A Journal Called Waste


A trashy publication.

There is a predatory publisher based in India called Discovery Publication (they left off the “s”). This publisher has 26 journals. Many of the journal titles begin with the word “discovery,” as in Discovery Universe, and there are several that have only single word titles. Waste, which hasn’t published any issues yet, is among these.

Who would submit an article to Waste? Who would want to be the editor in chief of Waste? (In fact, all the journals on this site list no editorial board). It’s no surprise that this journal lacks any articles.

This publisher is based in Nagercoil, a town in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It’s the southernmost town in mainland India.

One of the articles in the publisher’s flagship journal Discovery is written by Sivaranjini S and entitled, “Photography Leaps into the Late 19th Century: Sept. 4, 1888.” Unfortunately, this piece appears to be completely copied, photograph and all. There is no attribution, and the article bears a copyright statement for Discovery Publication. The other articles on the publisher’s website are also copyrighted.

The publisher charges an author processing fee for accepted articles:

All the articles are peer reviewed before acceptance for publication and the author (s) need to pay Rs.3000/- for India (for overseas=100 USD) towards publication processing fee per manuscript.

This publisher is  a one-man operation. That man is Brindha Vadukanathan. He is rather artistic, and the journal covers are quite attractive (though probably made using unlicensed pictures), and the articles themselves are quite attractive, with lots of figures and colors.

It’s clear that, in India, the word is out: you can make easy money just by setting up a publisher website. Then all you have to do is sit back and wait for the articles (and money) to come in. This publisher is just another example of the latest get-rich-quick scheme in India.


List of journals published by Discovery Publication as of October, 2012

  • Discovery
  • Discovery Agriculture
  • Discovery Biotechnology
  • Discovery Cell
  • Discovery Energy
  • Discovery Enzymes
  • Discovery Future
  • Discovery Genes
  • Discovery Immunology
  • Discovery life
  • Discovery nature
  • Discovery Pharmacy
  • Discovery Proteins
  • Discovery Science
  • Discovery Universe
  • Disease
  • Drug Discovery
  • Food
  • H2O
  • Medicine Discovery
  • Nerve
  • Ocean
  • Organ
  • Skin
  • Species
  • Waste

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