New Journal Claims to be “The Ultimate Online Journal Publishing House”

Get ready for the Computer Science Chronicle, one of the worst new open-access journals we’ve seen in a while.

This journal stands out for its unique spelling of the word “manuscript,” which it spells “man-script” in its drop-down menu.  We don’t know if this misspelling is a joke or the product of really bad copy editing. The word is spelled correctly elsewhere in the journal.


What’s a “Man-Script” ?

Looking at the domain name registration data for this journal’s website, we learned that it is registered to Pallavali Radha Krishna Reddy in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, India. His LinkedIn page says he is a student at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad and editor of this journal.

Like many journals, this one makes its articles available online before they are formally published. The first issue will be published in August, 2012. Unfortunately, we looked at some of the articles and found serious problems.

Specifically, we found plagiarism. One of the upcoming articles, “Data Collection through Vehicular Sensor Networks,” is mostly taken from the article “A New Framework for Data Collection in Vehicular Networks.” The other pre-print articles also contain plagiarism.

Not only that, but the plagiarized article above is co-authored by the publisher himself, the student.

So, to summarize, we have a new open-access journal that is being run by a student who cannot spell and who uses the journal to publish his own plagiarized articles.

Hat tip: Peter Matthews

9 Responses to New Journal Claims to be “The Ultimate Online Journal Publishing House”

  1. […] New journal claims to be “the ultimate online journal publishing house” (funny post: see man-script) […]

  2. Thanks for your kind information, its more useful to rectify the Errors .

  3. Anon says:

    Interesting blog. Just one request (if possible) – when you add a journal / publisher to the list it would be useful if you can add links showing why they have made the list and not just a link to the journal / publisher website. For example, I am interesting in why WSEAS is on the list. I spent some time searching your blog but may have missed that blog post. Google searches provide very few relevant hits on this topics and for a layman (in any particular field) one cannot reach a clear conclusion. This makes your blog potentially very important in providing the information to aid ones judgement. For example the link (and links therein) for your article on Mohyud-Din is very authoritative and thus useful when adding that journal or publisher to the list for future easy reference.
    Lastly, what can scientists do about closing these journals/ publishers besides informing our peers and perhaps even compiling names of the people involved? Now that Open Access is getting more recognition as an alternative publishing model, APCs which often comes from a university department makes it more profitable for these scam artists. They also seem to be well organized and have some fairly professional websites, eg. Canadian Center of Science and Education as compared to Medwell.

  4. Some of the ‘scam artists’ may be sincere in their intentions, but given the vast number of redundant and nonsensical journals being created, they have to make some real effort to distinguish their attempts to assist research communication.

    At the same time, the research community in each country, discipline, and internationally needs to make some effort to make the screening and rating of new journals fair, informative, and effective. The present blog is just one small step in this direction.

    New journals should not make any claims about reputation, and sincerely-managed journals that are new, and that can potentially offer a useful service to researchers and readers, should not be punished for not yet having a reputation.

  5. Seliho says:

    Dear Beal,

    It is not a justice that we report plagiarism and predatory publishers and journals and in the same time other publishers still sale plagiarized and self plagiarized articles . I report a self plagiarized case to three journals in Springer and nothing is done!

  6. Seliho says:

    Dear Beall,

    Thank you very much it is about two weeks.

  7. This journal seems to have disappeared.

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