Eleven New Journals from India

International Research Journal [sic]

Really, really strange journal names.

International Research Journal[sic] (it should be plural; there are eleven journals) is a new publisher that is the brainchild of Dr. Krishan Bir Sing from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

We found this publisher to be unique for its entertaining journal titles. They include:

  • International Shodh Samiksha Aur Mulyankan
  • International Research and Review
  • International Research Wings
  • International Research Analysis and Evaluation
  • International Research Glare
  • International Research Judgement
  • International Research Mirror
  • International Research Gist
  • International Research Wisdom
  • International Research Thesis
  • International Research Result

Some of these journals have no content; others have a lot. The website is full of typographical and grammatical errors and dead links. The design is poor and annoying.

We think that if you are going to refer to yourself as an “International” journal, then you ought to follow international publishing standards; this site completely fails in this regard and is in fact very amateurish.

The site boasts many images that are likely pirated from other websites. We are at a loss to understand why anyone would name a journal International Research Wings, or Gist, or Glare. Perhaps the titles’ true meanings are lost in translation from the Hindi.

The publisher claims that the journals are all published monthly, but many have not seen their first issue. We advise all serious researchers to avoid this publisher and its journals.

4 Responses to Eleven New Journals from India

  1. Jan Szczepanski says:

    You are throwing the baby out with the bathwater!


  2. Alex says:

    Yes Jan but these journals are far more bathwater than baby.

    Open access is a good idea ; predatory journals are the problem not those who caution against predatory journals

  3. Jawahar says:

    Here’s one I found..


    They apparently publish over 300 open-access journals :-).. Didn’t realise how widespread the problem is.

  4. Zerdana says:

    Another fun fact: the first and second journals in the image have the same name: the translation of the first journal from Hindi to English results in the second journal. Wonder if other journals should start doing that.

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