9 Responses to Three New Questionable Open-Access Publishers

  1. Frank Lu says:

    Regarding the Science Publishing Group, I had worked in the Big Apple and Fashion Avenue as far as I know is a nickname for a portion of 7th Avenue famous for its fashion design houses. Apparently, they are located next to Ralph Lauren so they can afford to pay the high rent selling designer clothes. If you want to look at gorgeous women, go hang out there. As for the phone number, the area code is not for NYC.

  2. Barnaby Hughes says:

    I just looked unsuccessfully for 548 Fashion Avenue using Google Street View. 550 Fashion Avenue is an HSBC Bank branch. No address numbered 548 is visible.

  3. pbp says:

    You can see The “Science publishing group” had changed their logo from google crome style to another one..

  4. Marius says:

    Science Publishing Group website hosted in Thailand, the others in the US but on servers with questionable content.

  5. fatihiya says:

    I am getting worried if you are saying science publishing group is not existing. i have sent my manuscript to the one of their journal- international journal of renewable and sustainable energy. please help us is it not existing?

    • abed.abedi82@gmail.com says:

      Unfortunately, this bogus journal is deceiving a lot of Iranian researchers and has managed to earn thousand dollars by this way. Unfortunately, Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology never has informed Iranian researchers yet.

  6. Bwogi Godfrey says:

    This is an indicator that there is need to reduce on the costs of publishing especially for developing countries. I have also been a victim.

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