5 Responses to “Peer-Reviewed” Journal Promises Submission to Publication in Four Days

  1. ofita says:

    There is no ‘University of Ma Chung’ in Indonesia..

  2. Jason Carper says:

    Why? You think reviewers spend weeks over an article? maybe days? I am experienced in the matter. No more than an hour during which many of them do not exercise academic standards but ego verification.

    • Guido says:

      I don’t quite agree with your ‘ego verification’ point (depending on how you define ‘many’), but looking at my own experience as a reviewer, it usually indeed takes me a couple of hours at most to review a paper. Furthermore, it tends to be done late at night, just before or just after the deadline, no matter whether the editor gave me two days or two months. So for me it would generally be no problem if I got only a few days to hand in a review. Still, I guess it’s pretty unusual for journals to request such a fast turnaround. And the two days include the time that it’s on the editor’s desk.

  3. Brandon says:

    Yes, there is Ma Chung University in Indonesia. Its located in Malang, East Java. Just check this http://www.machung.ac.id out.

  4. Jeff Dickey says:

    Seems like a South Asian vanity imprint or deception? I looked around their site and couldn’t find any mention of a physical location, history, governance, or the things that you usually find on a reputable journal’s or institution’s website. They exist in a vacuum, and apparently expect you to have one between your ears.

    The “paper” I found on my reading list at academia.edu, concerning an area of software technical practice that I have been professionally involved in for nearly twenty years, was nearly unreadable. Aside from the numerous, severe and inconsistent errors in language, half of the paper read like it had been copied and pasted from various analyst white papers for senior business executives, and the other half showed such profound ignorance of the topic under discussion and its history as to be absurd.

    In fairness to the journal, however, it appears that Academia.edu may have been remiss in its own review of the “paper”, for its publication citation (“International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology Vol.58, (2013), pp.75-86”) does not match the citation format used by IJSAT, an example of which is “International Journal of Science and Advanced Technology (ISSN 2221-8386) Volume 3 No 2 February, 2013” for Inkjet Printability of an Ambient Satable Oragnic Semiconductor. (Note the two misspellings in the paper title.)

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