Why Earn an Impact Factor When You Can Buy One?

Impact Factor

Impact factors for sale

A bogus organization called the Global Institute for Scientific Information has a new website that allows journal publishers to “apply” for a ranking they call the “Journal Impact Factor.”

The website is a fraudulent attempt to get money and perhaps content out of scholarly journal publishers.

The site says:

  • At least 1 or 2 article [sic] must have been published in the first issue before you submit the journal in online or print
  • Please send print issues of journals to us if it is not available in [sic] online
  • We don’t include newsletters that mainly inform about an institution.
  • We are charging nominal [sic] fee for processing your journal to get Journal [sic] Impact Factor

I can’t tell where this site originates but suspect that it is from South Asia. The site attempts to create a new scholarly citation measure similar to the proprietary one owned by Thomson Reuters.

The website is spare and many of its links don’t work. I study predatory publishers and find it fascinating that someone is now preying on them.

 Hat tip: Kishor Patwardhan

6 Responses to Why Earn an Impact Factor When You Can Buy One?

  1. Jeff, the address of the website ( is traceable to the following geographic location:

    Country: India
    State/Region: Tamil Nadu
    City: Coimbatore
    Latitude: 10.9925
    Longitude: 76.9614

    Hosted by a local ISP ABTInfo Systems Pvt Limited

  2. Antonio says:

    Not only is this a threat to Scholarly publishing, but to your web browser as well!
    AVG just detected the website as a “Blackhole Exploit Kit”, see more at http://www.avgthreatlabs.com/webthreats/info/blackhole-exploit-kit/

    I suggest to remove the link from the website link from the post above.

  3. I am having my University’s IT Dept. check that link. Thanks.

  4. Tonukari Ochuko says:

    I just went through the website of The self-styled Global Institute for Scientific Information (GISI) and I instantly noticed endless irregularities, which made me conclude at a glance that the guys behind it must be dunces and asshole.

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