
  • International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems
  • International Journal of Food and Nutrition Science
  • International Journal of Language Teaching and Research
  • International Journal of Social Science and Humanities
  • International Journal of Urban Design
  • Journal of Agricultural Science
  • Journal of Architectural and Planning Research
  • Journal of Chemical Engineering
  • Journal of Construction Engineering and Management
  • Journal of Electronics
  • Journal of Environmental Engineering and Technology
  • Journal of Information and Data Management
  • Journal of Mathematics
  • Journal of Mechanical Engineering
  • Journal of Medical Science
  • Journal of Physics
  • Journal of Wireless Communication
  • Modern Sales and Marketing
  • Undergraduate Journal of Research

5 Responses to “Research Publisher”: Another Vanity Press

  1. I must disagree with your view that a page charge is meaningless in an all-electronic environment. The term, maybe, but not the reality that some important costs (mainly copy-editing) rises with the length of an article.
    Page charges should definitely be lower in an all-electronic environment as there is no printing or distribution cost associated with the number of pages.

  2. Open access journals are scholarly journals that are available online to the reader “without financial, legal, or technical barriers other than those inseparable from gaining access to the internet itself. Some are subsidized, and some require payment on behalf of the author. Subsidized journals are financed by an academic institution, learned society or a government information center; those requiring payment are typically financed by money made available to researchers for the purpose from a public or private funding agency, as part of a research grant. There have also been several modifications of open access journals that have considerably different natures: hybrid open access journals and delayed open access journals.
    Open access journals (sometimes called the “gold road to open access”) are one of the two general methods for providing open access. The other one (sometimes called the “green road”) is self-archiving in a repository. The publisher of an open access journal is known as an “open access publisher”, and the process, “open access publishing”.

  3. Scholarly Open Access journals are very helpful for all the readers and publishers from where they can share and access the information very easily through proper channel.

  4. […] International Journal, which, rather curiously, seems to have a connection to the publisher Research Publisher, which is already on my […]

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