New OA Publisher Boasts It’s the “Most Innovative Online Scientific Archive”

Science Web Publishing

No innovation whatsoever.

Science Web Publishing’s tag line is “The most innovative online scientific archive.” There’s a big problem with this statement, however.

The problem is that the publisher doesn’t have anything in its archive. Science Web Publishing is a brand-new publisher that just emerged out of nowhere on the Internet. Also, there’s nothing innovative about it.

The publisher does not reveal its location. It lists eight journals, all devoid of editorial boards and articles, yet they are all open for submission. The “handling fees” range from $500-600. A cryptic statement suggests authors might encumber additional charges: “Please note that these charges are only made if an article is accepted for publication (excluding submission fees and other charges).”

Two of the publisher’s journals use the non-standard term “Advancement” in their titles. Most scholarly journals use “Advances.”

A bunch of the publisher’s side content, such as the author guidelines, is copied from other publishers. The main page bears a copyright statement, but that’s the only reference to licensing made on the site.

Verdict: It appears that this publisher is basically a one-man operation, and that the website was created in a day. Expect to receive spam from this publisher soon, if you haven’t already.

Appendix: List of Science Web Publishing journals as of May 24, 2013:

  • Advancement in Microbiology Research
  • Advancement in Scientific and Engineering Research
  • International Journal of Biotechnology and Food Science
  • Journal of Agricultural and Crop Research
  • Journal of Economics and International Business Management
  • Journal of Educational Research and Reviews
  • Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Research Journal
  • Research Journal of pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

4 Responses to New OA Publisher Boasts It’s the “Most Innovative Online Scientific Archive”

  1. David Sullivan says:

    Appear to be somehow connected to this Nigerian group:

  2. Eve Douglas says:


  3. R V Krishnakumar says:

    Dear Dr.Beall,

    I am a regular follower of your blogs here. While it is important to expose the predators, I think it would be equally good to write about genuines. Would not it throw clarity, for the readers, on how to distinguish between the good and the bad? I believe it will. Please follow this link, a new OA journal being introduced by International Union of Crystallography. If it fits all your criteria, may be suggested as a model OA publisher. And a few more genuines as examples would be of great benefit.

    Thanks for the good work and I enjoyed the ‘billion dollar’ scare by the owner of OMICS. I think it is not a threat to you alone but to genuine scholars all around the world.

  4. […] 30 maggio: Science Web Publishing va controtendenza e ne lancia solo 8; […]

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