New Open-Access Publisher with a Clever Name: I See

I discover a new open-access scholarly publisher based in India almost every week. The most recent find is the Indian Society for Education and Environment, cleverly abbreviated as “I See.”

Logo for I See

The logo for I See.

One thing I’ve noticed about organizations from India is that they almost always have a circular symbol or emblem to represent them. This one is no different, and its emblem consists of its initials “i see” with the full name appearing as the outer edge of the circle. The term “non-profit organization” appears at the bottom, perhaps gratuitously.

It might be better to describe the Indian Society for Education and Environment’s practices as sloppy rather than predatory. It publishes five open-access journals (listed below), including the intriguingly-named Indian Journal of Innovations and Developments.

Examining this publisher’s titles, one observes that ISEE tries  to broaden the publications’ coverage (and to come up with original titles, an increasingly-difficult practice) by combing two broad areas of related fields, for example, Science and Technology, Innovations and Developments, Drugs and Diseases, Medicine and Healthcare.

Traditional publishers, on the other hand, tend to develop and publish journals whose coverage is more and more specific. Some examples include Cancer Gene Therapy, Cell Death & Differentiation, and International Journal of Obesity, all published by Nature Publishing Group.

These divergent practices relate directly to the funding model. Traditional publishers want more subscriptions, so they create more journal titles. Gold open-access journals want more author fees, so they create journals with a broad coverage, making more potential submissions fit the journals’ scopes.

Still, the Indian Society for Education and Environment doesn’t seem to let a journal’s coverage deter it from accepting an article anyway. I notice that the Indian Journal of Education and Information Management includes an article with the title “Solid waste management in Chennai City” [¹].

This publisher charges a publication fee of only US $50 per article accepted, a relatively low charge. The author guidelines include material lifted from legitimate publishers’ websites, a common practice among start-up publishers. The publisher displays paid advertising on its main page and appears to be also involved in organizing conferences. Like many Indian publisher startups, this one is basically a one-man operation. The man in this case is Natarajan Gajendran, whose most recent professional position is as an adjunct faculty member and who seems only to have email addresses that end in and

At least two of the editorial boards have identical members. I recommend against doing any business with this publisher.


Journals published by the Indian Society for Education and Environment as of May 1, 2012

  • Indian Journal of Science and Technology
  • Indian Journal of Innovations and Developments
  • Indian Journal of Education and Information Management
  • Indian Journal of Drugs and Diseases
  • Indian Journal of Medicine and Healthcare


[¹]. Sujatha, P. and Janardhanam, P.V.S. (2012). “Solid Waste Management in Chennai City.” Indian Journal of Education and Information Management 1.3:115-125.

One Response to New Open-Access Publisher with a Clever Name: I See

  1. Thanks very much for these mini-reviews. I have been plagued by scam or near-scam journals at the network I manage, The Research Cooperative, and am trying to develop ways of (a) recognising them, (b) discouraging the bad, and encouraging the good, and (c) helping my network members do the same.

    Your blog is wonderful. Thank you again.

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