New Open-Access Chemistry Journal with Some Problems

We’ve added ChemXpress to the list of predatory journals. This is a brand-new enterprise, and we are not sure if ChemXpress will be a stand-alone journal or if Global Publication, the apparent publisher, will start up additional journals.

At this time the link goes directly to the journal’s homepage. ChemXpress is so new that it doesn’t even have any articles yet. Its editorial board page gave us a laugh:

The ChemXpress Editorial Board

The editorial board is filled with dummies (click to enlarge).

We’re concerned because this journal’s PDF “Info for Authors” page contains plagiarized material. For example, this page contains the sentence, “The authors should provide a statement attesting to the originality of the study they have submitted for consideration.”

That text was lifted without attribution from a webpage published by the Council of Science Editors about “roles and responsibilities in publishing.” There are likely other passages here listed without attribution.

We see the irony — the publisher is demanding of its authors that they state their works are original, yet the language it uses state this is itself unoriginal.

This unethical practice does not bode well for the future of ChemXpress and Global Publication. Perhaps the situation will improve when they remove the dummies from the editorial board.

Hat tip: Jaime Silva

One Response to New Open-Access Chemistry Journal with Some Problems

  1. Peace Peter says:

    You did not list enough Journals. For example: This journal has a problem:

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