Shirley, You Jest

September 28, 2012

All jesting aside.

IJEST is the International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, published by ENGG Journals Publications in Madras, India. The site also lists an address in Singapore. The journal has published monthly since October, 2009. Some of its articles contain plagiarism.

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A Publisher with no Website: Science and Engineering Publishing Company

September 26, 2012

One of their journals … with a title that appears to be lost in translation.

Virtually all the publishers on my list of predatory publishers maintain a website for the publisher with links to, among other things, their predatory journals.

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Two Publishers Each Have a Journal With the Same Title

September 18, 2012
Journals of Cloud Computing

Mostly Cloudy — two competing Journal of Cloud Computing cover images. The one from IBIMA Publishing is on the left; the one from SpringerOpen is on the right.

One of the advantages of online journals is the low barrier to starting one up. That is to say, unlike print journals, which required a large investment to establish and operate, online journals can be set up easily, quickly, and cheaply.
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A Journal That Has Everything Wrong with It

September 18, 2012
International Journal of Applied Research & Studies logo

A laugh a minute.

We recently added the journal International Journal of Applied Research & Studies to our list of stand-alone predatory journals.

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OA Publisher Gratuitously Uses Other Groups’ Logos to Feign Legitimacy

September 14, 2012
IOSR Journals

Harvard approved.

One of the tricks that the International Organization of Scientific Research (IOSR) uses to convince authors that it is legitimate is to flash logos of legitimate organizations on its main page.

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The Maryland Institute of Research, From Bangladesh

September 11, 2012
Maryland Institute of Resarch

Not really from Maryland.

I am currently researching an organization called the Maryland Institute of Research. It publishes two open-access journals, the International Journal of Business and Social Research, which began in 2011, and the Journal of Arts and Humanities (JAH), which just published its first issue in August, 2012.

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