Ridiculous New Publisher Makes Its Debut


The OpenAccessPub logo.

The latest addition to my list of predatory publishers is OpenAccessPub, a brand-new outfit based out of an apartment in Rancho Cordova, California, a suburb of Sacramento.

The site lists nine journals, but none has any content. Surprisingly, the editorial boards contain impressive lists of scholars. They include prominent academics from Harvard, Syracuse University, and Baylor College of Medicine. Something is wrong, for I am sure all the researchers listed as editorial board members did not agree to serve.

In any event, the duties of editorial board members are light, as shown in this screenshot from the site:

Editorial Board Duties

Editorial Board Duties

The first two seem to me to be contradictory.

The publisher gives this contact information: Corporate Headquarters OPEN ACCESS PUB, 3500 data [sic] drive [sic] Suite# No 138, Ranchocordova [sic], CA. A quick look at this address in Google Maps shows that it is an apartment complex. Do they really think anybody is going to send their research to an apartment complex?

All the text on the site  is written in flowery language. An example is the generic description for one of the publisher’s journals:

Journal description

Flowery language.

This description is silly. The journal title indicates a pretty narrow focus, but the journal description refers to a “broad range of topics of general interest.”

It is clear that this is basically a one-man operation now following the tried-and-true formula for setting up a bogus publisher to earn an income off of author fees (which in this publisher’s case are $540 per accepted article).

The open-access movement started with good will and good intentions. Unfortunately, it has now been co-opted by a bunch of corrupt schemers who threaten to destroy the foundation of scholarly communication. This newest publisher is evidence of the threat.

Hat tip: Sean Rands.

3 Responses to Ridiculous New Publisher Makes Its Debut

  1. noinknotable says:

    I was recently invited to make a submission to one of OAP’s journals (Journal of Addiction Disorders And Recovery). If I didn’t already have this scholarlyoa.com’s warning, the website’s description of the journal “Mission” would have been enough: “Journal of Addiction Disorders And Recovery initiated with an aim of promoting the progress and upholding the cause of Science and Technology using the concept of Open Access with the best system ever available along with retaining its “Quality”-the main element.” Also, they generously offer “discounts and special offers to encourage research people”. How can I resist?

  2. herr doktor bimler says:

    They’re still spamming away, though now with two addresses — a warehouse / storage facility in NY State
    (616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-6158
    Valley Cottage, NY 10989)
    as well as the old Californian apartment. The old “contact details” page lists both addresses.

    For some reason they’ve set up a second, parallel website, covering all the journals, but the new one only offers the NY address. This new domain is registered to a “Natasha”, at a non-existent address that combines the “Data Drive” street from the Californian apartment with the Valley Cottage of the NY warehouse.

    Naturally they are eying up the money to be sucked up through bogus conferences, and have announced their intention of organizing some, or are hoping that someone else will organize conferences for them:

    OAP announces Call for conference in the following criteria. Organizing committee selection is under process. Intrested members may submit their curriculum vitae. Experience and Expertise are the main credentials. Last date for submission :

  3. herr doktor bimler says:

    The latest spam from these weasels sounds increasingly defensive:

    Rapid publication is in vogue these days. Then how are we
    different? We publish only after peer reviewing unlike the fake
    reviews which are also in vogue these days. We provide you
    with useful suggestions wherever changes are required. If the
    paper is acceptable without changes the same will be reported
    with clarity and by grading your work in various aspects by the reviewers. Editor
    provides the best possible decision by
    checking the paper in all aspects and not by only reviews or
    not by only self analysis. Every paper has its own value and we
    strive hard to make it evident to the world through our
    publications by helping you in making the best out of your work,
    using the given suggestions.

    We do have rejections and they happen for good. They keep the
    journal to the point and make it reliable. Authors are provided
    with a note of why it happened and they are never left with a
    rejection in a clueless state which is the most absurd thing to
    do and we do not support such vagueness.

    The promises of useful suggestions would be more convincing if the English did not appear to have gone through several cycles of Google Translate.

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