Two Print Journals Completely Hijacked by Online Hoodlums

Two print journals that didn’t have websites have had their identities completely stolen.

Unknown persons have created impostor websites using the identities of the journals Wulfenia and Archives des Sciences. The fraudsters have created new websites and have copied the titles, ISSNs, and even the mailing addresses of the established journals. The bogus websites have also prominently displayed the impact factor values that the legitimate journals earned, claiming them as their own.

 The motive appears to be fraud. The hoodlums apparently want to earn money through author fees on accepted articles and by re-selling content previously published in other, legitimate journals. The articles in the two impostor journals are not open access.

Wulfenia is a print journal published by the Kärntner Botanikzentrum in Austria. It is published once a year in print only and does not have a website — or at least it didn’t until the botanic garden set up one quickly to expose the identity theft:

The counterfeit website is here:

The bogus website — all the legitimate journal’s information has been stolen.

I spoke with the legitimate journal’s editor in chief, Dr. Roland K. Eberwein, by telephone this morning. He said they are aware of the situation and have retained a lawyer to help. He told me that the bogus website cannot be viewed in Austria, and that garden staff only became aware of the situation a few days ago.

I asked Dr. Eberwein who the perpetrator of this fraud is, and he indicated that he didn’t know but that there appeared to be an Iranian connection.

The other hijacked journal is Geneva-based Archives des Sciences. The modus operandi here is the same: an established and respected print journal that lacks a website has had its identity completely stolen by online hoodlums, who have created an impostor website using all the journal’s information. In both cases, the journals appear to be selling old articles from other publishers — at US $550 per issue.

The counterfeit website for Archives des Sciences is here:

Archives des Sciences

Archives de fraud.

Please don’t be fooled by these bogus websites, which will hopefully be shut down soon. Please pass on this information to scholars who may be considering submitting articles to the impostor journals.

CORRECTION: There is an original and legitimate website for Wulfenia

39 Responses to Two Print Journals Completely Hijacked by Online Hoodlums

  1. Jay says:

    I am puzzled by emails inviting for contribution of articles in several new “Open Access Journals”. For instance, can anyone verify the authenticity of “OMICS Publishing Group” which lists an apartment address:
    5716 Corsa Ave, Suite 110, Westlake, Los Angeles CA 91362-7354; Phone: 650-268-9744.

    Although I have read many articles on predatory journals, practically, I am not quite sure about how to avoid submitting articles to these journals as well as how to avoid getting associated with these journals. Any suggestion would be welcome.

  2. I believe that OMICS uses mail-forwarding services in developed countries to fool people into thinking they are really based there. OMICS is really based in India.

    Is there a science librarian at your university? He or she may be able to offer advice on which are the best journals and which to avoid.

    • Shawn says:

      Yep, and also “Maryland Institute of Research”… It is actually based in India. Lists the Annapolis address on their website, but it is the Annapolis Copy & Print.

  3. Ogwo says:

    It is a pity that all this fraud is being perpetrated in publishing,compounding problems for the genuine publishers. I would be delighted to have confirmation on the status of the Japan based Publisher of ‘Asian Journal of Management and Education’ and ‘Asian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities’

    • I had a look at this brand-new publisher’s website (Leena & Luna International, Japan) and it is too early to make a judgment. I will monitor them and see how they progress. They list three journals, yet none has any content yet.

  4. I’ve also blogged about the Wulfenia case – wholesale identity theft of a journal is a new one for me. The supposed legitimate website warning about the other also being fraudulent is quite something!

  5. Deborah Kahn says:

    Jay – I generally advise looking to see if an open access publisher is a member of OASPA ( since their members are required to adhere to their code of conduct ( as well as looking at Jeff’s list of predatory OA publishers to avoid.

  6. Elena says:

    I’m curious to find out what blog platform you have been using? I’m experiencing some small security issues with
    my latest site and I’d like to find something more secure. Do you have any suggestions?

  7. tariq Mahmood says:

    I am shocked after reading this one as I had submitted my two papers in Archives des Sciences and I got the acceptance mail plus they asked for publication fee and I paid the mentioned fee. Kindly advice me what should I have to do now as I have paid the publication charges of two papers.

    • asiah says:

      speechless… i did pay for the publication fee to the wulfenia journal. Just wondering, if this journal is fake, then how come their link is appear in thomson reuters website. Now, what should i do???

    • has your paper been published in Archives des Sciences or the website is really fake? I am asking because my two papers have also been accepted by the journal and they are asking me for the publication fee and I don’t want to take risk.

  8. Sheyda says:

    oh my God…I sent them an article they accepted it,,,and an tariq Mahmood said they ask me fee,,,and fortunately I find out out soon it is fake.
    but I have a question,,,I did not get that why this journal and it’s link is in Thomson Reuters website?

  9. naser says:

    Please note this fake journal works under new website as follows,

    I would appreciate it if you could kindly turn this down. I am guessing many people have already been fooled by the new website.

    Thanks Jeff for your effort, I recommend to focus more on this kind of site where there is no professional behind and the primary purpose is to collect money. This is more than rubbery on the street since they guy does not even endanger him/herself.

    Unfortunately, bad guys like this have impacted other open text journals.


  10. Your post has saved me from the fraudulent website otherwise I might have lost a lot of money. Thank you very much. Can you please tell me how to contact the original journal of Archives Des Sciences.

  11. Ahmad says:

    Correct websites of Journals

    2. [Wulfenia]

  12. haitham yacoub says:

    I already sent my paper to archives des sciences and paied to their, What is the action to published paper?

  13. Ahmad says:

    I am too among suffered authors. Mostly, we checked ISI status from thomsonreuters website( based on ISSN and Name.Further, impact factor is verified on the basis of ISSN and Name from ISI web of knowledge website (`Both verification were correct about these two fake Journals. We should contact Editor in Chief of main Journals regarding published papers. May be they help us from such sufferings. Moreover, there must be a mechanism to check webiste of the respective Journal in addition to ISSN number and Journal name by ISI web of Knowledge and thomsonreuters.

    • Having an ISSN number is not an indicator of quality. Any journal can get an ISSN number for free, without any barriers.

      Also, many journals create fake impact factors or falsely state that they have earned an impact factor. I recommend avoiding journals/publishers on my lists and talking to senior researchers in your field — they will know the best journals.

  14. […] SPHN did not know about this issue until a few weeks after I wrote about it in early September of this year. Later, the offending website was blocked from the […]

  15. daqrouq says:

    They used the identity of other journal that is not online, it means it has no website. So that u check their ISSN in thomson, actiouly u see it is indexed but this index is for the other print only journal with same name

  16. yes i got they are fraud
    pure fraud

  17. Rammohan says:

    If it is fake, how come they can have same ISSN

  18. Bob says:

    I am wondering if the staff of the legitimate journal (Wulfenia) are aware of such websites why this fake website is still working and has not been blocked!!!
    Why they are not serious about the reputation of their journal?

  19. Dy says:

    How about for Archives des Sciences, is there is a legitimate website now for this journal?

  20. […] earlier blog posts, I reported the identity thefts of two print journals, namely, Archives des Sciences and Wulfenia. […]

  21. Rene Galindo Orozco says:

    Recently, I submit a paper to Archive Des Science following the instruction of a fake website, and

    I payed for the registration fee $550 USD, and receive an acceptation letter. Could I can recover my money?. Could I re-summit my paper to the real Archive Des science or another journal?

    Please give me a guideline about how can I do.

    Best regards,

    Rene Galindo

  22. Joanna Zajac says:

    Does anyone know what is going on with Arch des Sci? After 1 year of – problems should be fixed…
    I will be glad for an answer.

  23. says:

    Does anybody know about the journal “TEHNIČKI VJESNIK – TECHNICAL GAZETTE “? Its adress is :
    is it a correct journal or is same as these 2 journals?


  24. Degli Agosti says:

    The fraudulent website for Archives des sciences seems down since more than 2 months now. But, our journal (dates back from 1848) edited by the SPHN (founded in 1791) and which appearred regularly since then (among authors, Einstein etc…) has now been removed from the ISI indexing by theThomson Reuters company.


  25. Luter M. says:

    I would like to submitt a paper for the ICSSS (internationa congress on social scinces and society) 2013. The papers will be published in “Advances in education research”? I do not know if it is real or fake, having read so much about the hijacked journals. I am afreaid of payng for the publication. What is your experience? Thanks.

  26. Farooq says:

    Dear Colleagues, see also a journal pensee of france it also seems to be fraud it also demand 450 dollars and it is copy of another journal becarefull, please.

  27. Krystyna says:

    The problem of manuscript printed in the false journals is: Is it published (dissiminatedd) or not?

  28. […] in the official journal Wulfenia is illegal. [The author further notes…] Jeffrey Beall has also written about this and he notes that print journal Archives des Sciences has also been […]

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