Two New Questionable Publishers: CDDK and American V-King

1. The Center for the Development and Dissemination of Knowledge

2. American V-King Scientific Publishing. This publisher does not have a website; instead, each of its two journals has its own site:

A. Journal of Metallurgical Engineering

B. Mining World Express


The Center for the Development and Dissemination of Knowledge (CDDK) lists seventeen open-access journals, but none contains any content.  The organization claims it hosts annual conferences in Montego Bay, Kingston, and Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

It is unclear where this publisher is located exactly. It gives no address but does list a telephone with a 917 area code, which is in New York. Its Facebook page lists its location as Springfield, Massachusetts.

I am struck by the journals’ strange coverage. One example is the Frontiers in Humanities and Business Journal, which unites two disparate fields of study. This grouping, and similarly, the grouping of fields in some of the publisher’s other journals, seems almost arbitrary and careless.

This publisher has an especially annoying web page, with things moving all around it and bright and distracting colors gracing it. It is crammed with information, with references and links to legitimate organizations, perhaps in the hope that some of their legitimacy will rub off.

I cannot find any reference to author fees on the site; its funding model is unclear. The publisher description of itself is lofty. Its tag line is “Creating and disseminating knowledge for a better world.” Some of the prose on the site makes you think the publisher is out to save the world from ignorance and that the publisher believes its mission is to save the world, and only they are capable of it.

American V-King Scientific Publishing appears to be based in Flushing, New York, and yes, I am very tempted to make some “flushing” jokes for this publisher, and they might be apt.

This publisher has only two journals, and there is no website for the publisher per se. I think the publisher is David Chang. I don’t understand the name of his operation “American V-King,” and wonder if the V-King is supposed to mean Viking.

Both of its two journals relate to mining and mineral industries. Neither has any content at this time, and the funding model is not stated. Both journals require a copyright transfer to the publisher; the publisher screams, “ALL OF AUTHORS [sic] agree to transfer the copyright to MWE.” This is not a problem at this time, as there are no articles. I will continue to monitor this start-up publisher.

Hat tips: Philip Stewart and Filiberto Penados

10 Responses to Two New Questionable Publishers: CDDK and American V-King

  1. John Ben DeVette says:

    Thanks for ear-marking CDDK. I love their link to the UC-Boulder website for a list of peer-reviewed journals!

  2. Dr. H Rashid says:

    Hello all
    Thanks for highlighting this.
    This morning (16th May 2012) I received an invitation to submit a paper to ‘Mining World Express’. The benefit is that I will be published ‘Free of Charge!!’ . Dead line for submission is the very near June 2012.
    I quickly scanned for any information on the journal or the publisher, unfortunately nothing concrete could be found.
    This looks strange for me.
    My bigger concern was that I have nothing to do with Mining, I’m only doing Aeronautical Engineering, thus couldn’t make a link…
    Just thought to let others know…
    B regards

  3. I’m interested in such journals because I select content for JournalTOCs, and we do not want to include unworthy pubiishers. V-King now have a website Contact details American V-King Scientific Publishing, LTD
    244 5th Avenue Suite 2317
    New York, NY 10001
    Contact Person: Mr. Andrew Owens
    And there’s some content for some journals, e.g. Here’s a list of editors

    Yes, there are typos on the websites. The review process mentions ‘Transfer Copyright, Make Payment’

  4. anonymous says:

    Just received a request from MWE to change one of my published articles (non-isi) by 80%, whatever that means, and submit to

  5. […] L’editore, che non ha ancora deciso se mettere o no una s ad <em Application,pubblica qualunque cosa a pagamento. Con un supplemento, provvede alla traduzione in […]

  6. CDDK Advocate says:

    Dear Dr. Beall,

    You may wish to review the following regarding the CDDK:

    Published Articles and Reviews:

    Funding Model (bottom of page):


    The CDDK operates multiple offices with responsibility for its social media activities conducted from Massachusets. Additionally, all authors and potential authors are informed of the physical address for any correspondence.

    “Strange” Journal Coverage:

    Interdisciplinary research is quite common these days and is the driver of the Interdisciplinary journals, as work of this nature will not usually be considered suitable for publication in “traditional” journals.

    Links to Other Sites:

    These are resources which authors should find useful!

    Thanks for taking the time to review this information.



  7. Greetings Dr. Beall,

    Several months have passed since you indicated that you would review the information submitted regarding the CDDK, would you be kind enough to provide an update.


    CDDK Advocate

    • I do not want to remove this publisher from my list. For one thing, their webpage states, “To protect the integrity of the process the names of the Editors are not listed. This also protects against the editors receiving an onerous amount of unsolicited mails.” By “editors,” they mean members of the editorial board. The fact that they refuse to list them actually harms the integrity of the publisher. My guess is that there is really no editorial board. The publisher also claims to be “a USA based Not-for-Profit organization,” but it offers no proof of either of these claims, and I think both are false. I recommend that scholars NOT submit papers to the Center for the Development and Dissemination of Knowledge (CDDK).

  8. Philip Gust says:

    I just received a solicitation to submit a paper to a new American V-King Scientific Publishing, LTD journal, “International Journal of Multimedia Technology” (IJMT).

    The announcement looked suspicious The formatting of the message was sloppy and the English stilted. Also, I had never heard of American V-King Scientific Publishing Ltd, and the name seemed strange. Finally, there is no editor name mentioned in the email. In my experience, editors are members of the target community, and use their name to help promote the publication.

    I did a web search, and found that the publisher is being discussed on ScholarlyOA. I’m forwarding a copy of the announcement to Jeffrey separately. The publisher now has 19 journals.

    The website ( has many grammatical errors. The editor listed is Bharat Bhargava of Purdue University. His webpage at Purdue says that he does research in security and privacy issues in distributed systems. The site lists 48 members on the editorial board. This is unusually large for a journal that began in mid-2011..

    I looked over the list of back issues, and downloaded several papers from vol 2 issue 1 (2012). The footers show “(C) World Academic Publishing,” another publisher listed on the ScholarlyOA website ( It’s possible American V-King Scientific Publishing uses World Academic Publishing as its publishing platform.

    I searched on the titles of several of the papers in the issue to look for signs of plagiarism. “Iterative Equalization Enhanced High Data Rate in Wireless Communication Systems” has an identical abstract to a short paper by the same authors entitled “Iterative equalization enhanced high data rate in wireless communication networks.” in a 2011 IEEE conference. The one in IJMT is a full paper.

    Another paper in the issue, “Persian Sign Language Numbers Recognition Using Thinning Method” is virtually identical to a 2011 IEEE paper by the same authors entitled “Static hand gesture recognition of Persian sign numbers using thinning method.” There were only a few words of change and minor updates to two illustrations.

    We can’t say from this that there is plagiarism, unless the authors didn’t submit the papers to IJMT. It is more likely that the authors submitted to both places, and that the second paper might conflict with IEEE’s copyright assignment policy.

    We also can’t conclude from this that American V-King Scientific Publishing is a predatory publisher. While it has similar characteristics to ones that are, objective criteria such as transparency, editorial policies, and how they charge authors would need to be considered. For now, this publisher is worth a closer look, especially since they have a quickly growing list of journals.

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