Shirley, You Jest

All jesting aside.

IJEST is the International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, published by ENGG Journals Publications in Madras, India. The site also lists an address in Singapore. The journal has published monthly since October, 2009. Some of its articles contain plagiarism.

Its publisher has a website that looks like it’s designed for children:

Does this banner inspire you to submit an article to this publisher?

It uses a children’s font in its banner and has a tag line (Together we share knowledge) that sounds like it was written by a six-year-old.

The publisher also has these three other titles in its journal portfolio:

  • International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering (IJCSE)
  • International Journal of Engineering and Technology (IJET)
  • Indian Journal of Computer Science and Engineering (IJCSE)

Some open-access publishers love to tout their initialisms, such as IJEST, for every journal title they create. I think they do it because they think that it adds legitimacy to the journal.


Stealing others’ legitimacy.

IJEST unwarrantedly claims legitimacy by abusing and faking publishing industry conventions. In the illustration above it gratuitously displays the logo for the ISO; it claims to be indexed in a database called Open Access Journals (which is really just a counterfeit index); it lists an “IC” value without explaining what it is, and it displays a QR code that rather absurdly leads you back to the same site.

IJEST has only five members on its editorial board. The journal has what appears to be a discriminatory and arbitrary author processing charge fee structure

We charge Rs. 4000 to 10000 for Indian Authors and US$ 200 to 450 for International Authors for maximum 4 authors. The fees depends upon the number of pages, number of authors, images etc. Before the accepted paper is published we will intimate the fees in the acceptance letter.

In one place the journal states that authors retain copyright, but it also has a copyright transfer form that it requires successful authors to sign.

In summary, this is a very sloppy and deceptive publisher. It tries to steal others’ legitimacy to make its journals look better than they really are. It’s goal appears to be to entice authors into submitting their manuscripts and then pocketing their author fees.

3 Responses to Shirley, You Jest

  1. Saroj Ratnoo says:

    There is a flood of such bogus and fake journals in India. Here is one more named as International Journal of Computer Science and Management

    Many people are taking benefit of such publications for recruitment and promotions. This has vitiated the academic environment and piece of the corner of a researcher’s desk. On one hand it takes months and sometimes years to publish in reputed journals, on the other people with low academic credentials have a list of journal publications to show. Though regulations by University Grant Commission, India directs the universities to prepare a list reputed publishers/Journals, unfortunately, most of the universities have not done it and as a result publications in such fake journals are becoming more and more prevalent.

  2. RAHIM KHAN, INDIA says:

    Perhaps UGC itself dosnt want it to happen(ie restriction on sub standard journals). IJCSMR site looks good and the publication fee is also low but some of the papers contain plagiarism. Some members of editorial board have listed publications(google check) while some others seem to be fake names.

  3. There’s certainly a need for a list of reputable publishers. It would be useful worldwide, not just in India. There can’t be that many: the great majority of new publishers are bogus.

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