Another Society Journal Hijacked ?

Bradleya impostor.

The impostor site.

The journal Bradleya, published by the British Cactus and Succulent Society appears to have been hijacked. Journal hijacking is the process of maliciously setting up a duplicate website for a respected journal and then inviting article submissions for the legitimate journal on the hijacked page.

The hijackers make money by collecting the author fees on the submitted papers. In this case, the hijackers are not making any material available open access; each article listed on the site has an abstract but no full text. There is a “BUY NOW” button with each abstract. So they are potentially making money by selling articles as well.

Volumes 1-5 (1983-1987) copy the original Bradleya tables of contents. Then there is a gap, and then volumes 28-31 (2010-2013) apear. The later issues have abstracts for articles covering diverse scientific topics. The ISSN and impact factor from the authentic journal are copied on the bogus journal’s website.

The hijacked site has a new scope and claims “The journal publishes experimental and theoretical results of research on, amongst other topics, semiconductors, magnetic materials, and applied biophysics.”

Bradleya good

A portion of the authentic journal’s website.

Bradleya is actually the society’s yearbook, published once a year. I sent a message to the society informing them of this but have not received a reply. I am unable to determine who is behind this hijacking.

6 Responses to Another Society Journal Hijacked ?

  1. moom says:

    I wonder whether the new articles are stolen too? Why would people from reputable institutions send articles to such an odd looking journal with such a weird name?

  2. danny bloom says:

    This is the spawn of the internet age, sadly. And hard to trace the perpetrators. Worldwide now, and lots of money to be made, from unsuspecting and naive academics and grad students. And of course, some of the victims do not care at all because they don’t mind buying and paying for a new item on their resume. But for those who do care, SOMETHING must be dome. If this involves interstate commerce and international crime, bring in FBI and INTERPOL?

  3. dannybloom says:

    An 80 year old friend in NYC who has lived in USa since coming here as a teen of 19 says:
    ”Yes, this is a good case to look into these fake vanity journals. . There is a great proliferation of phony
    PhD’s. Basically, all you have to do is append the title to your name.
    Sometimes the lie catches up, but often it doesn’t.

    There is also the issue that many genuine academics write articles and
    give presentations to other academics, which are of no earthly interest to
    the world at large, but look good on their resumes. All in the interest
    of “scholarship.”

  4. Seba Marshall says:

    Dear Beall. Please find the details of this bogus journal owner, surprisingly its in the field from 5 years approx, and actual owners ignored it.

    Bradleya ISSN: 0265-086X
    Domain Age: 4 Years, 155 Days
    Owner: William Fred
    Address: 1256 st
    City: london
    Country: United Kingdom
    Postcode: N13 4PP

  5. […] compenso Beall ha scoperto una contraffazione di Bradleya, gloriosa rivista dell’associazione britannica Cactacee, i […]

  6. David Kirkbright says:

    We are aware at the BCSS of this fake website using our name BRADLEYA which has been in existance for over 30 years. I am not aware of anyone informing us previously of its existance. So far we have been unable to find a way o have it shut down.

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