Two Publishers Each Have a Journal With the Same Title

Journals of Cloud Computing

Mostly Cloudy — two competing Journal of Cloud Computing cover images. The one from IBIMA Publishing is on the left; the one from SpringerOpen is on the right.

One of the advantages of online journals is the low barrier to starting one up. That is to say, unlike print journals, which required a large investment to establish and operate, online journals can be set up easily, quickly, and cheaply.

This low barrier is an advantage for the scholarly communication of research on new and trendy topics. Let’s take the concept of “cloud computing,” for example. The OED Online cites a use of this term as early as 1996, but I think the term really began to be used a lot only within the past few years.

Obviously, there are many disadvantages to having a low barrier to starting up online journals. One is the fact that it makes it too easy to start up bogus journals. Another one is the fact that there is an increasing shortage of unused journal titles.

Unfortunately, two publishers have each created a new cloud computing journal with the exact same title:

IBIMA Publishing is on my list of predatory publishers; SpringerOpen is not.

It appears that the IBIMA journal appeared first, for it has an article from 2011. All the articles in the SpringerOpen journal are from 2012.

However, there are only two articles in the IBIMA journal, but the SpringerOpen has nineteen (as of Sept. 18, 2012).

Both journals are gold open-access journals. The SpringerOpen journal charges an author processing fee (APC) of US$785; the IBIMA journal charges $295.

The IBIMA journal has an editor-in-chief but no editorial board. The SpringerOpen journal has a large editorial board and several editors. I hope to follow the progress of the conflict and see how it plays out.


Appendix: Other journals on cloud computing (publisher):

Note: These journals are not necessarily considered to be predatory journals.

10 Responses to Two Publishers Each Have a Journal With the Same Title

  1. Shawn says:

    There are more than a few examples like that:

    International Journal of Energy Engineering (ISSN 2225-6563)
    World Academic Publishing

    International Journal of Energy Engineering (ISSN 2163-1891)
    Scientific & Academic Publishing Co.

  2. Explorer says:

    IBIMA Publishing is on your list of predatory publishers. What about SpringerOpen? They launched the journal in 2012 while the same name as being used by another publisher.

    By the way, how both publisher manage to get an ISSN number. Can I apply for a new ISSN number for “Nature” — just joking :)

  3. usha verma says:

    I am also a research scholar. In today hindu newspaper i read news regarding journal malpractises.

    I also want to publish some articles for that i request you to pls. provide me the list of journals in india who are geniune.

  4. Biology Researcher says:

    Dear Editor,
    It seems you are biased and don’t have guts to write about the faults a publisher has. You are just blaming the IBIMA Publishers but not the Springer Open, why? Being a big publisher do they have the rights to use the name already chosen by another publishers. From your words as springer open is not on your list you do have partiality and just doing a fake service. How can you omit a publisher who has done such a remarkable nonsense. Though Springer open has published many articles, they have started only on 2012, where as IBIMA publishers have started the journal of cloud computing at 2011, their first article seems to have appeared much earlier than Springer open. If you have an unbiased media write on both of them, or else just quit this fake service you have.

    • While it does appear that the IBIMA Publishing journal was the first to uplodad a title, we don’t know at what time each publisher conceived the title or whether either has trademarked it, and when. So we need more information before we can make any strong judgments like the ones you seem to want to make. If you have any solid evidence, please share it.

  5. Dr. Asim Cheema says:

    Its such a shame.

    Harvard and many other well known universities have announced that there is a need to publish papers into OA publishers since many other publishers like Springer, Elsevier and others are very expensive and have started many fake journals. Thus jeopardizing the standard and quality of research. It is also mentioned on the website that these giant publishers (springer/elsevier etc) charge money to publish the paper and then again charge money in order to allow researchers to access the published content.

    Thus increasing publishing cost with no/less qualitative research. Even IEEE conferences are of no quality and it seems that every tom dick and harry is arranging conferences with IEEE tags.

    I do publish my research in many OA and other subscription based journals. I think that putting such remarks on the website without proper evidance may be a monopoly against OA publishers.

    Its like, everyone can launch a website and start a cold-war to demotivate any publisher.

    Perhaps the point raised by Bealls’ list should have shown some facts on the basis to show proof of what it claim.

  6. Mike says:

    Oh good, another one: a solicitation for the “International Journal
    of Cloud Computing” with a different ISSN (2326-7550) appeared in my Inbox this evening.

    They may or may not be predatory (OA publication is free as of 2013, but there’s no editorial board as of yet), but it’s hard to respect blatant buzzword grabbing in an already very noisy space.

  7. Open Science says:

    […] Two publishers each have a journal with the same title […]

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