Lambert Academic Publishing: A Must to Avoid

One of their dissertation covers, back (left) and front (right).
Don’t be fooled.

I receive many emails from all over the world complaining about LAP Lambert Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG. (This publisher is so bad, I will not even provide a link to them).

I don’t list them on my blog because they are not an open-access publisher. Instead, they spam recent graduates and junior faculty and entice them to sign over the rights to their dissertations and theses, which Lambert then advertises on Amazon and elsewhere and prints them on demand.

In fact, the company has a gaggle of “acquisition editors” who search the web all day and night and then send spam emails to their unlucky targets who have recently completed a dissertation.

LAP is an imprint of VDM Publishing, which is headquartered in Saarbrücken, Germany. The Wikipedia article about VDM Publishing provides a good description of the company’s questionable practices.

I won’t do a full analysis here because that’s already been done quite well by other bloggers.

Perhaps the best description and analysis of Lambert Academic Publishing is the one written by Christopher Collins of Toronto, Ontario in his blog. He concludes “Steer clear of this company,” and I agree.

Recommendation: Do not do any business with Lambert Academic Publishing.

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  1. Alice Shortcake says:

    One of the latest releases from the LAP Lambert academic author mill is – wait for it – “Lease Financing; Hindrarnces to Adoption By Business Enterprisses”. Yes, that’s what it says on the actual book jacket. It has 72 pages and can be yours for the equivalent of £39/$62.

    The LAP Lambert catalogue has 6518 pages of grossly overpriced, unedited books by students and academics who didn’t do their homework about how real publishing works.

    • Peragenious says:

      Alice, are you forced or supposed to buy it?

    • Luce says:

      They even send me an email and I am an architecture student… There is nothing to publish here, because I only make drawings…They probably checked the repository of my university…but I have an embargo on my work for a year…. So even my drawings they could not have seen… All my fellow architecture students also received an email from this Hannah Olssen…..

  2. It is worth pointing out that Lambert Academic Publishing is just one of many publishing houses run by the same publishing group, namely VDM Publishing. To the best of my knowledge one would be wise to stay clear of all of them. For a complete of the many names under which they operate, look up VDM Publishing in Wikipedia.

  3. Soumyadeep B says:

    Thank you for this warning :)

  4. Robin Hood says:

    Many MSc and PHD students get sucked into the VDM-LAP scam. They desperately need publications early on in their career. A book sounds like a nice choice, + one free full-colour copy, in hard-copy. Plus the advertising on Amazon with a small cut of the profits (apparently never paid out). Which junior budding scientists would refuse this offer? Publication of MSc and PhD theses in academic journals and then recycled in “academic” books published by VDM-LAP constitutes the biggest fraudulent scam in publishing history, and ironically with the biggest growth and profits. Not to mention it constitutes self-plagiarism in its worst form. The questions we should be asking is, how can this be legal in Germany? Or is the predatory publishing model indicative of something wider taking place in the dark world of science publishing? Remember, Springer also operates from Germany. Is there some sort of a two-tier legal system, or are we all just being duped from the elitist publishers right down to the “troll journals”, as described by a Taylor and Francis representative in another of Bealle’s blog entry? Open yoru eyes folks, things are getting too misty in the room…

    • lvieira says:

      Self plagiarism is not a German or “any other than your” country reality, it happens everywhere. This includes the US as well! I know this one for a fact. Whether it is legal or not, I would say that since you sign a publishing/copyright agreement it is also ilegal everywhere, not to mention ethically wrong.
      I think predatory publishing is a side effect of the prevalent philosophy of publish or perish. It is to be expected that less scrupulous people would take advantage of the desperation to publish (regardless of the quality of the research) of some scientists.
      To me, what this puts in stark evidence is the failure in preparing future scientists. MScs and PhDs shouldn’t be just about “doing research”, it should be about preparing them for their future professional lives in all its aspects, including helping them avoid pitfalls such as these publishing groups!

  5. R.V.Krishnakumar says:

    Robin, what have you written new here other than rewriting Bealle’s report in your own fascist choice of words. If you are a true scholar you would not allow anyone to prey on you. I belong to this. Whom do you want to blame here or what do you want to convey? Is that the desperation, or the incompetence of their supervisors or what? Plagiarism is a serious issue, but not starting a OA journal. Right now the only way one can fix these unscrupulous OAs are based on plagiarism and not ISSN. You claim you contacted ISO, yet you ended up attacking a blogger personally as stupid and ignorant. May be you will claim in your next blog that you spoke to the US president and allege that he also colludes with OA tricksters. Next time you blog, mind your words. I find your blogs a perfect case for racist abuse and uethical writing. I wont respond to you any further as it would amount to demeaning Dr.Bealle’s efforts. I am not a chicken dear Robin. I am from the land of the Buddha. Next time before you write ‘meditate’.

    • Rahim Khan, India says:

      Dear Dr.Bealle,
      I hope your blog comments are moderated and inappropriate comments are rejected. I am sorry to say that the above comment by “Robin Hood” smacks of racial and regional intolerance. Appropriate action must be taken otherwise serious academics would lose interest in this wonderful effort of yours.
      Rahim Khan,
      M.Tech(Comp. Sc. Student) India

    • S. Barun says:

      Dear Mr. Krishnakumar,

      Buddha was born in Nepal, not in India.

      Thank You!

      • Amana Birahi says:

        Truly said here. Buddha was born in Nepal not in India. The world knows about it. On the basis of power Inadia is claiming buddha as born india. It’s very funny. Be in reality not in fancy.

      • Dear Mr. S.Barun,

        It is not Buddha but prince Siddhartha – who was born in Nepal like anybody else.

        But he had to come India to become Buddha.

        And I respect Siddhartha as much as I respect Buddha.

        Thank you,

      • Surya says:

        Hi Basa Swaminathan,
        You were born in your parents house, Does your identity change after your marriage, for say you are now re-born in your in-laws house. Now what should world say, you were born in your in-laws house. Grow up man, twisting words won’t change the reality, you can fool million people one time, but you can not fool one people million time. Over the time, people will understand where Buddha was born and it is Nepal.

      • Ronak says:

        yes its true that Siddhārtha Gautama was born in nepal but he get knowledge of live and let live theory form Jainism, so virtually he become Buddha in India, of course its reality that he bone in nepal but its also true he become budda in India likewise Hitler bone in Austria but he was ruler of Germany….accept the true that nepal king get wisdom in India, so indian say that buddha is born in India not Siddhārtha Gautama

  6. Rahim Khan, India says:

    Thank you for your prompt action

    • Bishnu says:

      Are you Indian guys born in USA now? Nowadays, lots of Indians are educated in USA. Does that mean they are born in USA or they are educated in USA? How can you try to fool the people by saying Buddha was born in India. It is true that Buddha was enlighten in India. That does not mean he was born in India. So, do not try to lie our Indian brothers. Why do you be defamed further by telling the lies. Why not straightly say the truth. The truth is that he was born in Nepal and he was enlighten in India. That’s all. Try to live with the truth and do not try to lie as per your convenience.

  7. Partas says:

    Thank you for the enlightment as many students and researcher would have fall into their trap. Such action by VDM does not tell good of them and can lead them to no where since people have been alerted.
    Once again thanks for the useful information.

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  9. fas says:

    I already published my thesis with Lap Lambert Publishing House before learning that the message I was acting upon was an academic spam. I wrote to them yesterday not to publish my work as some reputable organizations have decided to publish it. Will this be enough to stop LLPH from publishing my work?
    Thanks for the quick response.

    • It depends on the contract you signed.

      • fas says:

        Thanks Jeffrey for the quick response. I posted the paper I sent for publishing at LLPH to SSRN since 2011 and my work has received great readership and SSRN stipulated in their agreement with that they deserved the right to send my paper to appropriate online journals, they did exactly this. However, if LLPH decides to publish my thesis without my right and that of SSRN, I think they will be infringing on rights. As an author, I believe I do have a final say right?

      • Phoenix Amgelfire says:

        Signed electronically or?

  10. Ahmed Ali says:

    Mr. Fas can you really help by introducing your reputable publisher so that i can also print my book. my book is ready and i was about to send to LAP but after knowing that I am thinking what to do, please help……..

    • fas says:

      You can contact SAGE , just go to their website and you will find their e mail contact. Tell them about your interest in publishing the book, you can also go to Elsevier‘s website.

  11. Ahmed Ali says:

    Thanks dear it is a great help, I had sent email to SAGE for my book. i was about to submit to LAP but fortunatly i read this page and come to now about LAP. Thanks any way, have you ever published your book with SAGE, how was the experience and how many free copies of your book will be provided by SAGE. regards

    • fas says:

      No I have not published with them as yet. I am still working on the manuscript but people have published with them and their experiences with them are great. I cannot tell how many copies will be sent to you so I guess you will have to do some fact finding from SAGE. Goodluck with your book.

  12. Chaya Zipori says:

    What distinguishes a reputable publisher from a non-reputable publisher?

  13. Dr.Dushyant Nimavat says:

    I have just been approached by this publishing house for the publication of my PHD thesis. I did not know about the company. I inquired about it to some experts who asked me to avoid get into it. I found this link and i am thankful for sharing such a valuable info with us.

  14. Bhim says:

    i have already published my Ph.D, work with LAP last year. What I can do at this moments.

  15. dan dempsey says:

    whoa, whoa, whoa! all the above may be true. but how much more professional research am I gonna do? I don’t know. I’m quite happy to have had LAP appreciate my thesis for what it is, and to have given me the opportunity to get it out to a broader audience at no cost to me. if you published a dissertation w/LAP, and your committee didn’t warn you of the caveats, well…hmmm? nevertheless, I present my research whenever and wherever I find it a useful opportunity, and I never worry whether or not LAP is being compromised. I detect some serious publishing-house snobbery here. if one’s that prolific or talented a writer, I doubt s/he is going to fall prey to the “evils” of LAP. thanks for publishing my text LAP! how’s that?!

    • How many copies of your thesis have they sold?

    • Nica says:

      I perfectly agree with Dan.

      First of all, it can be agreed with that LAP is neither Oxford University Publishing, nor Harvard & Co. and we all know and we knew before signing the rights and conditions of the Agreeent with them that what it has been written is “original” (as well as that there won´t have been a peer – review). Now I would like to ask to the audience here: what does make a book to be a “good” one? to be published by Harvard & Co. just because they are worldwide known? Because of a peer-review? I wrote a book on EULEX – KOSOVO, and recently published with them, which I consider to be worth more than Oxford and Harvard University Press & Co. The issue of the peer – review I do not think is a guarantee against a worth – work. I mean, yes it can be a guarantee against plagiarsim in technical terms, but I am really sorry a TRUE WRITER and RESEARCHER like me would in NO WAY copy & paste!!!!! and so I think all the others like me as well would never do that!!! Additionally, in my last years I read books published by Oxford & co. by VERY KNOWN academics and I found not only grammar errors, orthographic errors and of style etc…but no really a contribution to KNOWLEDGE & RESEARCH. Good Peer-Reviewed!!! SO WHAT? Please let´s avoid “clichés”. I have really enough of them. This world has too much of them.

    • Sarah Irving says:

      It rather depends on whether you want the book of your thesis to have any credibility whatsoever, and to be of any use in getting academic jobs. This is not a matter of snobbery; proper publishers will have other experts read your work, question it where necessary, proof it so there aren’t mistakes in the writing etc etc. To be honest, having it published by Lambert is no different from taking it to your local photocopying house and running them off yourself, or putting a pdf online; no-one will read, review or trust your work, and if you include it on an academic CV it is likely that your job application will go in the bin.

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  17. Kabir Bhai says:

    Just mailed the copy of my thesis to them, even after reading all about Lap Lambert Publishers here. Frankly, my thesis was gathering dust in the rack, and when a chance arose of publishing it without paying a penny, i saw a merit.

    Here a large number of people are commenting against it, and yes, i do agree with them on a number of levels. But hey, from my point of view, i am in a win position. I know the best and most intellectual scholars (no pun intended) are commenting here against Lambert Publishers , but for me, it was cool. Not Great or mind blowing, but Cool.

  18. srikanth says:

    I have been offered by LAP for pulblishing my Ph.D . I was excited at first and now confused. I want to konw from those who publised with LAP, if they faced any particular problem which they would warn people like me who are confused and undecided

  19. Albert John says:

    I uploaded my thesis on LAP right now, and then came to see this blog. Just like Kabir Bhai, “I feel Cool. Not Great or Mind Blowing, but Cool.” Im not really bothered about where I stand next.

  20. Sameer says:

    Gosh! I have got my two dissertations published with LAP. Frankly speaking, I won’t mind if I won’t get any royalties. All I am concerned about is if the books will count or not; if they will hold any value or not. In India, there are 50 points at Academic Performance Indicator (API score) for a book published with International publisher. Please tell me how many points will a book published with LAP fetch me?

    • Daniel Dempsey says:

      some interesting, ongoing commentary here since my last missive. at this point, I would simply say to those who have an interest in publishing their work with LAP, because it would otherwise sit on the proverbial shelf entertaining dust, to do it. if the piece under consideration is truly more valuable than that (monetarily that is), then look for another publishing house that will honor a more traditional quid pro quo arrangement. thanks, good luck, and congratulation to all my fellow, thinkers, scholars and writers.

    • amit singh says:

      You will get 50 point as it is International Publisher, Most of the people are writing about quality, which is mainly concerned with the author,in case of Ph.D desertations, supervisor and university also. Publishers more responsibility is technical . For royalty I can’t say,but for point it is for-for better than so many National and local publishers

    • Sameer says:

      Does it count academically? Will it fetch equal points as getting a book published by an international publisher?

      • I had recently bought 2 books from it. I was informed by the publisher (Exom Publishing House) about it. The publisher does the application for copyright and ISBN number and Amazon I think does the printing (colored or greyscale) But I read in another publishing book that you could do yourself the application for copyright and for ISBN number and you could inquire about printing the stuff through Amazon. It is free and Amazon gets a percentage of sales revenue. One could buy it through Amazon (US, UK or Europe). It’s Global.

  21. Nancy Bevre says:

    Some time ago I offered you the possibility of making your academic paper about Making the Invisible Visible: Exploring Science Literacy through Creation of Non-fiction Science Picture Books available as printed book. Since I did not hear back from you, I am now wondering if you received my first email.
    I would appreciate if you could confirm your interest in our publishing house and I will be glad to provide you with detailed information about our services.
    I am looking forward to receiving a positive response from you.

    Best Regards,
    Beatrice Bessons
    Acquisition Editor
    LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing is a trademark of:
    AV Akademikerverlag GmbH & Co. KG

    How do they possibly know about my paper, I wondered and when I googled the company that’s when I stumbled upon this blog. Thanks to those bringing this prying on academics to light. This is the second invitation I got in two days from two different publishers. We are not stupid, we can google you before we respond.

    • steveob says:

      looks familar….received today

      Some time ago I offered you the possibility of making your academic paper available as printed book. Since I did not hear back from you, I am now wondering if you received my first email.

      I would appreciate if you could confirm your interest in our publishing house and I will be glad to provide you with detailed information about our services.

      I am looking forward to receiving a positive response from you.

      Best Regards,

      Lisa Thompson
      Acquisition Editor

  22. Heesung Yang says:

    Wow, thank you very much for this. I just received an e-mail from this company. What is hilarious is that they apparently thought my *undergraduate* honours thesis was a thesis meant for postgraduate (I suppose they meant graduate degree?)! I thought that it was a scam…glad that my intuition wasn’t wrong.

  23. Jacobine Sella says:

    This company is a big scam, they’ll never send to an author any free copies and royalties as agreed, instead turn around to disown responsibility over any undelivered authors free copies when in the first place they never sent. Please be warned not to fall prey to this bunch of scam of LAP. Speaking through experience haven published with LAP.

    • Maria Elizabeth says:

      E isso importa? Quanto você vai ganhar com seu trabalho dentro de uma gaveta? O objetivo da pesquisa é contribuir, a única maneira de isso acontecer é ela ser divulgada.

      • bill says:

        I think you may be missing the point, Maria, I don’t think anybody is advocating having one’s research hidden away in a drawer. The consensus seems to be that it’s best to publish either in a good quality journal or through a reputable print-on-demand publisher.
        PS best write in English.

  24. I take your point — if you are happy with the arrangement, then it is not a problem for you.

    You didn’t mention anything about signing over your copyright to this company in perpetuity. Are you okay with that?

  25. Yes, unless you’ve already signed over the copyright. At least in terms of U.S. law as I understand it.

  26. DR. GATHA says:

    hey, can anyone advise regarding lambert publication house… i was thinking of publishing my library dissertation(L.D)…sent them mail (with a word document of L.D attached to it…) ,after hearing about it from a colleague,
    now from last two days , i am receiving mail of registering and uploading the work in pdf with other formatting etc…
    can they misuse the word doc sent….!!
    i feel the mails i am receiving are automated…because if i ask my doubts then no genuine reply comes…but the next step and deadline for registering and uploading comes!!
    i have signed or registered still.

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  28. mane says:

    It is shocking. Why is Lap Lambert cheating on Books?

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  30. Larsen says:

    “Self-publishing, another option, is quite expensive since you have to pay for it to be done, whereas VDM does the whole thing for free. Those seem to be the main issues.”

    If you check in Amazon, you will see that heir books sell at an extortionate price, something like 100 dollars on average, whereas other self-published books (in normal services where you have to pay a fee) sell for like a tenthj of the price. Basically, no one will buy your book and you are taking part in a scam. So, yes, you are happy with that, go ahead.

    • Larsen says:

      What they do is legal but I would not hesitate to call it a fraud. If you offer a self-published, print on demand service you can´t advertise it as “academic” publishing, because that, together with the high prices, conveys the image of a proper academic or university press with editors, distributors, correctors, external readers, etc. They don´t say explicitly that they offer those services (which is why they are legal) but they blatantly mislead buyers in Amazon with those prices and that name. There are many reviews of customers who thought that they were butying a proper academic book or manual only to get a printout of someone´s undergraduate dissertation. It´s legal, but it is still fooling people.

  31. Larsen says:

    You can always make your work available online on a research repository. Referencing that in your cv might be even better that including a book “published” by a bogus academic publishing house such as Lambert.
    And yes, it’s not free, but I would rather pay and publish with Acron or even Lulu than be associated with these fradusters.

  32. Dr. Michael Sophia says:

    I and my friend published many books with LAP for three years, but never received any royalty fee even one dollar. The number of net sales that LAP reports to me with 0 copies (0 credit) is far different from the net sales that I check directly from the bookstores selling my books.

    Right now I really know that LAP is a spam and a fraudulent publishing house. I and my friends regret to have published our books with LAP.

    Please other people as many as possible to stop publihing a book with LAP. Don’t let this worst company benefiting of the authors.

  33. zak5126 says:

    Dear Everybody,

    I published a book with LAP about 2 years ago. During the publishing process, I was given all the fine prints of the deal and I understood what I was doing. My main aim was to have my book on my shelf and I got it. Meanwhile, they sold some copies too and gave me book-buying credit for it (since my royalty did not cross the payment threshold).

    Sine the book is my thesis, I had already published 3 papers in good journals out of my work; I am sure you all understand that journals papers do not come straight out of thesis, they have to be changed a lot to get published.

    So I would say, LAP helped me by saving the money I would have otherwise spent on publishing my own book (vanity publishing??), put me right over the internet (amazon, Barnes etc) and gave me buying credit.

    I have no complaints! I suggest if your thesis/academic work is good, you should publish papers out of it (in a journal language) and then consider the appropriate publisher to publish the book form. If you don’t know how a book is different from a journal paper (srly???). And if your work is too good, I am sure you have world’s top publishers ringing your door bell already!


    • mon. says:

      Nowadays the thesis don’t gather dust, in most cases they’re available from the libraries’ websites.

  34. Robert says:

    I also got the email from LAP almost days after my thesis was placed on the library website (they must have a very organised system that searches university webpages daily).

    I told them, politely, that I was looking into other publishers and have not heard back from them. I simply can’t understand why anyone with serious scholarly work would publish with these guys. I suspect that a book from LAP on your CV would rule you out of any tenure track position at a credible university. The desire to publish with LAP is even more bizarre when there are other, respectable, academic presses out there that will at least look seriously at your thesis (Peter Lang comes to mind).

  35. mon. says:

    There is also a Spanish company that belongs to VDM, Editorial Académica española, they use the same methods: spam emails and promises of a quick publication of a thesis or conference proceedings as a book. They pay some very desperate people to search the web for possible victims. They contacted me once regarding one of my articles (it was about 7 pages long) in form of a book. I found it so funny that I replied… wrong! They kept sendig me “offers” for weeks till I blocked them.

    • mon. says:

      you don’t really need to subscribe to get their spam and a simple “no, thank you” doesn’t work in most of the cases. Plus they use different emails

  36. GV says:

    Thank god I read this on the advice of my supervisor. I was about to upload my work to this publisher. Mine is a hard earned PhD. And I’ll not give it to them.

    • mon. says:

      Even if you have no academic ambitions (but then, what’s the point to publish your thesis?) if you really want ot see it published as a book, why not just look for a local printer?

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  39. Dr.Yalagouda says:

    I was just trying to correspond with publisher for my book and by chance could see comments on the publisher by many and decided not to send to this publisher!!!

  40. Not selling my self cheap - for nothing! says:

    I decided against it, I answered (yet another) of their stilistic emails with the following:

    Dear Acquisition Editor,

    Even though I appreciate the possibility to reach an extended reading audience I have decided to keep the copyright of my own work and will not publish using your services.

    My decision I mostly based on the following (and many similar) links:


    I feel that them having my work “stuck” on amazon for ridicoulus prices is not “extending my reading audience”. I might try to write a review of some parts of my thesis instead.

    Best luck!

  41. Just got the same e-mail from them. Sent them the link to your article.

  42. Hassen Yimer says:

    Lap Lambert accadamic publishing is really one of the best know publisher so far. But, can I say it is not able to pay royalities, or am I cheated by my co-authors? I didn’t still get paid the 12% royality.

  43. Karah says:

    Promise me all the comments I have read are not true since since I have already published with them.

  44. Mark Bonica says:

    thanks for the heads up! they spammed me and I found your post.

  45. […] quickly I found this, this and this and lots of comments warning not to cooperate with this company in a quite convincing way – […]

  46. […] made up of mostly Wikipedia articles.  This blog post from a reputable journal editor and Jeffrey Beall’s blog about predatory publishing all point out that there are several red flags with regard to students publishing their theses with […]

  47. kanrawi says:

    I have just graduated, and I got an email from the Lambert Academic Publishing. Even I ignored their first email, they tried to send me the second one. That is why am curious about this publisher. Thank you for your clarification :)

  48. Fiona says:

    I’m one of those idiots who recently ‘registerd’ to publish my thesis with LAP – I’m wondering whether I’m now bound to that?! Any thoughts?

    • Did you sign over your copyright on the thesis? If so, it may be difficult to get it back. Good luck.

      • Riham says:

        Dear Jeffery Beall
        Can you clarify more about what do you mean by ( signing over your copy right on the thesis)?

        Does this mean sending them alreadyy the full work as PDF or what?
        Is there a way to publish with them without giving them the right of cooy right?
        And is publishing eith them ( as a mistake) prevent me from eventually publishing my work again with any other good publisher?

        Thank you for your help

      • If you transfer your copyright to them, you give them ownership of you intellectual property. Please see here. Yes, publishing with them will likely prevent you from publishing the work with another publisher, forever. In most cases, it is not a good idea.

  49. Fiona says:

    Thank you for your response Jeffrey; their terms and conditions say that authors keep their copyright but ‘give up the rights to duplication and dissemination of the work’ – you don’t actually sign anything – it just said: ‘Please click on the following link to register and accept our terms and conditions’. I’m waiting for their response.

    • lvieira says:

      I think the click counts as “signing” online. Reputable journals do the same. See in the terms and conditions if you can find another way of backing up.

  50. Robert Piche says:

    A big problem with LAP is the excessively high price they charge for the books. Those who are interested in convenient self-publication of a thesis or textbook should consider some other publish-on-demand platform that allows the authors to set the selling price, e.g. CreateSpace.

  51. Ligia Cota Vieira says:

    I’ve been recently contacted by this company about publishing my previously published articles! Shouldn’t they get in legal trouble for this? I didn’t “fall on the trap”, but it is quite possible that someone did.

    • They normally ask to publish theses and dissertations, which are mostly unpublished. Are you sure they asked to re-publish your already published works? Were the works copyrighted?

      • lvieira says:

        Here is the start of one of the emails they sent to me, you can be the judge: “According to the Virginia Tech’s online repository you wrote a paper entitled “Using higher taxa as surrogates of species-level data in three Portuguese protected areas: a case study on Spheciformes (Hymenoptera)” during your studies.”
        This paper not only was “written” as it was already published in a refereed journal for about 2-3 years when they contacted me. This paper was published on Biodiversity and Conservation from Elsevier and I did sign a copyright agreement.
        Additionally, this work is not part of any thesis or dissertation. So they might not only be targeting that anymore.

  52. A B says:

    this is too late article to me, i am one of their victims…i searched for such an article before i get involved with them 3 years ago, but could not find any negatives..
    is my scientific reputation on the stake?

  53. lvieira says:

    The problem is not that it affects your reputation negatively, the problem is that it does not benefit your CV that much either. At least, not as a refereed journal would. And after you publish with them, you can’t legaly publish that material anywhere else unless they give you permission to do so, which they probably won’t.

  54. Amsalu Bedasso says:

    YES!!! Lambert Academic Publishing is Really a must to Avoid. I 100% agree with you. At the beginning the forbade me rest. After they did what they wanted to do, the completely get lost! Shame on them!

  55. Adnan says:

    Honourable Friends
    I just published with them my thesis as a book, but i never googles LAP now i hot to know its bad from your comments, my book still on hold, please advise what to do, is it that bad , please be objective and advise me

    • lvieira says:

      I’m guessing you had to sign a publishing agreement and once that is done I don’t know if you can back up. In any case, as I said in a previous post, the problem with these publishers is that they are not relevant as peer-reviewed articles for your CV and after you publish with them you can’t legaly publish that material anywhere else unless they give you permission to do so.
      I would read the publishing/copyright agreement very carefully to see exactly want rights you transfered to them and the rights you kept, and if there is a “way out”. If you have legal counseling in your previous or current institution, see if you can use it, and have them read the agreement.

  56. Katrin says:

    I got two e-mails from the German branch asking to publish my Master thesis. They somehow found out my current work email, which is written in my online CV. Yet they did not find out that I’m female (which should be obvious from the photo in my CV) and andressed me as “Mr”. That should make clear that they have text-mining algorithms and don’t actually do any manual research on the people they approach. What I don’t get is how they found out the exact title of my Master thesis because I don’t mention it anywhere online. In any case, they and all of their branches should be avoided.

  57. Nairwita Bandyopadhyay says:

    I read the above comments and I beg to disagree at certain points.I have published with them ,and my experience is quite different.There were reviews and then comments on the corrections,editing and then I got to publish the work!!I know two other people who have also published with them and are having the same experiences,I am very surprised to see the above comments!

  58. Newer name of the same old story:
    OmniScriptum GmbH & Co. KG
    Heinrich-Böcking-Str. 6-8,
    66121, Saarbrücken, Germany

    registered: VDM Managemanet

  59. By the grace of God I have published with LAP and I give kudos to LAP for the good job they are doing.for the up coming researchers that does not money to publish with the so call reputable publisher and also for saving our theses from gathering dust on the shelf of the universities, of what use are the research work after publishing in journal and kept on the the shelf as album.More KUDOS TO LAP.

  60. Line Fricke says:

    Thanks for this post. I just graduated my Master’s to weeks ago and just received an email from them with a request to publish my thesis. I was suspicious for two reasons
    (I) seems a liiiittle to easy to get your work published (you know what they say if it sounds too good to be true it probably is)
    (II) I worked close with an organization and my thesis is confidential (how cold someone use it as a reference as LAP claims in their email yo me?).

    Research is key and that’s how I came across your blog.

    Have a great day!

  61. […] Scholarly Open Access – Lambert Academic Publishing: A Must to Avoid […]

  62. jacky says:

    hi….i d like to know what to do in order to withdraw my work from lap. i sent it a few hours ago fro a review(!), as i thought then…. but now i just do not understand what to do….i just lost any wish publishing with them…can i stop them from doing that? will they respect my decision not to continue with them? i did no sign any contract, just registered my work in their db.

  63. Nick Bos says:

    They don’t even do their researh…they just sent me a mail if they could turn one of my things into a book…the thing is…it’s an abstract for a conference. Good luck making a book out of that!

  64. Dr Shadreck Saili says:

    I just uploaded my work with them . Must I withdraw ?

  65. ishan says:

    would like to give you some information on our company and
    assure you that publishing your dissertation with out
    company does not constitute an embarrassing fact.

    LAMBERT publishes about 10,000 books annually, mainly in
    economics and social sciences and are therefore one of the
    leading academic publishing houses in Germany. We are also
    an associate member of the American Booksellers’ Association
    and the Booksellers’ Association (
    of the UK and Ireland. We publish books in the form of
    monographs, which means that our books are independent
    scientific publications (and not journal articles).

    books are distributed by wholesalers worldwide, which makes
    of our service the fastest access to worldwide market. You
    can review our books on,,,
    (the easiest way is to go on our website
    and choose ‘Portfolio’).

    main arguments for publishing with us are:

    A free publication services at no cost to authors. We as the
    Publisher bear all risks.

    Authors are given royalties for sales of their books
    alongside with a free copy of their book.

    We provide authors free copy of their book in the span of
    three months after submission of final work for printing.

    LAP prefers “Print-to-Order” method that allows the
    publisher to print and sell books as per demand.

    Every published book is assigned with ISBN code making it
    readily available throughout the world. Also the book titles
    are catalogued and distributed to the book wholesalers in
    the US and Europe.

    We offer to authors exclusive experience to taylor their own
    book through our sophisticated online system (LAP online).

    Authors are notified about the final pricing of the book
    determined at the end of the production phase.

    Authors are entitled to relevant discounts (up to 40%) for
    purchasing copies of their books.

    Authors retain the copyrights ownership of the work at the
    cost of duplication and dissemination rights of the work.

    Plagiarism is considered a serious issue, hence strictly
    prohibited. Careful rephrasing is permitted with proper

    Advisor’s permission should be taken in advanced to mention
    them as co-authors; same is applicable to the

    through it’s unique modernised service offers to authors an
    innovative, environment friendly, worldwide publication
    service at no cost. The growing need of information around
    the world is slowly changing the classic and very selective
    publication industry, at LAP we understood the new needs of
    the market. Today with more than 400,000 books on the
    market, we are making this change

    • Ligia Vieira says:

      All those reasons make a case on how easy it is to publish with you, not that it doesn’t constitute an embarrassing fact…
      In any case I would say that if publishing with LAP was that great, expanding the reach of the work to a wider audience, then your books would have the highest number of citations and authors would be going to you instead of you having to chase them down.

    • E. Holt says:

      I understand that, but I have one question: your books are very highly priced, at an average of 50 dollars and much more in some cases. From the way in which you describe your operation, it is mainly a Print-on-demand service such as Lulu, Blurb etc, with the difference that the books published by the latter companies sell at a fraction of the price. One common criticism of LAP and other VDM subsidiaries is that they do not offer a service of academic publishing (ie: editorial selection [I, and many others, were invited to submit without knowing the quality of even mark of my work], proofreading, editorial reports, marketing, printing and distribution, etc) but you present your books (and charge for them) as if they were monographs edited, published printed and marketed in the way that the “Academic Publishing” part of your name implies. In that case, why charge so much for print-on-demand book that have not gone through a process of academic edition? How is it different from any other self-publishing service? What do you say to those people who have bought a 60 dollar book in the belief that it was an academic monograph only to receive a the printout of a class dissertation? If you don’t think that the way in which your books are presented is misleading, why do some universities advise specifically against publishing with VDM subsidiaries to those wishing to embark on an academic career?

    • Akanksha Sharma says:

      what rubbish is all this…… fathers’ book was published last year and it completed its one year………and he is not getting royalty according to your publishing house……according to your publishing house not a single book has been sold in one year…… is it possible?????? some of our relatives themselves bought his book………… all are FRAUD………….this has been proved……..what kind of publisher you all are………….

    • Writerbeware says:

      Dear everyone here (including ishan),
      Publishing with this company is NOT WORTH IT. Here’s proof: I was a victim during the early years of this company’s business–they hooked me right after graduate school. (Even my husband, who has published with SAGE and Oxford University Press didn’t realize this was a shady business because it was too early in the game and we misread the royalty agreement. We soon learned too well.) The main problems are that this company prices the books well over 50 dollars, so most people cannot buy it, and most importantly, you will probably NEVER GET PAID. That’s right. You must make 50 euros in royalties each month in order to receive a payment. They also sell pdf versions of your book, so if you make 5 euros every month (or 20 euros or 49 euros every single month), they will keep your royalties forever. In return, they “offer” you a book voucher for the amount of your royalties, but since they don’t sell books for anything in that range, your vouchers are useless. If your book doesn’t sell for a year and you ask them to remove the book from their list, they demand 750 euros from you first. Only then will they take your book off their list. Pretty scary, huh? Take my advice and stay away from them if you have a dissertation that you think you merits publication, even as chapters in a journal. If you just want to know that your book is “published and out there” and you’re okay with the fact that the company will keep your royalties, then this is the vanity press for you. Serious writers, stay away.

      • Amsalu Bedasso says:

        There are many who are victims of LAP. We are all complaining. But there is no one who suggests to take legal action. why not we try to do something, in this respect? I think there would be a way to raise legal issue on this org. Why not we try to collect Signatures of volunteers and present it to justice? 

    • Dr. Madan Gopal Sharma says:

      David Johnson/
      Tatiana Taralunga
      Customer Service – Royalty Department

      OmniScriptum GmbH & Co. KG
      Heinrich-Böcking-Straße 6-8
      66121 Saarbrücken

      Fax +49 681 93 81 567-9
      Dear Sir/Madam,
      Your reputation of publishing house is not good. A number of authors and reviewers have reported that you have not provided royalties to any authors in past. Your publishing house is unreliable and invalid for royalty point of view. We have written an excellent book but we will not send any book for publication in your publishing house in future.
      With thanks Dr.
      Madan Gopal Sharma

  66. Kata says:

    I was recently approached by LAP and sent them my MA thesis for review. They answered today that they would be happy to publish it but luckily I came across this webpage. I wrote to them that the deal is off and asked them to delete all my data from their records as they had promised in a previous e-mail. So I didn’t sign anything yet. You don’t suppose they will publish it anyway since they have the pdf version, do you? Or should I be worried?
    Thank you in advance.

  67. Kata says:

    Thank you for the quick answer! What exactly do you mean by checking a box?

  68. Dear Sir,

    I am trying to publish my work with LAP but there is something strange with their agreement system, and I will get back to you to explain my observation because they do not appear to be open with that agreement system


    • This is a fee-based service that helps authors get published in scholarly journals. It is extremely dangerous and I recommend avoiding it at all costs. It’s not on my list because it’s not a scholarly publisher.

      • Noor says:

        M extremely upset, as I have submit them my complete thesis. How I can get out of this trouble? Please, any recommendations?

      • Send them an email and say “I would like to withdraw my submission.”

      • Noor says:

        As you said, they are not a scholarly publisher and extremely dangerous as well. So do think, just telling them to withdraw submission ll be enough and they will not use my work as illegal? They asked for fee: about 5,000 US dollars.

  69. […] Para encerrarmos, indico alguns links em inglês que tratam especificamente do exemplo que dissequei neste post: Please do not publish my thesis, Why you shouldn’t… e A must to avoid. […]

  70. SAMUELA SILAS says:

    I thought they were rightly genuine in their approach in publishing my book. I requested for their support to publish and to-date they no longer willing to communicate back after receiving a copy.

    Will they continue to publish or i just continue to publish with another publisher regardless of their action?.

  71. Tumo Rine Kiyeng says:

    Thanks Mr. Beall for the great warnings for the young scientists from the merciless brain exploiters…”the Laps”. Please guide me on the best free and trusted publishers for my work since i have read one “SAGE PUBLISHERS” from the posts. Live Long!!

  72. Bill Williams says:

    “I Sold My Undergraduate Thesis to a Print Content Farm”
    Good account of LAP experience here:

  73. osnapitzsammy says:

    I published my thesis recently with LAP and I’m now trying to withdraw my work. I’m a recent graduate and jumped at the opportunity without consulting my advisor. My work and research was sponsored by another company and they too have rights to it, along with my adviser, but since I technically didn’t have sole rights to the work to begin with, could I use this as a basis to get it withdrawn from publishing? Has anyone else been in the same situation? The company funded the research and has rights to it so wouldn’t they have to give consent as well?

    • Under U.S. law, “Joint authors hold equal and full copyright in the work.” Are you sure this wasn’t a “work made for hire”? You many need a lawyer to sort this out. I don’t know of any similar cases, but they may well exist.

  74. ametista says:

    Thank you so much for warning me about this. Otherwise I would have probably fallen into the trap!

  75. eelir says:

    They are pretty stubborn. I know my friend published his MSc with them. They keep bugging me constantly. I wont even reply to them hoping they will think my email is wrong.

    They are “attacking” Swedish students because it is so convenient to them. All Swedish thesis are published into single repository online This is like having a field day for them, not having to search individual university repositories.

  76. Peragenious says:

    What’s the big deal? Plenty of the mainstream publishers act similarly. In any case i choose what to buy, and what not to buy from any publisher. The only criterion is the subject and the authors. No fascinated by formalities.

  77. […] ini dan bagaimana mereka beroperasi serta testimoni negatif tentang publishernya dapat dilihat di link ini. Alhamdulillah, baru terbersik ketertarikan, tetapi seperti ada yang mengingatkan untuk […]

  78. Ian Johnson says:

    I recently stumbled across a ‘book’ being published by Lambert which named me as joint author! It was in fact only a Master’s dissertation that I had supervised. Although I had published a journal article, jointly with the student, in which I had made some very necessary revisions to this student’s work, I would not want my name so publicly associated with the original thesis. I have lost contact with the student, who probably added my name as some form of gratitude, so I asked Lambert to remove it, but they have done nothing, and the ‘book’ is still there on Amazon and various other online booksellers’ web sites. This amounts to identity theft, and is utterly disreputable.

  79. dafnasunflower says:

    Ohh, I wish I had seen this blog two and a half years ago when one of LAP Publication “headhunters” contacted me and expressed interest in publishing my MA thesis.
    At the point, I had no major plans for my future academic career, so I thought “either my work will sit in my computer and eventually get forgotten or it can get published and reach some of its target audience”. I opted for the second, unfortunately, without a thorough survey of who they really are. I mean, I knew they had to make profit of it, no doubt about it, but what I was about to experience is, in my terms, outrageous.
    During the process of “book making”, the specific officer was all kind and there for me for anything I (or better to say, they) needed. Once the book went published, the only thing I received from them are different offers, which were totally unappealing and overpriced.
    They ignored my emails regarding the sales feedback, when I wanted to call them, i never noticed there was no phone number in the officer´s signature. I wrote an angry email, mentioning even my preparedness to take some legal measures. THEN I DID receive email, explaining that they do the payroll on a yearly basis, asking for a bit of patience. It´s been year and a half, NOTHING.

    What I want to ask you is the following:
    How can I release myself and my work from this publisher? When I mentioned legal measures, I definitely meant it, yet I think it would be better if a number of us joined in this effort. Any ideas?

  80. sahiba says:

    helloo…i hv to publish my thesis…
    is it really fake ??

  81. Suman Batra says:

    Please suggest some good publisher so that I can publish my M. Pharma research work

  82. etim ekpenyong says:

    i have received several spam mails from those guys since my paper was read at the acasa 2014 triennial symposium on African art…i almost fell for it! their offer was attractive!

  83. etim ekpenyong says:

    there should be some kind of law that prevents organizations like that from opperating

  84. […] it. On a whim, I Googled her company’s name. The first page of results contained links like “Lambert Academic Publishing: A Must to Avoid,” “Why You Shouldn’t Publish With Lap Lambert, German Publishing House,” and “Lambert […]

  85. Thank you for writing this post; I just received an email from LAP and was wondering why they would want to bother publishing my thesis.

  86. Michel Mahiques says:

    Right now one of my M.Sc students has been invited to publish under Novas Edições Acadêmicas, which belongs to OmniScriptum GmbH & Co. KG. It seems that a new arm of this group appeared specifically for Portuguese-speaking students and researchers

  87. Vanessa H says:

    Just another data point (and to keep this blog at the top of the google search page…) – I just got contacted by them about a book review I’d written. They asked if I was the author of the book I’d reviewed (?!) and then if I’d like to publish a book with that title.

    I’m not sure such a spam email could be more obvious, but clearly they’re sifting through published articles now, as well as targeting recent dissertations.

  88. I’m not sure such a spam email could be more obvious, but clearly they’re sifting through published articles now, as well as targeting recent dissertations.

  89. Tau says:

    Thanks! I just finished my PhD and got an e-mail from Lambert today. It seemed pretty obviously a scam (among others, mine is not an academic area where people publish their theses as books – I actuallly laughed out loud when I read “might be of interest to a wider audience” because no I really don’t think it is – *and* they got my subarea wrong) but I wanted to make sure because it was more targeted than what I usually get. This confirms what I was thinking, and I’ll just go ahead with writing a paper or two from my results and trying to get those published in a reputable journal.

  90. […] are not on Beall’s list I notice, and that’s because Beall thinks they are not an open access publisher.  He points to a blog post that insinuates that the company […]

  91. Aly says:

    Hi guys..thanks for the pieces of advise..

  92. […] see, apart from their own site, ‘VDM Verlag Dr Muller – Writer Beware‘, ‘Lambert Academic Publishing, a Must to Avoid‘, ‘Who in the world is Dr Muller? Or, how to get published without really trying‘ […]

  93. Min Vuthea says:

    Same to me here, I got an email recently from LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing. They engaged me to publish my article with them. It seems unethically that the work had already been published in the conference proceeding, that why I wonder why they ask me again!

  94. Rob says:

    My university has an institutional repository and one of my articles (four years old) showed up on it Wednesday. Today I received an email from Lambert wanting to publish it. Give them credit for speed, at least. (No, I am not going to reply to them.)

  95. Very interesting arguments from all dimensions.However,it looks like there are a thousand and one books already published by Lambert as shown in their websites.Are we all saying that these books cannot pass any valid test?

  96. ahmetfatihozkan says:

    They must have a team of employees who search for academic thesis recently been uploaded to universities’ websites as part of formal submission. First they find your paper, then they find your college/university email and send you an email (they even ask you “are you the author of the work …”?). You have to do better than that, no way!

  97. Fatma says:

    I am very upset, I have spent years working on my Ph.D. and one of my examiners actually recommended LAP and I trusted her judgement. I am afraid I have just registered with them this morning, I uploaded a picture but haven’t written a blurb or a summary of the book yet. I also haven’t done the formatting requirements that they specify yet. Once I read the blog, I emailed the two people who communicated with me saying that I wanted to withdraw my submission for the time being. Can anyone tell me if this was a wise move? is it better for me at this point to continue with them even if it means no royalties? I mean would this situation be a bit better than having them publish it anyway? Can they publish it without my name on it? Is there anything else that I can mention in an email that would absolve me from the agreement? I remember having ‘ticked’ a box, but it seemed to me then that it was part of the account registration process and not the agreement signing itself, since I hadn’t downloaded the their .pdfs yet.

  98. Fatma says:

    What worries me also now is that they have my SSN!

  99. Alan says:

    what do you guys mean by saying self-plagiarism? they contacted me too to publish my dissertation.

  100. Jennifer says:


  101. Bluffer says:

    Seriously, A MUST AVOID COMPANY!!!!
    First they convinced you to publish your thesis with them, telling you that you will be receiving royalties payment in the future and they will market your book on various online bookstore. That’s absolute crap!!
    What they actually do is converting your thesis into a “book” which do not even exists. It is only print on demand and the price is about 35 to 100 EURO which I am sure nobody will be interested to buy as it is already available online on your university library I suppose.
    So they make you BUY YOUR OWN WORK!!! Yes, that’s true! They will persuade by telling you that the more copies that you gonna buy, the more the price will be reduced..etc..etc. The fact is that THEY RUN THEIR BUSINESS BY MAKING YOU PURCHASING YOUR OWN BOOK. They know that nobody will buy your book. That”s the business. One book is approx 40 EUR and you need to buy minimum 3 copies!! So they earn about 120 EUR from one author :O . Just imagine how many persons do they contact in a day!
    Moreover, they have several imprints such as Scholars Press and many others! THEY ARE FOOLING US.
    They made me purchase my book and it has been almost 2 years and not even a single copy of my book has been sold so far. I am not the only person who has experienced this but also many colleagues of mine. Our university is now trying to prevent students to publish with them!

  102. Stefan K says:

    So what publishing houses should academia people use? where is it easy to print on demand? Ofc other than VDM or LAP? Does anyone have a GOOD experience with some publishing? Thanks for any info !!!

  103. Rahul says:

    I’m doing . They sended me mail in July that they were appritiated my work n wanted to publish my dissertation as a book format free of cost so I were communicated with LAP Publisher And Publish my work as a book. Wether I’m doing correct or not? Because they estimated the cost of this 49.90 € (Euro). I think the cost is too high so I ‘m confused and scared that Is there is correct step or not. And after that is there any problem is created or not? Please suggest me immediately I m too tensed. Please suggest me Please Please. The book is launched free of cost but after that they will take any money or not in future please suggest me n share your experience with me Please. Thanks

    • Rahul says:

      Lambert Publisher Academy LAP , Editor Andrei Gesica please suggest me is this editor is good or bad. Is there any type of forgery ( cheater)

    • I think in most cases it’s better to avoid LAP Lambert. They will take your work an your copyright and they will make the work for sale, and no one will see it. It is probably better for you to put your work in a library or a repository. Most researchers decline the offer from Lambert.

      • Rahul says:

        Sir, thanks for reply Sir there is a query that they have published my research work as a Book format with ISBN No. the cost of book is 49.90 € but i’m some scared that the cost is too high & if even any single copy is not sold than Will I pay for that ? They will ask for money or not. this is my question because I do not know whether I’ve done correct or not with co-ordinate (make business) with LAP. Sir please reply as soon as possible. I’m so scared.

      • You are correct that the sales of Lambert Academic Publishing books are thought to be very low. Typically, the authors are not charged for the service of publishing, but authors do have to purchase their own books, and sales have to pass a certain threshold before any royalties are granted to the author. In my opinion, in most cases, contracting with LAP is not a wise choice.

  104. Reblogged this on Carlo's Corner and commented:
    Ri-bloggo quest’articolo che descrive un’esperienza che ho avuto anch’hio in questi giorni: il contatto da parte delle filliali dell’OmniScriptum Group, una casa editrice che si è offerta di pubblicare lam ia tesi con contratto che però sono già pubblicati gratuitamente altrove grazie ad internet (per esempio Pubblitesi o l’archivio Tesi On-line delle università).
    Il problema più grande è che questi lavori non sarebbero sottoposti a peer-rewied (revisione da parte dei pari), elemento che invece garantisce la qualità delle pubblicazioni a nome di uno studente.

  105. […] Sorgente: Ri-Bloggo: Lambert Academic Publishing: A Must to Avoid […]

  106. Farouk Musa Isa says:

    I recently recieved an email from Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP) two days ago (on October 30) requesting for a permission to publish my MA Thesis, with all the promises they used to made to the unsuspecting victims. The first thing I did was contacting my Advisor.
    Reading several warnings on this blog awakens me. Thanks to this blogger and all the contributors. I must say you saved me from committing a grave mistake. All writters and researchers should be careful because a “stitch on time saves nine”, and “forewarned is forarmed”.

  107. Farouk Musa Isa says:

    I’m Farouk Musa Isa and I recently recieved an email from Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP) two days ago (on October 30) requesting for a permission to publish my MA Thesis, with all the promises they used to made to the unsuspecting victims. The first thing I did was contacting my Advisor.
    Reading several warnings on this blog awakens me. Thanks to this blogger and all the contributors. I must say you saved me from committing a grave mistake. All writters and researchers should be careful because a “stitch on time saves nine”, and “forewarned is forarmed”.

  108. […] vydavatelstvím. Jednu pak vydal ve vydavatelství Lambert Academic Publishing, známém jako „vanity press“, tj. vydavatelství, které za poplatek vytiskne cokoli, a navíc používá při inzerování […]

  109. Sarah Irving says:

    FYI, I recently received two emails from what I think is probably another VDM publishing name, which claims to specialise in books on Jewish culture, history etc. It claimed that they have read my work in the Journal of Modern Jewish Studies (a reputable academic journal) and that they wanted to publish a collection of my works. This was obviously rubbish, as my published work (so far) in this journal consists of a single 500-word book review – hardly the basis of a collection! They’ve obviously just gone through the list of contributors and sent a copy-paste email to all, regardless of actual output.

  110. Since January 2014 no one copy my two volumes of the book – “Global Order or Global Disorder” – you have not paid a cent. This is an outrage!!! Member of International Scientific Council of Mediterranean Center of Social and Educational Research, Editor in Chief and Scientific Coordinator of Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, PhD., DR., Professor-Researcher at the State University, Mr. Bidzina Savaneli

  111. Ralph says:

    Dear Beall,
    Do you know of any credible free academic publishers? Pls share …

  112. brain says:

    do you want to say that Lambert Academic Publishing is not best for buying printers?

  113. Dipak Kar says:

    I am in difficulty to send my THESIS to LAP for Publication of my book through the zone of upload manuscript. Please help me so that I can contact LAP for my Publication.

  114. Chandra says:

    Thank you for writing this. I just received a message from them and my instincts were correct.

  115. Majahana John Lunga says:

    Whether it was a good move or not I do not know, but I first published with LAP in 2010, and then again in 2012, these being my master’s and PhD dissertations, which I had completed many years ago. These had been sitting and gathering dust in my shelves as well as at my university. At least now I have in book form my research for my senior degrees. Without LAP I would not possess these books. As for reviewing, the fact that my supervisors passed these documents is enough for me. It was not about money and royalties

    • How many copies has Lambert sold to others?
      Is the form so important, or is sharing the knowledge (in any form) most important?
      Wouldn’t it be possible to print out your thesis and have a photocopy shop bind it for you, in the form of a book?

  116. BeriBeri says:

    I think that if People only criticise LAP and fail to drop links for other free and credible Academic Publishers, then they do not contribute to solving the problems of those who are desperate about publishing Internationally!! I have my thesis to publish, where do I send it besides LAP that has contacted me??

  117. No Fool says:

    I just received a solicitation from them for a 20 year old dissertation, like anyone is going to read it.

  118. I read most of the negative comments in here and in a couple of other blogs on Lambert Academic Publishing.

    While I read feelings and reactions, I did not read a single post explaining what is the practice being criticized and what are the examples.

    As a researcher and an academic I find it odd to follow an advise of someone who says x is bad without explaining what is it exactly x did.

    The fact is Lambert Academic Publishing publishes peer reviewed dissertations and theses. They do not review the work.

    Consequently, academics and researchers having issues with the University based peer review process are causing university education the harm and not Lambert Publishing.

    Here we have academics saying that the peer review of universities is not reliable.

    The University and its academics review PhD dissertations and Master’s theses. Are you saying, we cannot trust the credentials of these peers.

  119. thanks for your commments, but I do not agree, Wikipedia is not a rigorous edited encyclopedia, many of its articles are biased or simply one-sided arguments about things. One of the limitations of Wikipedia is that lack of experts and specaislists who can edit what is being published. I avoid of consulting WIKIPEDIA if you ask me, Anyway I share your concern, respecting to those authors who want to publish their first book. Here in this link are the serious Publisher recommended by WEB OF SCIENCE, this list will be helpful for writers to find valuable publishers for their books.

  120. Already published 2 books in 2011 on good faith. Now totally in hot soup, their books are not preferred by libraries. Even my one book is not mentioned in the library of Germany though in contract it was mentioned that in the catalogue of national library of Germany will contain the details. In the name royalty, nothing, reason – books are not sold wheras several sites are showing sales. According to the contract if there are no sales, copy right goes to the author and he is free to publish anywhere. When contacted for that, they rejected.

  121. AbuSaeed says:

    Hi all , I could not read all comments. Please guide me only.
    Should I go for it for my thesis publication or not ?

  122. Hi all , Please tell me. Should i publish my thesis with them or not ?

  123. […] IS’. If a publisher is offering to do so, I would run in the other direction. Publishers (such as Lambert) that promise quick turn-arounds on your thesis with little to no edits are not going to help your […]

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