The Suspicious Case of Science Record Journals

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Well trusted by whom?

Science Record is a Delaware-based publisher of ten scholarly journals. This publisher now appears to be a toll-access publisher, and each article listed has a “purchase” link, but none of the links actually leads to anything.

Many of the journal’s table of contents pages are populated by titles, authors, and abstracts from previously-published legitimate journals. Here’s an example:

Copied from Elsevier.

Copied from Elsevier.

This article is listed here, on the Science Record website in their journal entitled Science and Nature.

This article was originally published here in the Elsevier journal Advances in International Accounting:

The original version.

The original version.

What’s happening is that Science Record is filling up past issues of its journals with metadata from other publishers. They are doing this to make it looks like their journals have a longer publishing history than they really do.

Another publisher that uses this tactic is the International Center for Business Research. This publisher actually copies the text of other publisher’s articles and re-titles them.

Finally, it looks like Science Record Journals may be using a title that was already in use by another journal. The title Science Series Data Report refers to a journal here and to one that used to be published in the U.K.

List of Science Record journals as of April 1, 2013

  • Science Series Data Report
  • America Scientist
  • International Journal of Medical Discovery
  • International Journal of Professional Artist
  • International Research Journal of Basic and Applied sciences
  • International Research Journal of Engineering and Technologies
  • International Research Journal of Humanities
  • Pioneer Architects & Urban Designers
  • Science and Nature
  • Innova Ciencia

15 Responses to The Suspicious Case of Science Record Journals

  1. Dear Mr. Beall,
    They ask the reader to pay, how about the authors?? Do they also have to pay? If yes, for the articles that are already published in another journal, I assumed they put it without the author’s approval. Maybe it is their dirty tactic to attract potential authors, who should pay.

  2. Kathy Dernoga says:

    I noticed that the publisher is listed as AIP.
    Not American Institute of Physics but Academic Information Press. A quick google search did not yield any results. Who is the publisher?

  3. John says:

    The Science Series Data Report is indexed in ISI. Link:

    The coverage is Zoological Record.

    The paper covers business, management etc. but the coverage is Zoological Record. What does it means?

    • Amor Cilla Domenech says:

      It means that there is a hughe surplus of SCI/SSCI journals and that it is not only predatory journals who make money from well indexed but fair research. The problem is that young potential researchers believe in this type of journals which do a revision in 24 hours of the work you did in two or three hours. In many countries including mine the worst journal paper is more important than the best conference proceeding so why shoudl you go to conferences when you can be at home?

    • Shawn says:

      That’s “Science Series Data Report” (UK Publication, Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture Science) It

      This journal is just claiming credit for it.

  4. Dr AL MOORTHY says:

    The effort is a commendable one to disseminate info about spurious journals and unethical practices in journal publishing.

  5. Aminuddin says:

    Dear Mr. Beall
    Would you please give me your assesment about this academic publisher which publishes many journals including Medical and Health Science Journal.

  6. A Khan says:

    I found that this publisher is unethically and purposefully cheating the authors. I really dislike this attitude. They are cheating the authors by giving false impression that their journals are indexed in ISI (Thomson Reuters).
    This behavior can not be resulted from ‘lack of experience’ of a new publisher. This is a planned cheating. But sometimes I expressed sympathy for some new publishers who do some mistakes due to lack of experience (and if they are honestly trying to improve their quality and correct their mistakes). But the case of this publisher is not that one.

    In the homepage of the publisher (, they have listed their all journals. They have two flagship journals listed on the top, namely, “Science Series Data Report” and “Innova Ciencia”.
    As a proof of indexing “Science Series Data Report”, they have given the link of ISI’s master journal list. The link is
    One visitor or author will be very happy by visiting this link as they will find there “Science Series Data Report”.
    But if anybody carefully examines this ISI page, he/she can find that the publisher is “CENTRE ENVIRONMENT, FISHERIES AQUACULTURE SCIENCE-CEFAS, LOWESTOFT LABORATORY, PAKEFIELD RD, LOWESTOFT, ENGLAND, SUFFOLK, NR33 0HT”, not AIP, USA (i.e. Science Record). I have visited this UK Govt. site and surprisingly found that they also publish a periodical called “Science Series Data Report” (Link:
    Therefore, I assume that this unethical publisher knowingly created this journal with the same name to harvest the benefit of ISI indexing of this UK Govt’s report series. I see that they are already harvesting the benefit as they are already getting huge submissions from many authors.
    This is simply PLANNED CHEATING. It is not any mistake. Similarly the second journal’s link to prove its ISI indexing produced error (

    One of my friends just now forwarded me one of the call for paper of the same publisher. My assumption was correct that they are knowing cheating the authors regarding their claim of ISI indexing.
    The mail is given below:
    Science Series Data Report (ISSN: 1307-119X)
    Indexed in:
    ISI (Thomson Reuters)
    Elsevier Bibliographic Databases
    ABMINFORM Genamica
    Rapid Evaluation of your scientific papers in “ONE WEEK”
    The journal is published full text in English with 12 ISSUES PER YEAR
    The journals is Highly Cited and Peer Reviewed
    Website Address:
    ISI URL:

    Note: I have not examined their other claims of indexing.

  7. […] use peer review while not doing so, or by not even publishing actual journals, only citations (e.g. “The suspicious case of Science Record journals”; “The epitome of predatory publishers”). The lack of any serious editorial or peer review means […]

  8. Mohamed A. says:

    Dear Sir,
    I tired to publish an article on Pioneer Architects & Urban Designers journal. They informed me that my paper had been accepted and you should pay USD 230 as publication fees. I did so, but I did not had any reply from them, I tried to contact them with no use. Lately, the journal web site, also, does not exist.
    Please, if there any way to contact them to refund the fees.

    • This journal was published by a publisher called Science Record. I agree — the website appears to be dead. I am very sorry that you have been victimized by this predatory publisher. I do not know a way to get a refund. It is not uncommon for predatory publishers to disappear altogether.

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