New Journal Publishes Seven Issues of Bogus Articles to Appear Successful


— Must be seen to be believed. —

This is the story of a brand-new scholarly open-access journal from India. The journal is titled International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology and abbreviated as IJERSRT.

One of the problems that new journals face is that no one wants to submit an article  to a journal that doesn’t have any articles yet. If the journal turns out to be a dud, then you are left looking silly as one of the few authors to submit to a failed journal.

IJERSRT has invented a creative, yet unethical, way of solving this no-articles problem.

Seven issues of complete amphigory.

It has published its first seven issues simultaneously — all filled with computer-generated, nonsense articles.  To unwary prospective authors, it would appear that this is a popular and successful journal.

The publisher of the journal possibly used the website called SCIgen – An Automatic CS Paper Generator to create the bogus articles. “CS” here means computer science. This fun website generates bogus articles on command and is worth a look.

The IJERSRT articles must be seen to be believed. They have titles like:

  • Simulation and Theoretical Calculation of Fluid Pass through Straight Circular Pipe And Nozzle
  • Deconstructing Byzantine Fault Tolerance with Miasmology
  • Soft Skills Development through Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum Technical Education
  • Computer Revelation System Based Classification of Intact Cashew Grading System with Fuzzy Logic
  • Psychology Vs Computer Science

Part of a conclusion from one of the articles.

Because the site gives no indication of author fees, I decided to call the publisher, who lists his cell phone number on the site. Awaking from his slumber, he told me the author fee is US $100 for Americans (he asked where I was from).

I decided not to ask him about the bogus articles; I probably wouldn’t have gotten an honest answer anyway.

Hat tip: Frank Boscoe

4 Responses to New Journal Publishes Seven Issues of Bogus Articles to Appear Successful

  1. This journal may have created a new word – “Note: Uplodation is in Progress”

  2. R.V.Krishnakumar says:

    JPAM, OJCST, Ultra Engineer, OJC, Current World Environment, Materials Science Research India, Biosciences Biotechnology Research Asia – All by Oriental Scientific Publishing Co. which claims as serving the scientific community for 25 years. All websites copyright years are 2011 or 2012! Dr.Beall, what do you think?

    • Nadeem says:

      Dear R.V.Krishnakumar thanks for your comments and I am very happy to read your reviews and would also like to receive them in future I will make sure no error or mistake of this sort happens again regarding the date thank you

  3. R.V.Krishnakumar says:

    I came across another journal with the statue of liberty forming the part of the journal logo! – International Journal of Current Science (IJCS). A new problem is that there are joirnals unworthy of any mention in the much dedicated site like this which aims at some serious discussion about PJs (Predatory Journals)

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