Golden Research Thoughts

Golden Research Thoughts

Golden Research Thoughts

Sometimes journal titles don’t translate well from one language to another. A good example of this is Golden Research Thoughts, an eclectic journal published by a publisher without a name.

That is to say, this publisher has five journal titles, but they all publish independently, not under the banner of one publisher. They are:

The last one appears to be a combination of two journals on the same topic. The journal sites are creepy and unorganized. Interestingly, this publisher accepts articles in English, Hindi, and Marathi, a strategy that brings in more author fees.

This is a one-man operation, and the man is Dr. Ashok Yakkaldevi, who is based in Solapur, India. Indian universities require their faculty to publish a certain minimum number of scholarly articles each year, so outfits like this one have appeared to address the need.

We found the publisher’s multi-part motto interesting:

Golden Research Thoughts' motto

Their mottoes will attract many young researchers.

The problem with one man operations like this one is that they are unsustainable. When the man dies or loses interest, the content is all lost. Scholarly communication is crucial for international development and deserves more stable and more professional venues.

4 Responses to Golden Research Thoughts

  1. Nwabuko Linus okechukwu says:

    Is the journal an impact factor journal?
    Is the journal among those rated and ranged by thompson Reuters?

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