Does Scholarly Open-Access Publishing Increase Author Misconduct?

March 26, 2013

Stop author misconduct in scholarly communication.

I believe that open-access publishing enables, facilitates, and increases the rate and occurrence of author misconduct. I base this conclusion on my observation of predatory journals over the past several years.

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March 21, 2013
Turan Senguder

Dr. Turan Senguder and some of his conference co-attendees.

We recently learned about a publisher and conference sponsor called Academic Journals & Conferences. Based in Florida, the company appears to be a one-man operation. The man is Dr. Turan Senguder, who is apparently originally from Turkey.

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Hundreds of Articles Disappear as Publisher Changes Model from Open Access to Toll Access

March 19, 2013

Gone but not forgotten.

The publisher EUROJOURNALS has apparently decided to change its publishing model from open access to toll access. This Seychelles-based publisher — which is included on my list of predatory publishers — has removed most all of its content from the open internet. Read the rest of this entry »

Report Details Predatory Practices of Two Bosnian Journals

March 7, 2013
The report's cover.

The report’s cover.

A report entitled “Legitimacy of citations in predatory publishing: The case of proliferation of papers by Serbian authors in two Bosnian WoS‐indexed journals” was published in late 2012. Written by Pero Šipka,, the report looks at the questionable self-citation practices of four journals published by a Sarajavo-based organization known as DRUNPP. The shadowy organization publishes five journals according to its website:

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New Term: MOAMJ = Multidisciplinary Open Access Mega Journal

March 5, 2013
IEEE Access

Open Access

IEEE has just announced that it will be starting a new gold open-access mega-journal to be called IEEE Access.  In launching the journal, the publisher has also coined a new term for the journal’s genre: Multidisciplinary Open Access Mega Journal (MOAMJ).

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