2 Responses to Predatory Publishing Update

  1. PDQ Campbell says:


    First, I love the metaphor about the graphic. Second, thank you for sharing the Contreras article, I have downloaded it and will read it forthwith. This is an area I have been wondering about a lot recently.


  2. BrainFreeze says:

    It is interesting how so many people are promoting open access, but ignoring the fact that state or federally funded research is being published at exorbitant costs (given how affordable web hosting is now) to mainly commercial entities which may have no or little scientific background. Plos is one of the few open access non-profits (I actually don’t know of any others) but they charge quite a few bucks for publishing articles.

    Given that article publishing fees are most likely paid with grant money, tax payers are essentially paying for the research, and then paying to have the research published (and therefore accessible). Monetary wise, how is this different from the argument used against conventional publishers who don’t charge author publishing fees?

    I’m not arguing against open access, rather that tax payer funded research should not be published in for-profit predatory journals.

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