International Prank Involving Predatory Publishers Makes Headlines in Indonesia

August 31, 2012
The original article.

The original article.

The prank article.

Somebody copied a scholarly article, slightly changed the title, replaced the co-authors’ names, and submitted it to the predatory journal African Journal of Agricultural Research (published by Nigeria-based Academic Journals), where it was accepted and published (of course) after the author fee was paid. Read the rest of this entry »

Plagiarism in the “Journal of Sports Medicine & Doping Studies”

August 22, 2012
Journal of Sports Medicine & Doping Studies (JSMDS)

Journal of Doping

The editor of the Journal of Sports Medicine & Doping Studies, Senthil P. Kumar, wrote an editorial in the journal that contains passages that appeared in three previously-published articles.

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Eleven New Journals from India

August 17, 2012

International Research Journal [sic]

Really, really strange journal names.

International Research Journal[sic] (it should be plural; there are eleven journals) is a new publisher that is the brainchild of Dr. Krishan Bir Sing from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

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Criteria for Determining Predatory Open-Access Publishers

August 4, 2012

Today I am publishing a list of the criteria I use for determining predatory open-access publishers. The document is available as a PDF at the link below, and the blog post contains the full-text of the criteria. Thank you to OASPA, COPE, and STM for their leadership in establishing scholarly publishing industry standards.

Criteria for Determining Predatory Open-Access Publishers [PDF]

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