2 Responses to Scientists’ Email Addresses for Sale

  1. There also many kinds of free and not free programmes available for harvesting email addresses from websites… these are essentially robots that can scan text and detect addresses. So it is always best to avoid putting your email address in a public place without some kind of disguise or foil…. the address in the form of a graphic image, or with the punctuation written in words. or use a secondary address for a special public purpose and set this up to forward to your main address. The secondary address can then be discarded when no longer needed, and will be of no use to spammers.

  2. […] One firm selling these addresses is SciData, which substitutes the “@” for “a” in its logo, indicating that email is @ the heart of their business. I won’t use that here because it’s just too visually annoying. Jeffrey Beall recently wrote about SciData on his Scholarly OA blog. […]

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