Bangladeshis Publishing Even More Journals from Connecticut

Moinuddin Sarker

Moinuddin Sarker, publisher.

I recently discovered a group of 15 brand-new journals that are not published under the banner of any publisher — each operates as an independent journal. They all have an intriguing relationship with Academic and Scientific Publishing, a new predatory publisher I recently described in an earlier blog post.

I was only able to find article content in three of the 15 journals. In one journal, the lone article is copied from an article in an Italian institutional repository.

The journal International Journal of Sustainable Energy and Environment has a 2013 article entitled “A Neural Network Model for Forecasting Photovoltaic Deployment in Italy.” [PDF]

This article was previously published under the title “Forecasting Photovoltaic Deployment with Neural Networks,” [PDF] and first appeared in 2011. This is a case of duplicate publication; only the title has been changed — not a good start for a new journal.

Most of the domain name registrations come back to a Dr. Moinuddin Sarker, Vice President of Research & Development at the Stamford, Connecticut-based firm Natural State Research, Inc. A couple of the domain name registrations come back to Mohammad Rashid, the same guy who registered the 354 journals for Academic and Scientific Publishing. It’s clear these two operations are related.

The journals below all have their own web pages. There is no single page that I can find that links them all together. Some of the journals link to a few of the others. They all require copyright transfer from authors,  but the few published articles have no licensing statements.

Sarker is the editor-in-chief of several of the journals and serves on the editorial boards of several others. The editorial boards are large, a result of a recent and successful spamming campaign soliciting editorial board members. I think this is just a money-making venture on the part of Sarker and his associates.

I recommend against having any association with all of these journals. Do not send them any manuscripts, do not agree to review any of their papers, and do not agree to serve on their editorial or advisory boards.

Appendix: List of Journals

  1. American Journal of Biological, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  2. American Journal of Computer Technology and Application
  3. American Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Research
  4. American Journal of Environment, Energy and Power Research
  5. International Journal of Applied Chemical Sciences Research
  6. International Journal of Economics, Business and Finance
  7. International Journal of Engineering and Technology Research
  8. International Journal of Environmental Engineering Science and Technology Research
  9. International Journal of Materials, Methods and Technologies
  10. International Journal of Nano Science and Technology
  11. International Journal of Renewable Energy Technology Research
  12. International Journal of Sustainable Energy and Environment
  13. International Journal of Waste Management and Technology
  14. World Journal of Medicine and Medical Science
  15. World Journal of Science and Technology

One Response to Bangladeshis Publishing Even More Journals from Connecticut

  1. Robin Hood says:

    Bravo. Also note the rise in Bangladeshis serving on the editor boards, many of them unqualified (of this and other predatory journals).

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