And Now, a Proofreading Scam

Manuscript Proofreading

Proofreading FAIL

A bogus proofreading service is spamming scholars with illiterate solicitations for its business.

The spam email and the service’s website are both filled with typographical and grammatical errors.  The company’s name appears to be just Manuscript Proofreading.

The site is decorated with professional images that appear to have been lifted from the internet.

The site’s “editors” page says,

We have wll [sic] qualified editors which [sic] cut across all areas of study. Research papers submitted are assigned to our editors based on the submitted manuscript.

The spam email is signed,

Best regard,

Edward John
Editorial Assistant


Prof Reuben Clarke
Chief Editor
Manuscript Proofreading (MPR)

We looked exhaustively for information about Professor Reuben Clarke but found none, so we conclude that the name is a fake.

Hat tip: Jaime Silva

7 Responses to And Now, a Proofreading Scam

  1. Matt Hodgkinson says:

    Quelle surprise, it’s based in Lagos, Nigeria:

  2. Finding legit editing services in countries like Nigeria is actually not so easy. I have no doubt there are many professional academic editors across Africa, but as part of the publishing ecosystem they are not so visible as in the mainstream regions of English-based research.

    There is a real need for affordable, locally-based, services in Africa – so scams like this may be most annoying for researchers based in Nigeria itself.

    One goal of the Research Cooperative network I have established ( is to try and shine a light on the real editors and proofreaders in Africa and other regions where services are most needed and least available.

  3. Matt Hodgkinson says:

    AuthorAID is another option for authors in developing countries who need help publishing and communicating their research; it is a “global online network that provides support, mentoring, resources, and training for researchers in developing countries” I’m a member.

  4. Austin Rinehart says:

    It’s just a nightmare, I never used such services if I didn’t sure about quality of them. Make sure to use proper services like for example.

  5. Even when we know a service is genuine, it is best to start by asking the editor or company to edit a sample text.

    Of course, even the response to this can be faked (the company might employ an excellent editor just once, for the test), but it does help to build trust in most cases.

  6. Andrew Hall says:

    I just received an offer from this group, so I visited their web site. It has been remodelled since this post and now starts with the illogical statement: In recent times, manuscripts published in different journals are often not accepted for publication.

  7. MichaelEdits says:

    Excellent warnings by all, but I’m not sure I’d give Manuscript-Proofreading-dot-org a hot link. It might be doing them a favor.

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