Predatory Publisher Steals Code, University’s Name


The publisher’s “contact us” page falsely links it to the University

The International Network for Scientific & Industrial Information is a new publisher with two journals that purports to be based at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. It also has stolen some website code from another open-access publisher.

This publisher lists its mailing address as

University of Alberta,
P. O. Box 60114, University Postal Services
Edmonton, AB T6G 2S4

However, its domain name is registered to this address:

International Network for Scientific & Industrial Information (INTERNAT3479)
3 Rue des Etoiles
Village Neuf, 68128 FR[ANCE]

I called the University of Alberta and confirmed that this publisher has no connection to the university. Officials there are now actively trying to get the publisher to stop using the university’s name.

If you’re familiar with the publisher MDPI (which is not on my list), you’ll see that the INSII website looks similar to the MDPI website. They apparently have copied the code that underlies the website. The “open access” buttons are the same for both publishers.

Original MDPI code (top) and copied code (bottom)

Original MDPI code (top) and copied code (bottom)

There’s even a page where they forgot to change MDPI to INSII (at the bottom).

The publisher’s  “instructions for authors” pages are lifted from other publishers. The individual articles bear a copyright statement, but the website grants authors permission to re-use the content they authored. The concept of using Creative Commons licenses is beyond the knowledge of this publisher. Finally, I observed some plagiarism in the articles.

So in conclusion, here we have a publisher that falsely associates itself with a respected university, copies code and author guidelines from other publishers, and publishes articles that contain plagiarism.

I strongly recommend against submitting any papers to this publisher.

8 Responses to Predatory Publisher Steals Code, University’s Name

  1. Frank Lu says:

    Looks like the makings of a thriller.

  2. Potkin says:

    i have an important quiz;
    is “Management Science Letters” a fake journal? (or about its publisher which called GROWINGSCIENCE)
    they publish 4 journals, but MSL (Management Science Letters) is suspicious more than others.
    Can you help me?

  3. There is an element of the fantastic in all of these discoveries that Jeff is making. It’s a bit like being in a house of ghosts, where the ghosts simply divide and multiple the more we attack them. Some of the ghosts, like this one, are really outrageous, and we do have to watch them, just in case there is something more real underneath. Other ghosts may come and go before we can really see them clearly. I think Hollywood might be knocking on Jeff’s door any time soon… Frank’s thriller comment should be taken seriously.

  4. Matt Healy says:

    I hope you bring this to the attention of MDPI, who will presumably sic their lawyers on the INSII folks.

  5. Dear Dr. Beall,
    Can you tell me whether Bentham Science and Trade Science Inc (Tsi journals) are included in the your list of predatory publishers?

    Galuh Sarasvati

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