7 Responses to Hindawi’s ISRN Brand Offers to Pay for Articles

  1. moom says:

    Journals have always invited contributions for first issues etc. The only difference here is they are paying.

  2. I have mixed feelings about this. Quite reputable book publishers, including university presses, might start a new book series by commissioning a leading scholar to write an initial book for the series. I don’t think anyone would find this an especially reprehensible or ethically dubious tactic. So, why are we queasy when the same approach is used to launch a new journal? Is it just because journal publishers typically do not pay authors anything, whereas book publishers do? Is it ethically important to uphold that tradition and the difference between journal and book publishing? If so, why?

  3. […] Second, and more importantly, a community of informed reciprocity requires that a large community be built quickly in order to take advantage of the social network effects. Initially, when the community is small, it may be very difficult to enlist a competent member-reviewer for a submitted manuscript. PeerJ will need to go out to the rest of the author community for review help, and this may be difficult to do if the quality of the submitted manuscripts are poor. The competition amongst open access journals is getting intense, with one publisher announcing that it will pay prominent authors to write review papers for them (with lo…. […]

  4. I would like to see a clear statement that the author had been commissioned and paid by the journal – that could go in the acknowledgements // conflict of interest // funding section often found at the end of articles. I don’t see the practice as terribly worrisome, as long as there is transparency.

  5. […] to publish review articles to earn $1000 by boosting the journal brands.  Jeffrey Beall has the story at Scholarly Open Access, which is an interesting blog that also highlights what he alleges to be […]

  6. […] first is the news from Hindawi that, as part of launching ISRN Oceanography, they will begin paying authors t…. The articles are being positioned as solo-author reviews called “Spotlight Articles,” […]

  7. […] probably OK but one to watch, have solicited long review articles and offered honorariums of around $1000. This is presumably to lift them above the sloshing sea of lightweight, vanity press OA publishers, […]

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