OA Publisher Recent Science Launches with 38 Journals

Recent Science

Researchers beware.

I recently discovered a new publisher called Recent Science, a scholarly publisher with 38 journals in its portfolio, some of which duplicate other publishers’ titles. According to Recent Science, every one of its journals has earned an impact factor, even though none has any content.

It’s possible that this publishing operation is still being set up. In investigating this publisher, I found R & S Publications, a publisher that uses Google Sites as its platform. It has all the same journal titles as Recent Science. It lists its address as:

R & S Publications, P.O. Box 957
Offshore Incorporations Centre,
Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Recent Science does not list any headquarters address, and this new site may be an attempt to improve on the R & S Publications, using a real platform and not Google Sites. Still, both sites are poorly made and contain boastful information (such as the impact factors) that is not verifiable.

Recent Science promises a quick turnaround time for its review process. It states:

“We are committed to provide quicker decision dates for the articles submitted to us. We on an average take 15 to 17 days to process the articles submitted to us.”

Regarding article processing charges, the publisher states,

“Recent Science Publications charge authors a simple fee of 150.00 USD for publishing their articles and rendering it in our content rendering platforms. The fee is for a typical article of 5 pages. If the article exceeds the page limit, an additional fee might be levied on the author … “

In what field is a typical article five pages? Other boastful information the publisher makes includes this gem:

“We have about 1,300 staff in the UK, US, Spain, India, China, Singapore and Australia. We publish nearly 100+ journals with about 20 new journals annually. So generally, our progress is the combination of many relatively small but exciting events. The sheer range and quality of new titles we are producing is phenomenal.”

Much of the information about the individual journals seems like it’s made up. For example, the International Journal of Alternative Medicine states that it started in 1992, has published 85 issues in 17 volumes, has an impact factor of 1.8 and in 2011 published 369 out of 397 papers submitted. It appears that this information is all contrived and false. There is no record for the journal in WorldCat. The journal is not found in Journal Citation Reports. The publisher does not list tables of contents from earlier volumes, nor are any editorial boards listed. Links to article content on the publisher’s website all lead to a page requesting a login and password.

Recent Science

From the homepage of the International Journal of Alternative Medicine. No evidence exists that confirms any of the statements made here..

I cannot determine where this publisher is based. The Tortola address is probably just the “offshore incorporation address,” an indication that the real operations occur elsewhere. The amount of apparently false information on the site is disturbing. I recommend against submitting papers to this publisher.

Appendix: Recent Science journals as of 2013-06-02

  • International Journal of Advanced Computing
  • International Journal of Alternative Fuels
  • International Journal of Alternative Medicine
  • International Journal of Applied Mathematics
  • International Journal of Architecture and Design
  • International Journal of Automotive Electronics
  • International Journal of Automotive Technology
  • International Journal of Business Management and Research
  • International Journal of Cancer Research
  • International Journal of Chemical Engineering
  • International Journal of Chemistry
  • International Journal of Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering
  • International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering
  • International Journal of Computer Networks and Security
  • International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  • International Journal of Energy Efficient Vehicle Designs
  • International Journal of Finance and Quantitative Methods
  • International Journal of Fluid Power Engineering
  • International Journal of Indigenous Medicinal Plants
  • International Journal of Internet and Web Technology
  • International Journal of Marketing, Strategy, Operations Research and Organizational Behavior
  • International Journal of Material Sciences and Manufacturing Engineering
  • International Journal of Mathematical and Computer Modelling
  • International Journal of Mathematical Sciences
  • International Journal of Mechanical Engineering
  • International Journal of Mechatronics and Aerospace Engineering
  • International Journal of Medical Technology
  • International Journal of Medicine and Medicinal Sciences
  • International Journal of Multimedia and User Design & User Experience
  • International Journal of Ocean and Water Resources
  • International Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • International Journal of Pharmaceutics
  • International Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry
  • International Journal of Pharmacology and Clinical Trials
  • International Journal of Physics and Astronomy
  • International Journal of Social Sciences, Language and Linguistics
  • International Journal of Statistics
  • International Journal of Urban Planning and Transportation

15 Responses to OA Publisher Recent Science Launches with 38 Journals

  1. Paul Lee says:

    This publisher Recent Science claim that they are funding 22 projects that ranges from $5,000 to $1 million and they welcome submission of research proposals (http://recentscience.org/research-funding/). Given the predatory nature of this publisher, I believe they are not going to fund any project, instead they will copy all these submission and apply funding elsewhere, assuming they are the original contributors.

  2. Rather unrelated, but replying to your 5 page limit question: this is commonly found in computer science workshops of reasonable prominence (more normal is 2-3, as far as I know). These will only get one or two reviewers though. Many conferences similarly have a six page limit, although some more prominent ones go for 8 up to even 16 (>2 reviewers, or rarely, 2). Note that this is dual column format (standard IEEE/ACM templates); the equivalent in single column is usually about a factor of 1.7 more.

  3. “Links to article content on the publisher’s website all lead to a page requesting a login and password.” ->
    There is no option for signing in, so Recent Science is not an OA publisher.

  4. […] 4 giugno: Recent Science lancia 38 riviste già provviste di impact factor, copiando titoli delle inesistenti riviste di R&S Publications con sede in una casella postale delle Isole Vergini; […]

  5. Leslie says:

    Regarding the length of the paper: my journal typically publishes papers that are 5-6 pages long (journal pages) but in manuscript form, that is 15-18 pages. So the question is: is the $150 fee based on the final format or for a manuscript? If the latter, everyone is going to be paying more than $150.

  6. Zhubin Li says:

    I submitted a paper to this journal several months ago without checked the publisher’s reputation. The paper was accepted and published within one month. But I know my paper is not good enough to be accepted by a journal with an impact factor. My paper had seven pages finally and was charged $150. After publication, you will get an account and password from the publisher to access the electric copy of your paper. Personally, I think the publisher is highly questionable according to my experience. I would never submit any paper to journals published by this publisher.

  7. Cliff Richard Kikawa says:

    Surely this RECENT SCIENCE publisher seems an hoax to me. I navigated it’s site, but could not locate the archives i was compelled to write them a mail to which they have not responded yet. Its by share curiosity that I landed on this blog page about the same publishers.
    Thank you all for your valuable in put.

  8. Elvis says:

    I have gone through the same as Zhubun. Published 5 papers with recent science. although my work is very good….no proper comments was made. They gave me password and user name to access authors copy. Recently, i cant even have access to recent science publications online.
    I sent them a mail and has never been replied. The sad thing is my papers where the results of my Ph.D work.
    Advise me sir

    • I agree — I tried to access the website for the publisher Recent Science and also found that the site’s content is completely inaccessible. I don’t know if the site is down temporarily or permanently.

      Why did you submit your work to a predatory publisher like this? This publisher has been included on my list for a long time. This disappearance is one of the reasons I recommend that all researchers submit their work only to the highest quality publishers. I am very sorry that you have become a victim of this publisher.

  9. sampath says:

    Sir i want help regrading the recent science publishing research did the publisher is fake are good.Second thing there are no books papers are not there in their sites.please kindly response to it.

  10. sampath says:

    Sir I already submitted a paper to recent science.got accepting also sir I have a dought regarding the publisher is linked with Scopus jornals are not.in others site I can see the paper publish form others publication.here in recent science I can’t see them ,please kindly respond to above mater .if any sample volume is there than I check and go for forward
    .thankyou sir

    • I recommend you send an email to the journal and say, “I would like to withdraw my submission.” Ask them to send an email confirming that the submission is indeed withdrawn. I assume it has not been published yet and that you have not transferred copyright to the publisher. If it is published, or if you have transferred copyright, then the situation is much more difficult.

  11. Blanca Vera says:

    How can we sue this people? I published my work in their “international journal of indigenous medicinal plants” and I would like to publish it in other journal. A real one.

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