Copying Elsevier

International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences

Quick, who’s the publisher?

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the people at Reed Elsevier ought to be very flattered by this imitation of their work.

The picture above is from the homepage of the International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences (IJPBS), based in India. The journal gratuitously uses the Elsevier logo in a prominent position on its homepage. It also lists an impact factor — which it does not have.

To compete in a crowded market, predatory journals need to look as prestigious and authentic as possible. The publishers of this journal have done a spiffy job of creating a website that makes it looks like their journal is an Elsevier journal.

Of course, the irony is that Elsevier is not most researchers’ favorite publisher.

IJPBS began publishing in January, 2012. It most recent issue is volume 3, issue 3 (July-September, 2012). Virtually all of the authors of its articles are from India.

The journal is open-access and charges US$100 per author for each accepted paper. So, for this publisher, it’s better to work alone, I guess. They also require that you sign over copyright.

The publisher’s “Contact us” page merely lists a few email addresses. It does not list a location for the journal at all, but the giveaway is the telephone number it lists, +91-9989275978. India’s country code is 91.

It didn’t take me very long to find plagiarism in the journal’s articles.

I recommend against submitting manuscripts to this journal and against serving on its editorial board.

19 Responses to Copying Elsevier

  1. I downloaded that journal’s “Indexed and Abstracted in” list, and it would appear that it is indeed included in at least some of the indexes mentioned – i.e. DOAJ, Scirus, and IndexCopernicus

    • Shawn says:

      This journal is in a lot of A&Is. However, DOAJ & IndexCopernicus are “directories” and not A&I services (They are 2 very different things). DOAJ is becoming the directory of vanity journals. IndexCopernicus is just a poor man’s Ulrich’s.

  2. Fascinating! Your work really merits a book compyling your findings. And I am grateful; your posts disouraged me of publishing in some vanity predatory journal.

  3. I am the managing editor of this journal. Thank you for discussing our journal in this site. This is indexed in Elsevier (scopus and embase) as shown by the astrix beneath the elsevier symbol as “Indexed in Elsevier Bibliographic database”. For the proof of Scopus(Elsevier) indexing kinldy visit and then click ‘List of titles” were MS excel shettes downloads were you can locate our journal. For Embase (Elsevier) proof Kindly visit and then click ‘View all embase journal” were an MS excel sheet downloads and you can locate the journal. If you still not satisfied you can email me at (or) and i can give you the email confirmation of elsevier for indexing our journal in their database products.

    • Shawn says:

      I hope you got express written consent from Elsevier to use their corporate logo in that matter. I worked for Elsevier more than a decade ago, and they are pretty aggressive in protecting the “Elsevier Journals” brand.

  4. R.V. Krishnakumar says:

    I am not surprised. I am surprised that it didnt find a place in Probably the journal is yet to meet a very important requirement that it should be at least 3 years old to be eligible for higher rating. I would suggest for exciting information on NAAS rating. See and enjoy for yourself how journals with thomson reuters impact facators in the range 0.00 – 0.02 may have a NAAS rating of 6.1 and more.

    • R.V.Krishnakumar says:

      For those “ghost busters” or “dragon raiders”, American Journal of PharmTech Research ( is a good candidate to find a place in Dr.Beall’s “Hall of Fakes”?!!!?

      • Guido says:

        Thanks! That journal’s logo is just hilarious… Also, eight people are listed as reviewers, while the latest issue alone contains no fewer than 76 papers! This is too funny.

  5. Thank you Prof .R.V. Krishnakumar sir for your valuable information for getting the journal rated in NAAS. We have also received official invitation letter from the same body for indexing. The process is on and we hope to get the rating very soon. Kinldy keep visiting our site for updated information

    • Guido says:

      I think prof. Krishnakamur was being ironic…

    • R K Singh says:

      Dear prof. Muthuprasanna as your journal is open access; but why your journal have not includes the e-mail of corresponding authors in PDF file of manuscript, which is one of the essential criteria for indexing in NAAS, PubMed, SCI etc.

      e-mail of corresponding authors are still missing in your latest issues (September. 2014).

  6. R.V.Krishnakumar says:

    Dear Dr.Guido,
    I thought I was satiric. Sorry it sounds ironic. Please visit and you would find a ‘rating’ range from 6.1 to 10 and while IJPBS will get 6.1, PSNA, Nature and Science will be just 3.9 points away with 10.

    • Guido says:

      Yes, I think I understood your meaning. As a non-native speaker, I guess I mixed up ‘ironic’ and ‘satiric’. Sorry for the confusion.

  7. Jan Velterop says:

    An Indian journal! All the authors Indian! Even an Indian telephone number! Shouldn’t be allowed! And it doesn’t even reach the exalted levels of European or American journals, where you’ll never find any trace of plagiarism because it’s called extended citation or referencing there! C’mon, Jeffrey, this journal may be amateurish, even very amateurish compared to the professional journals of Elsevier and the like, but ‘predatory’? Really? Plunder, pillage, rape?

  8. Venkatesh says:

    On what basis it was shown the impact factor of 5.1 ?

  9. Muthu prasanna says:

    Respected R.V.Krishnakumar …thank you for your comments on IJPBS for NAAS rating. What makes you to say that IJPBS get 6.1 but nature gets 3 ?

  10. […] an entire website might be a scam. Journal hijacking and publisher spoofing are major problems in scholarly publishing. Predatory, knock-off publishers have forced real […]

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