Journals from Antarctica

Antarctic Journals

Freezing cold journals.

The explosion of author-pays open-access journals has created a severe shortage of unused journal names. This shortage is causing new publishers to be creative in coming up with titles.

We recently learned about a publisher with no name but with a bunch of journals. We’re calling the publisher “Antarctic Journals,” but in a spam email the publisher is sending out it refers to itself as “Engg.Journals.”

The spam email says, “We are charging only $3 per page or equal amount in all currencies, which is very cheap when compared to some other money oriented journals. Further we request you to withdraw your paper from other money oriented journals and submit to our journal.”

This request is totally unethical and corrupt, of course. The publisher has 23 journals, but few have any content. The owner and editor-in-chief of every journal is M.K.R.S. Veera Kumar, from India.

The website itself is an annoying mixture of bright colors and animated gifs, the way some early websites appeared in the mid-1990s. Some of the journals actually have people listed on their editorial boards, but I’ve confirmed in two cases that the names were listed without the person’s knowledge or permission.

Hat tip: Frank Lu

List of journals as of July 18, 2012:

  • Antarctica Journal of Bioengineering
  • Antarctica Journal of Biotechnology
  • Antarctica Journal of Civil Engineering
  • Antarctica Journal of Chemical Engineering
  • Antarctica Journal of Computer Engineering
  • Antarctica Journal of Software Engineering
  • Antarctica Journal of Electronics Engineering
  • Antarctica Journal of Electrical Engineering
  • Antarctica Journal of Information Technology
  • Antarctica Journal of Mechanical Engineering
  • Antarctica Journal of Mathematics
  • Archimedes Journal of Mathematics
  • Bessel Journal of Mathematics
  • Cayley Journal of Mathematics
  • Diophantus Journal of Mathematics
  • Zadeh Journal of Mathematics
  • Arctic Journal of Business Administration
  • Luca Pacioli Journal of Commerce
  • Darwin Journal of Life Sciences
  • Hooke Journal of Life Sciences
  • Avogadro Journal of Chemistry
  • Mendeleev Journal of Chemistry
  • Rutherford Journal of Chemistry

2 Responses to Journals from Antarctica

  1. Hachani Samir says:

    chilling !!!!

  2. Rajnish Joshi says:

    Can you please see the following journal “World Journal of Pathology”
    Which seems to be published by Narain Publishers Private Limited in India (
    Most journals have an impressive editorial board, and most articles across journals are published by same group of authors !!!
    Likely inclusion in your list of suspect publishers.

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